Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This post is from me, Elder Arroyo's mom. I want to thank everyone that has followed Elder C. Arroyo these past two years on his mission in Belem, Para, Brazil. I watched through his emails that I shared on this blog a testimony grow in his heart while he taught, made friends, endured hard ships and put all his faith in the Lord's work.
I sent out a boy that had just graduated high school weeks before he left and when he returned two years later I welcomed home a man.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Im coming home tomorrow mom!!!

Im coming home tomorrow mom!!! WOOWOWOW!! Im going nuts!! I just feel like so confused! So many things are happening and so fast! All my bags are packed and are at the mission home! And all my fruits are in the freezer!! :D:D I bought like a styrofoam box to put in the fruits so it doest melt `too bad`.

Just so many feelings right now. I went to lunch at Subway with some other Americans. But only im going home, and some other brasilians.. Its going to be crazy tonight in the mission house :) me with all brasilians!! Im going to try to sleep. I actually dont think ill have a prob with that. Im exhausted.... And RED.. hah.. Hope it tans before i get home. Yesterday we all watched the dedication to the Manaus Temple! It was awesome! My first temple opening.

But yea mom! Cant wait to see everyone! I know everyone is going to look so different! I hope I recognize you guys when I get there. And I hope yall recognize me! We´ll all be just soo lost. Well! Ill see yall in a couple days!! :!!!:!:!:!:!!:!:!!:!!:!:!:! CRAZY!!

LOVE YALL!! Everyone be at the airport or be SQUARE!!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ill come home with honor and ill come home working!

Wow... It feels so weird to think ill be going home next week.... Let me tell you how fast the time flies by.. Fast..! But I wont stop working till the end! Yet again we baptised this Saturday, and We have to baptise my last Saturday! It feels like yesterday that I was all over the internet looking up stuff about Brasil and Pará.. Feeling the nervous anticipation to get out into the field and work! Well, Its just about over now.

We just got back from Ver-O-Peso, We went there with a family from by ward. Its weird that I talked with this guy on Facebook before I came into the mission field. Were going to have my last family night at his house too. I got a bunch of cool things today! Yall are gonna have a blast when I get back. I got a bunch of little cool stuff. And im going to do ALLLLL I can to bring back some cupuaçu.. It just wont ever be the same without it... And yall just have to try it.

My birthday was really fun! A man that we baptised a couple weeks ago, his wife got me a HUGE cake of Cupuaçu... It was amazing. We had to bring some to members cause it was soo big. And then we had a party at a members house, and watched the opening to the USA vs Brasil game.... Heard that didnt go so good.. ha.. were still hearing about that.

So yea just as long as yall are at the airport when I get there everything will be good. As for the food... Anything but rice and beans.. Anything... ha. Maybe we can hit up a place that has like pancakes or biscuits and gravy.

Im anxious to come home! And sad at the same time.. Cause I know its going to be hard to come back here.. Im going to miss it a lot...

I just cant wait to see all you guys when I get back! Everything is going to be so much different... 2 different worlds.. Im gonna have to do something with my hammock. Im def bringing it home. That thing saved my life so many times. But dont worry. Ill come home with honor and ill come home working!

:D Love you mom!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I hope I never forget what its like to be a Paráense

Wow... Today was a fun day. I got you guys some cool stuff dont worry! And took a lot of photos!

So we baptised Saturday, and tonight were doing a movie night and watching the Testaments at a recent converts house with his not member wife!! WOO!! POPCORN!! Im living up all the days and all the hours and minutes that I can before I leave.. The time is going by so fast. I remember when I was in the MTC and just thinking that 2012 would never come.. Well, Its here. And now the end is near. Im taking in deep breathes breathing in the air. Taking a good look around. And I hope I never forget what its like to be a Paráense.. I now know the importance of serving a full time mission. I cant see how my vision would have ever opened without going through these 2 years.

Keep Justin workin hard in school! Thats great that he got all A´s.. hah. Help him start to read the Book of Mormon. So that when its his turn, He´ll be ready. I know that all these things are true.

I love you mom.
Elder Arroyo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day with Elder Arroyo!!!

I am a very happy missionary mom!
Mom! I love you! It was great to talk to you yesterday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I love Elder Wheeler

Wow! Just Miracles in the end.. So our investigator Magno, That Ive been teaching since ive been here, was baptised Saturday. And his wife was there and she definitely felt the spirit. He was confirmed yesterday, and wow... he looked like a stake president, he bought a nice suit, and tie. And we are going to everything we can so that he can baptise his wife this week. Yesterday at church, this guy came up to us and asked to be baptised this Saturday.. And we announced his baptism in sacrament! So im definitely going to end with Miracles.
haha, I love Elder Wheeler. We are just rolling here in Cabanagem! We are going to change this place. We are making signs to put over all the city, that we are going to teach English at the church on Fridays at 7pm. And Every Thursday were going to have activities in the church. Were  definitely bringing a lot of people to church. we have 10 investigators at church yesterday. And 3 we are working to be baptised Saturday. I know that this is the work of God.

I went to a leadership training meeting last week, it was great. But the best part was that, I got a package from Sister Burton! ha, She is letting me borrow her camera. Thank goodness it came in on time. I miss my camera so much. But now im taking pictures all the time again!

Cant wait to talk to yall next Sunday!! that went fast!! We still gotta find a place to skype. But I dont think that will be hard. We will prolly call yall on Saturday.
I know that the church is True, and that Jesus Christ lives.

Love you mom. Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I wont stop working till the end!!

Holy Smokes! This is my LAST TRANSFER!! Man, I did not want Elder Rocha to get transferred.. But hes leaving.. And im getting Elder Wheeler! An American. I think he is from Washington. I have never seen him or talked to him before. I think he has about a year. But yea...Last transfer..

So a almost sacrificed a sheep the other day from reading the Old Testament so much! The other day an investigator that we have been teaching since I got here, told us that he wants to be baptised this Saturday! Wow! We were amazed! We are going to do all that we can, So that he will be baptised juntos with his wife. But for now, His wife says that she is not ready yet.. YET! Saturday I know that she will be ready. But the work here is going really great. We found a good bit of new people this past week to teach and I know that we will have baptisms every week till I go home!

We have been playing B-Ball, Every Saturday at the church. and today I amazing myself... I wish dad would still have up that promise about the Slam Dunk.. Cause today my comp went to shoot a goal, and I jumped and made an Ally hoop! I can dunk easy with one hand.. Its the two hands thats hard. But ill get there.

So today, a missionary that was going home passed by our house with his mom! I was like, man.. I would like to do that when I go home.. Who knows, its open if yall wanna come get me. Or Jimmy or something. But if not its ok. I wont stop working till the end!!

Elder Arroyo

Monday, April 23, 2012

I know that blessings come from being obedient

My knowledge of the gospel has been expanding. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, And I have studied and pondered it my whole mission. When this year started I made a goal to read the bible. I never gave much attention to it, because I thought it was hard to understand, and just never gave it a chance...  But since January I have seen my vision of the church and the world and my life and everything changed. Many gospel principles were made clear to me now. Today I finished 2 Samuel and now ill be going into Kings. I feel like I understand so much more now, and I cant stop reading it! Its like playing a video game for me. I cant put it down..

So these past couple weeks Ive been talking with my comp about my clothes.. Theyre all way too huge..!! So I prayed and asked the Lord of what I should do. and Saturday, a guy from our ward gave me a pair of pants that he said were left behind in the temple.  And I tried them on, they are perfect fit on me. And perfect length as well. I was surprised. and he said he has another pair of pants for me, that his wife just needs to sew  a little.  And as well. I will send you a pic of my belt another day. But it is awful.. for reals.. Ive taped it  i dont know how many times.  And yesterday at church,  a member said to pass by his house to pick up my new belt. Man, I know the Lords hand is in this.

We have been teaching a family since I got here. They are awesome!! Just need to jump in the water.. I know the Lord will prepare them.

This is the only true church in this world, there doesnt exist more.. Without the Holy Melchizedek priesthood, all ordinances are done in vain. I  am grateful to have been raised in the standards of the church. never more will I take that for granted.. I know that blessings come from being obedient ao senhor. and being obedient and fulfilling our covenants with God. we can have our place in the Kingdom of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you mom. Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monkeys start flying out from everywhere

Woo! So we baptised this Saturday! The baptism machine is starting back up here! Every week vai have a baptism! We played basketball this morning. Just to get the blood running.. Its been a while since Ive exercised because of this cold.

Wow, I wish I could send a video of what happened the other day. So I was studying and my desk is next to the door of our apartment. Were on the second story, and the road in the front of our apartment has a huge wall that separates the city from the forest. And I see a little tiny monkey on the wall. I was like cool, Im going to take its picture. So I go out on the balcony and start taking pics, it was like 20 yards away. And like 3 little kids in there underwear start throwing bread at the monkey. And literally 5 seconds later the trees in the forest start to shake and monkeys start flying out from everywhere haha. I took a video, and there ends up being about 15 monkeys on the wall dancing to get food thrown at them. It was pretty cool. Ill see if I can at least send a pic.
I see 3 monkeys in the photo.
Two monkeys are sitting on the wall and one monkey is just above the one on the right sitting on a branch.
Every week it seems harder to think about what to write.. Im running out of things to say. Thats crazy that school is over in a month.. And in about 3 weeks ill be able to call home for the last time. And yea, Its way easier to buy stuff where I am now. If anyone wants something specific let me know.

I know the church is true. That Thomas Monson is our prophet and revelator in these days, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

Elder Arroyo

Monday, April 9, 2012

bunches of little tiny monkeys.

Man, Every time Jimmy gets sick, we have to get sick at the same time.. haha. I remember the time that I stayed home from school sick to play halo, and Jimmy came home after seminary hahah `sick` to play with me.. Great times.. Ive been sick since last Tuesday. .And.. All I can say is LAST COLD  ON THE MISSION!! We already went to the street market and I bought tons of fruits. So Im hoping by tomorrow Ill be fine..

I love my ward sooo much!! Its almost like a ward from the states!! Well as close as it gets! I bore my testimony yesterday, I think everyone thought I was crying, but it was my cold. I was practically dieing in the air conditioner.

So yea!! before the mission I met a guy from  Belem on Facebook!! and chatted with him a bunch! And turns out that hes from this ward! His family is awesome!

How was Easter for us? Lets  just say that the Easter bunny forgot to pass our house hah. I  forgot that it was even Easter. But I really got to expand my knowledge of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Everyone here eats fish on `holy Friday`.. It was good. It made me homesick for Bragança ..

Oh! Just a little cool thing that happened the other day.. We were walking down a road as always and we passed by a huge mango tree, and in it were bunches of little tiny monkeys.. It was a cool sight..

Thats crazy that Desto is preparing to drive!! Shes growing up..

I miss everyone a lot! And cant wait to see yall in a little!!

Love you mom!!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Morning mom, From Cabanagem!

Good Morning mom, From Cabanagem! Im in Cabanagem Ward. But Thats in the Area that is called Jaderandia. Its pretty chill here. Im loving the members so far.

Elders Arroyo and Rocha
Wow, Conference was great wasnt it? Last one to assist in the mission. I took lots of notes and learned plenty. Man, We worked so hard for President Monson to announce the temple of Belém. But what can ya do. Next one for sure!! I love seeing the pics of you guys all on the couches in PJs assisting General Conf with snacks all over the place! looks almost like Thanksgiving sometimes.. haha. I try to bring this tradition here, but its just not the same, with a backpack full of cookies and mints.. haha. But once you take out the snacks you basically have to pass sacrament with them, cause everyone wants some! ha..

Elders Arroyo and Rocha
My comp is great! Elder Rocha. Were going to do good together. I hope that he will be my last comp. Ill send yall some pics of us two in a little. The ward here is great.. And finally.. A church building with air conditioning... :)!! The members are great, and theres lots of them! Also there is a basketball court at the church building! And our house is right next to it!! Heeeck yea B-Ball Everyday!! And Im going to be professional in B-Ball and Soccer when I get home. My comp is a beast at soccer and hes teaching me some stuff. Im getting Skinny!!! For really! My church clothes are wayyy tooo huge on me! I look better in street clothes like in those pics I sent.

But im doing absolutely great! I just sent in some pics to ya. And I love you guys a lot!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Email to dad this week

Man dad, This week is going to you ha. You can tell mom if ya want. But your choice. So me and my comp are walking down a road here in Outeiro, close to the cliff edges of the beach. So were walking all normal, and we go around a curve, and I see 2 guys, and it hits me, I said to my comp, were going to get robbed, just walk faster. they walked over to the other side of the road, to make it seem ok, and right as we pass about 6 yards past them, they take off behind us.. I had my backpack on me and a cellphone. and Elder Rodriguez had is camera with our fotos on it. We start to run, cause the church was just up in the front, but it didnt matter cause one of them pulled out a gun, and said drop everything on the ground. so we stopped, and right as we stopped another thug pulled up on his bike from no where all tattooed up super ripped and the 2 guys that had the gun took off and hid in the cliffs. And we just took off running to the church. It was crazy... The next day at church the thug that saved us came to church in a white shirt and tie.. haha.. He was an inactive member. And something told him the other day to ride your bike down the street, to the beach. man, So much adrenaline. But yea. Your choice if you wanna tell mom. Im totally ok, Just another experience.
Love you dad.
Elder Arroyo

I know this is God's work.

Transfers!! So yea, Im getting transferred. Ill be going to an area called Cabanagem. Its closer to the city!! WOOT!

This week was great. Some thugs stole the motor for the water tank of the church... Lame.. But for this we got to baptise in the RIVER!! YEA! We baptised 3 of our investigators in the river in front of the church. We went down a staircase made out of the cliffs. It was awesome!

First time to touch the beach!! And last

It all went great.

The mission is having so many miracles preparing Belem for a temple!! We baptised 70 people this week, and makes a total of 178 this month, and we have 1 more Saturday! Our goal is 250!! Its insane!! you have to remember also how little missionaries we have in our mission compared to the others. I think we have about 50 companionships. Keep on praying for miracles and for the temple!!

 Man, So thats great that yall get a little taste of what I have to walk in everyday :D! Except the tornado part. I dont miss that at all.

So Yea, Im feeling pretty trunky right about now. Im going to my last area.. Talvez with my last companion. (Elder Rocha) And one more thing... I got my flight plans here in front of me... But dont worry about it, im fine, and ill work until the end!!

I know this is Gods work.
Elder Arroyo
gotta get the pics off my comps cam!

Flight Plans from Belem, Para-Jackson, MS

SERVICE              DATE  FROM          TO            DEPART  ARRIVE

Flight plans were changed and I have not received them yet.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Not going to lie, it was a great experience.

Hey mom, This week was great. We are working on the other side of the Island. Its wayyy different.. there is just one road that goes out there and its just full of huts and tents and shacks. Its where the people are starting to colonize. Its awesome! There is only one bus that goes out there and its every 3 hours, so if ya dont catch it, youre walking.. We went out there on the bus, and we taught some families, and when it was time to go home, we went to the road where the bus comes.. and it didnt come.. It was already getting dark, And light has not been invented out there yet haha... Someone said that the bus broke down, cause the road is awful, and full of mud. So we decided to walk back. Not going to lie, it was a great experience. The mud went above the ankles in some parts, And it was just pitch black.

But it was a great time just to think. The sounds out there are as tropical as it gets. Billions of birds and animals in the forest. I think that is going to be one of the things that I will miss the most, the sounds of the forest.

Transfers will be next week, and I dont know whats going to happen. But I would like to stay here, because we are going to help a family of investigators to get married and baptise them in a week. Ill only have 2 more transfers. The secretary said that ill leave 12 of June.  He just doesnt know my flight plans yet. Cause I tried to get him to get me a plane to the Hattiesburg/Laurel airport, but he couldnt. So I told him to just do Jackson. We´ll see what happens.

That would be great to get new clothes when I come back. Ill just have soccer jerseys.. hah.. None of my old clothes fit me anymore. I would love a new white shirt and pants when I get back as well. I wear size 16 now, and it would be better if it was long ha..

But Im doing great. I love ya mom!
Elder Arroyo!!
Tell Destinee to give me an update next week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We are giving our all!!

Wow.. Let me just start off this email with what just happened.. So my hair was getting pretty long, and I just got it cut and amazing. Im not going to lie, my hair is awesome! haha.. But the best part was, when she finished cutting my hair shes like Elder come over here, and she gave me a shampoo and everything! It was great!! 2 years of walking through these jungles and the head massage payed for everything I went through :D.

Ahh man. Let me tell ya. When ya think youve eatin all of Pará`s traditional plates of food, ya havnt.. Yesterday for our Sunday lunch we ate Maniçoba. From looking at it, I didnt want anything to do with it haha.. But after the first 2 bites it was pretty good. Just really different.. Its said to be made from a venomous plant... (they told me this after..) And you have to cook it for about 7 days or so to get out all the poison. Well, I ate 2 plates of it.. haha. One more food to mark off my list! (look it up on the internet if ya want. Maybe youll find a pic.

The other day me and my comp received a member reference, and 4 days ago we went to contact him. (took forever to find the house.) But when we got there, we clapped and no one came to the door, clapped again no one.. And I was like man, we did not walk this far for nothing. So I open the front gate (thank goodness there were no dogs....) And went up to the window, and there was a guy sitting on the floor. He was home alone and was trying to get to the door to attend us. He has a disorder, and he cant use his legs, so he uses knee pads. and walks on his knees. So we go in there and get to know him, and share a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And then I realize that about 3 weeks ago, we met this guy in the street. He was trying to get off the bus, and was having a super hard time doing so, So my comp and I ran to help him, and we carried him to a bench on the side of the road. It is kind of hard to understand him cause of the disorder, but the spirit clears it up for us. He loved everything we taught and we ended with a prayer and after the prayer we asked him if there was anything we could do to help him. He looked around, thought a little bit, and said. No Thanks, Im Ok. And then it hit me. The urge to just cry. How would I have answered if I was in his position. I can testify that he is the most humble person that I have met in my life. It gave me a reality check that where I am, who I am, What im doing, is me. And im grateful to be me. For everything I have.

This saturday for sure we will have a boom of baptisms here in Outeiro! At least 3! The work is going good here, and the time is going by so fast. transfers end on the 27 and next transfer will only be 5 weeks long. then the next one, ill be going home! But dont be thinking that Im getting trunky, Cause its the complete opposite! I know the Gospel front and back, Portuguese is flowing (good enough for the people to understand) And We are giving our all!!

Sei que Jesus Cristo vive e que Deus nos ama. Que O evangelho é o caminho a voltar a presença de nosso Pai Eterno. Amo voçe Mai. em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen.

I love you mom! Dont forget to keep the commandments!! Until next week, tell everyone to email me. Tell Dad I love him!
Elder Arroyo

Maniçoba- another recipe using cyanide.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It was great to see everyone again

What a great week. So where to start. Lets see, This Saturday, right before walking into a members house to lunch, The Assistants to the President call me, and told me that a family that I was teaching in Laranjeiras got married and they wanted me to baptise them, It went great! The Baptism was awesome. It was great to go back to my old area. When I walked into the church, and walked into the baptismal room onde everyone was, and I almost lost control, my lips starting to quiver. It was great to see everyone again. And to see that family that theyre ready and super happy to be baptised. After I baptised them, They gave their testimonies and it was super powerful to hear someone that knew nothing about the church, give a testimony how they did. One thing that the women said was that now she understands a dream she had 20 years ago, she explained that she saw me, with her family, and everyone was dressed in white.. (20 years ago) Her name is Cleide, And she was an authority of a church called Assembleia De Deus.. Her husband didnt believe that there existed a Christ., And she prayed to Heavenly Father that He could help her husband.. 2 Days after the prayer, Me and my comp showed up in her window to buy a Popsicle. :) I got super attached to that family. I know that when her 2 sons grow up, that they will serve missions.
Baptism of Cleide and her husband in Laranjeira
  This past week we found a family that went to church for 1 or 2 years straight, without being baptised...!! Because there were some problems with getting married. And We are now preparing the wedding for day 16 of this month. And the Baptism of the family day 17. Cant wait!! :D I know that Heavenly Father is preparing his children here in Belém do Para for the blessing of a temple. Ive only met this family for about a week, and were already part of the family :D She makes us dinner all the time.. ha, I think im going to gain some pounds..
Baptism of Marcos
  Ahh man.. Yesterday... So after our baptism on Saturday, Irmá Cliede gave me and my comp a bunch of wedding cake, And we were pretty hungry that night, that we ate all of it. So yesterday, I was feeling pretty bad in the stomach.. And after church we went to lunch in a members house, And I told myself that I was only going to eat a little.. And when we got there I saw that she had made noodles with an awesome sauce.. I ate a lot.. As soon as I finished eating, it hit me.. number 3... I was like -Elder, Hurry, Weve got to go home ASAP- So he hurried up and ate, and man, I was sweating hardcore, dieing. And shes like Elder Are you ok? And I was like umm, Irma, were going to have to give the message another hour, Im not feeling so good. We did the prayer, and we took off in the rain.. I barley made it home ... It was...  Awful.. Im pretty sure im needing some worm medicine. its been a while since Ive taken some. But other than this im doing great. Baptisms are coming in fine. the Branch is great, almost a ward. Im not trunky... And Im loving it out here.
I love you mom! See ya next week!!
Eduardo's baptism

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maybe ill even extend my mission?

Hey mom! Great to hear from ya. This week was great!! I have no doubt that God is a God of Miracles.. So this month we have been working sooo hard to show Heavenly Father that we are ready to receive a temple. And there is no better way than showing this than baptising :D.. Last week, that man that came into the church was prepared by the Lord to be baptised. We taught him everyday last week, the first 2 nights were GREAT! Then... the third night we came and hes like, Elders.. I dont want to prepare to be baptised anymore. We got super depressed, and marked a chapter for him in the Book of Mormon, Went back the next day, and taught a message super spiritual! And invited him again to be baptised on Saturday! And he accepted and was BAPTISED!! Wow, The Lord was really trying to prove are spiritual strength. He received the holy ghost and was confirmed yesterday, and received a bunch of books of the church to study :D it was great. Because he has nothing (at all) So now he just reads the church books everyday. Elder Rodriguez took pics on his camera, was a great experience.

Ive been learning a lot lately about patience, But not Physical patience, Spiritual. I know that having faith in the Lord he can do all things. Keep the commandments, be humble and ´patient, And boom the blessings fall from the Heavens like our baptism Marcos. And we didnt give up. We knew he would be baptised on Saturday, He just had to feel what we felt.

Man, Every time you say Temple, I just get a sick feeling in my stomach.. I miss it sooo much!  And when President Monson announces the Temple Of Belém in this Conference, im going to jump off the bench and scccream!! Go ahead and book me in for some temple sessions.

Thats great that you were called 1st counselor! More work huh? :D Sounds like Justin is working hard to complete Boy Scouts! haha, He´ll be the first one to get his Eagle.....

Thats crazy that Reo and I will be coming home on the same day!! Are you positive?? That would be awesome!! AHHH CRAZINESS!!! I should get my flight plans one of these weeks. Maybe ill even extend my mission?? Who knows? Im flexable because my visa took so long to come in :D

I love you mom! Ill start my other email with you!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, February 20, 2012

We are only instruments in God's hands.

Man... I just got one word to say... CARNIVAL..!! My innocent eyes and ears have been damaged for forever.. ha.. I dont know where this holiday came from.. But everyone comes to Outeiro to celebrate. The Brasilians have no shame at all... But all this means Mardi Gras for yall huh? I bet yall are having a great time counting your beads.. Our new house is close to the beach, there are parties all night long, and the music is so loud... This morning we went running early like usual, and wow... So much trash on the beach and sidewalks... But im definitely going to buy a Carnival shirt :) theyre kinda cool.

  But on a good note! Yesterday at church a man, walked in like he owned the place. And he wanted to talk to everyone, then we finally got our chance to talk to him, and he wanted to be baptised yesterday. But were like no man.. you gotta wait at least 1 or 2 weeks.. This guy is sooo awesome! We have found a whole bunch of New investigators this past week.. But no one is married!! They just live together.. Everyone knows that it is a sin to do this, Its just so normal for them that it doesnt appear to be bad anymore.

 Yesterday The Branch President called me to speak in Sacrament again. this would be my third time ha.. I was like ok, I accept, And 3 minutes later I went up to Elder Rodriguez and was like, Dude... President called you to speak in Sacrament. He went up there and man.. No body understood what he was saying.. I swear that when he gets nervous, he speaks spanish thinking hes speaking in portuguese.. But he did a great job. :D I received one more companionship in my district!! woo!! Elder Critchfield and Elder De Oliveria. Which makes a total of 4 companionships in my District!! WOO!! that is a huge district for this mission. I think I have the biggest district.

I know that the Lord is preparing his children for our messages. We are only instruments in Gods hands. Without him, im nothing, and with him im everything. We just need to be humble enough to let him move us, and make us a better person.
Elder Arroyo

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey mom! Another week here in the mission.. So TRANSFERSSSS!! I know, I didnt even know it was coming up! But Me and Elder Rodriguez are staying here, And im staying as District Leader. Thank Goodness! I have been switching companions like crazy lately! My District will change up a little Sister Costa is being transferred and ill receive Sister Welch, from New Jersey I think. And as well, Ill receive Elder Inacio!! WOO!! haha, its going to be a fun transfer.
  Its been raining a lot lately, and I forgot what cold is, cause im wearing a long sleeve shirt today.... haha...Im...Brasilian...Paráense..Im super happy that im staying here in Outeiro, This transfer will only be 5 weeks. And after this transfer ill only have 2 more.... Theyre buying my plane tickets as we speak..Crazy.. My arm is a lot better, still cant do push ups yet.. but were still running farther and farther every other day. Im getting in really good shape. Ive been eating lots of fruits and granola. And of course rice and beans for lunch :).
  There is a temple trip for our stake coming up, and everyone is going crazy about family history! We are trying to get as many names as possible. Family History is really difficult here... Because after youre grandparents it just goes to indians for a lot of people..
  Today we decided to stay here on the island to use the internet..man, never again will we do this. It took us like 2 hours to find a cyber, and when we found it it was full.., and it was already noon so everything closes until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon.. Very stressful! But I drank some good ole açai and made a hot dog.. And gave a good clean in our apartment..
  Alem than this nothing has really changed this week. Probably has but, I forget :) sorry.
Thanks a ton for the fotos, if you have any more of anyone from the ward, would love them. Or Anyone at all :D
Love you mom!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, February 6, 2012

if we all work hard and pray every second...

Woo, Ive got a super huge headache.. And this sun is not helping at all.. This week, wasnt soo good work wise, but we are going to step it up this week, to get some more baptisms in. Were working a lot with the less actives and as well the inactives.. Were are faulting little to turn this branch into a ward!! And finally get a church building here in Outeiro!
 It feels like people are receiving the priesthood every week here. So yea, about the temple trip, I think the people that we saw only have this temple trip once a year or every 2 years, I dont really know. But the people that actually go on the temple trip lots havnt gone to the temple in years or never been before cause its so far away.. And going of boat is the cheapest way.. Very long and uncomfortable but cheap. And President Campos wanted to help them all he could because he was inspired that in his time as President that there will be a temple announced here in Belem in the next conference. As Long as were working and praying for it. Because the temple of Recife is just way too far away.. And its hard for the people to get the money and `time` to go.
 Yesterday, I put in practice the advice that I sent to sister Moore. Contacts.. I was sent to Paracuri ward (sisters in my district) to invite everyone I saw on the streets into the church to see how it is. Its great to have a church building in your area, because theyre sooo beautiful.. Everyone thinks they are just soo huge wonders here. So it made it more easier to make contacts in front of the church. Man,. I would be talking with one guy, and right when I finish with him yell at another guy thats riding by on a bike, Running along people that dont want to hear anything about anything... It was a great experience, and we got a lot of contacts out of it. My arm starting to hurt again for the amount of handshaking I was doing.
But its doing a lot better, I can bend it better. And yea, The 2 pairs of shoes came, I have them both. Im doing fine. Just trying to finish my works here in Outeiro. I really want the branch to turn into a ward with my time here, It would be awesome! Keep it in your prayers And fasts.
I know the church is true. That the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet of today. And that if we all work hard and pray every second, that he will feel inspired to announce the Temple Of Belém in the April Conference.
Thanks for the Email mom!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, January 30, 2012

Other than all of this. Everything is OK

Wow! Sorry about last week! But we had a Zone Activity here in Outeiro. IT was Awesome! Members from Santarem, Pará were coming back from the temple of Recife, And the easiest way for them is of boat. So they docked here in my area, and our zone cleaned the church building for them, and after we played some soccer and had some `bbq`. And it lasted till the end of our p-day. We went to check up on the members that were staying in the church building, and it was an awesome sight! Like 60 hammocks attached to anything you can think of hah. Oh, I wanted to join them..
But yea, If your wondering why I didnt take a picture of them, its because I dont have a camera anymore.. yea.. We came home after a zone meeting, to a broken window and a house of nothing.. I know...Again...
This past week was soooooo exhausting.. We had to find a different house the next day.. But now we are living in a apartment on a second story. Totally safe. I hope. They took my money as well.. So im living on literally nothing.. But! They left moms nativity set! haha :P. I should have hid my camera in there.
  And to add on to all this. on Friday after we moved into a new house ready to get back to work, we were walking to lunch and I fell into a hole and landed on my arm.......... I went to the hospital, and oh my heck, if you are not about to die, you will never get looked at.. The Hospital system here is awful... But yea, I went there and they took an X-Ray, And nothing serious. They just wrapped up my elbow, and gave me a sling. Its feeling a lot better now.
  And it was my right arm... So I couldnt baptize this week. We baptized a man named Eduardo, Who I promise you will be the Bishop of this place when it turns into a ward. His wife is already a member and they will get sealed in the temple! But yea.. I will never be able to take any more fotos. Im just going to have to bum off of my comps till the end..
  But other than all of this. Everything is OK. Im learning everyday soo much. And the sacrifices that are occurring are just helping me grow every day. I know that God is blessing me and you guys too. I hopé that you guys are doing good! Love you mom!
Elder Arroyo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I do not want to leave here anytime soon

Here is an older picture using the cuia/guampa

So yea, the weeks are flying by so fast. We are working so very hard here in Outeiro, that baptisms are coming about everywhere. I think we are going to start baptizing in the river, cause the font is just not working with us. So, next week we have 2 baptisms that are firm and ready to go. And the next week we will baptize a family, definitely going to be in the river. But man, This past week I have definitely seen how much the spirit is needed in the conversion of people..
Yesterday we were teaching a man, which will be baptized next Saturday, and he just accepted everything that we were saying. He went to church yesterday, and everyone thought that he was a member already.. GOLDEN! Baptizing him will complete a family, because his wife is already a member just inactive! But coming back! So we have been visiting people that were baptized a year or so ago that fell away from the church, and bringing them back, and finishing off there families baptizing everyone in the house. I do not want to leave here anytime soon, because its starting to boom here. We had 18 or 20 men that were in church yesterday!! I´m thinking that this branch is going to turn into a ward!!
Also you guys know how our number one goal here in the mission is to grow the church so that they can receive a temple. Well, We are faulting 3 stakes, and Presidente Campos sent in the papers for Santarem to turn into a stake. So just 2!!! When Presidente Campos came into this mission Belém. He was inspired that his work is to work for a temple, When he got here there were just 2 or 3 stakes. And everyone thought he was crazy, that 7 stakes can be created in 3 years... Well, now were faulting 2 and our goal is to have the Temple announced in General conference of April!! I ask you guys to pray every day for the church to continue growing here, and that we can receive a temple.
So yea, the rain is great ha.. This will be my last rainy season that ill have to walk through!! No more stepping in huge mud holes or watching your comp slip and fall.. or having to do running leaps over huge puddles ha.. Im gonna miss it.  I love to drink Tereré. MY comp has an herb from Argentina that he lets me use, and wow... I drink it everyday during studies. Ill show you guys how it works when I get home. But dont worry, its totally legal.
Im doing fine here, dont worry about me. Just waiting for that emergency package to get here. Love you mom!! Have a great week!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, January 9, 2012

Its awesome getting some authority back


Whew!! What a weeeek!  I got called back to be District Leader, and im leading 2 duplas. And one of them is a dupla of Sisters. Its awesome getting some authority back :P. Me and Elder Rodriguez are working hard. Its kind of hard to understand him sometimes ha. But its all working out fine. Hes a great cook as well.  I never knew that you could make top ramen into so many fine foods. for realz.

This is the view of the beach from the church.

We should have 3 baptisms this saturday if everything goes right. And next Saturday we are preparing a man to be baptised. that will complete his family. So were going to plan that one to baptise him in the river!! WOO WOO! So yea, Yesterday after church I went and sat next to this one lady, and noticed that the kid next to her has not been baptised. SO im talking with the lady, and finaly she says. Èlder, David (the  kid) wants to know what he has to do to be baptised.` Man, I love it when these things happen.

Its raining sooo much here! And Im thinking about just not even buying an umbrella. were just pushing through it. Totally normal.

And so I was starting to break out a lot on my face, And didnt know why. But it was because I was using the same razor for too long... Dang that guy that robbed my electric razor.. But I switched and now its getting better. Buuuut, I would love to know if yall can send me an emergency package.  *I edited out his shopping list* Mom if you send this to me this week. Ill send out the Nativity Set that I bought for Christmas today!! Its sooooo awesome!! Its hand made clay, and just SWEET!  Just saying :).

Thats great that yall all reading the book of Mormon! Just remember to ponder as well! Dont just skim  through it.

love you mom!!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, January 2, 2012

And nobody can take that from me

So yea!! wow. . .This transfer went  by soooo fast... And yes, today is transfers.. Annnnnd!!.. Elder Manson will leave, And I will stay with Elder Rodriguez or something like that. And guess what he is not Brasilian. He is from Argentina!!  And speaks Spanish. I sure hope he knows how to speak Portuguese, cause if not there is going to be no way to talk with him lol. But yea , im going to have to use this opportunity to learn Spanish! Im so excited.

New Year’s.. man.. So we went to sleep at about 10:30, and we woke up to World War 3..! Everyone was shooting fireworks. But its not like beautiful fireworks its more like bombs. Theyre just super loud. And they were just shooting them in our yard. Totally was afraid that fireworks were going to come in through the window. But yea. it was awful in the streets.. Just everyone in swimsuits and drinking and going to the beach.

But we did have 2 men come to church, and they will be baptized in the weeks ahead!! Cant wait. Outeiro is going to grow soo much!

So I really dont know what to type this week. The space bar is just like jammed so its really hard to type. all I can say is that this transfer just flew by sooo fast. Ive been working out everyday. Well starting to work back out now, since im getting over this huge cold that ive had since Christmas. I just hope my new comp likes to run.

But yea, Yesterday I was called to give an emergency talk in Sacrament.. and wow, Talks are sooo easy to give now.. Now that I know the Book Of Mormon, and gospel. Speaking of that! I finished the Book Of Mormon AGAIN! For the 4th time here in the mission. Third time in Portuguese.  It was great :)

I know the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. And that he received the Divine Authority of the Priesthood.I have no doubt about it cause God told me. And nobody can take that from me. As much as people try to its impossible. I know that the Book Of Mormon changes people like, not only giving knowledge of our ancient ancestors. But also a hard testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. And that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is the only true church here on the earth.

I love you mom. And thanks soo much for raising me with the commandments of the church!!
Elder Arroyo