Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The spirit in our work is like no other

Good Morning!! So yea, its transfers. My comp is leaving. And im
receiving an American!! Elder Swayze. Hes only got like 5 months in
the mission. Im going to have to help him a bunch on his portuguese.
This week we baptized a man. Which completed a family. It was great.
The women was inactive. Man, Its like gold when I find a family in the
area that only one of them is baptized. Cause you get to bring one of
them back to church, and baptize the other. That brought back and
completed 3 families so far in Laranjeiras. And its not just the
parents that come back to church. With the parents comes the kids. Its
I always ask the members, `do you guys know any less actives que live
close by` and usually theyll throw me one or 2. The other week we ate
lunch, and I asked the family the same question, and theyre like yea,
there is a family right here around the corner. But Elder, dont waste
your time on them. theyll never come back. We visited them 3 times in
2 weeks. I was sitting in priesthood, and I watched as that family
walked past the window to enter the church. The man with a white shirt
and tie, the women with a nice dress, and their child. There is no
substitute for the happiness in this work.
The other day, We were walking to an appointment, normal. And a man,
stopped me, and asked me if I was German. And I said No, Im American.
And he looked surprised, he said whats an American doing in a place
like this, and he started to laugh. We shook his hand. And the Lord
touched him. I said, `Brother, im here to tell you that the heavens
have opened, The Lord has called a Prophet, to Restore his church` The
Lord put him in our path. We passed by his house the next day, and shared
the Restoration of the Gospel with him. He said that when he heard the
words of the first vision, it made him want to cry. The spirit in our
work is like no other. He would be baptized this next week. But he
needs to get married first.
I know the Lord called Joseph to be a prophet. Its my favorite thing
in the world to tell people. I know the Lord is preparing this world
for the coming of the messiah. Its why he puts people in our path
I got to finish here! And get the pictures from my comps camera. I
love you guys. And talk to ya next week!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Im grateful for the trials in my life

Good Morning mom. Its another P-Day. Transfers are next week, And I
have no idea, not even thought of what will happen. I really want to
stay though. The ward is growing stronger, and im just getting started
So yea, lets see here ahhh yesterday ha. So after church we took a bus
to a members house to eat. Its wayyyyyy hot as always, So we usually
eat outside under a mango tree. so there was about 8 people eating
with us, good amount. And were all eating, drinking, having a good
time. And I feel something fall on my shoulder... (of course right
lol) And theres no way im going to scream with all these people
around. I glanced at it, and it looks just like a huge caterpillar, So im
just like oh ok no problem, It didnt move, I thought it was scared.
And when I looked at it my comp looked at it as well, and flipped out,
and the critter started to run down my back, and then I just went
crazy lol. And a lady took off her sandal, and flung it off of me. All
this happened sooo fast. It ended up not being a caterpillar. They said
it was some kind of bug, that if it touches your skin with its hairs,
that it spreads a rash, and could kill you if you dont go to the
hospital. So yea, I almost passed out haha... I didnt know those
things exist. yea...
So on the spiritual side, our baptism fell, but its all good. Were
going to have a good bit of baptisms next week. My testimony is
growing so much. I know God puts soo many trials in my front. Some
times I just ask Him why are you doing this to me. I thought You loved
me. At least help me. And I look back at my trials, and I see how much
I grew from overcoming my difficulties. Without these trials in our
lives, theres no way we can get stronger. Its like that saying, No
pain, No gain. Theres that one scripture in Ether 12:27 that explains
it perfectly. That talks about God shows us are weaknesses so that we
can find a way to overcome them, so that we can get an even stronger
testimony. And we dont know the reason of all things. I know that God
is the Father, That He helps each one of us, as much as He can. But
Hes not going to give you the prize for free. we´ll learn nothing.
I just know that im growing everyday out here. Not only spiritually
but as well physically. Im grateful for the trials in my life,
sometimes I wont show it. but sometimes it takes a while to see the
real Plan that God has.
REO I miss that guy, and I write Reo, Preston, Mark email. every once
in a while. BEAR! tell him I said whuts up;
Feels like the ward is doing great back home. I got to put my pictures
on my flash drive soo, i got to end here. I love you guys!!! Até next
PS. English is a pain... lol (I had to edit a lot this week because his grammar is backwards and twisted around)
Elder Arroyo

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happily Ever After....

FELIZ DIAS DOS PAIS!! Pa Pai! Espero que alguem deu para voce uma
massagem! lol jimbo.
Man, Today is some sort of Holiday, so everything is closed, and it
took us forever to find a Cyber! Finally found this one, and the
keyboard is awful. ha, and there is a kid playin PlayStation 3 on the
other side of me. Homesick.. :P
This week went by supppper fast. It was pretty intense, a family that
I have been teaching since I got here got married on Friday.

Happily Ever After...

We have been planning it for a month now. It went great... It was to start at 7 at night.. but were in the amazon, so of course its going
to pour down rain from 6;30 to 7;30.. SO much rain. it was in the chapel so all the guests stayed dry. As for me ha, The car with the cake showed up, and everyone was like Elder Arroyo go get the cake, were all wearing our good clothes! Im like what the heck am i wearing? lol, So I ended up runnin out with buckets of rain pouring on me and got the 600 pound cake out of the back of a car, and ran back in. And when I sat in on table I looked at my shirt and there was chocolate all over the front. ha, But it was all good. Everyone got a good laugh. And the wedding went great. The bride got baptized Saturday,and confirmed Sunday. . 

I love the feeling of completing families.
Yesterday, we went to a birthday party ha, (slackers, i know :P) and
at their house they had a huuuuuuge parrot. It wasnt even called a
parrot, but it was light blue,green, and huuuuge! you just have to see
it, It looked like a pterodactyl ha.  Im going to go back there with my
camera just to show it to you guys.
But yea, nothin realllllllly different. Everything is the same.
Transfers is in 2 weeks. Tomorrow is zone conference, Maybe ill have a
letter!! OR somethin! Im doin great. Gaining a lot of patience.
Eu sei que a igreja a verdadiera. Que O livro de Mórmon é a palavra de
Deus. Sei que Familias podem ser eternas. sei que eu estou aqui para
ajudar as familias saber a proposito deles aqui no mundo. E tambem
batisar eles :P. Sou muito grato por voces mae pai, porque voces sao
grande examplos para mim. Continua assim ajudando Justin Preparar para
fazer a mesmo coisa que eu e Jimmy estao fazando. Amo voces, e estou
fazando a obra do Senhor. Bra´cos por tudo mundo! Até mias!

After a good ol game of volleyball

Monday, August 8, 2011

But as for me, im doing great.

Road I walk everyday

WOO! One more week! Man they are going by sooooo fast! I have this
piece of paper that I taped to the front of my desk. Its called 20
passes. Our presidente made them for us. And you start a new one every
month. But its 20 things that you need to do every day, to be a
successful missionary. Its great, And Im an obedient freak, so I get
stressed out sometimes over this thing. But the days just go by so
Everyone has a well in the house.

On tuesday the Bishops mom died. And we went to her funeral at the
church that night. It was my first funeral to ever attend. SO I didnt
really know what was going to happen or anything. But I helped bring in the casket. (I dont remember how to say it, the box they put the
passed away person in) And yea, my first time to see a dead person. It
wasnt as weird as I thought. It was actually very peaceful. She gave a
talk that Sunday, and then it just happened so fast. They said she died
singing a hymn. But yea, first funeral.
It was a great opportunity to think about the Plan of Salvation. And
to just go around talking with the people about The Plan God has for
But yea, Lets change the mood here with another Spider Story!! :[
yall are prolly sick of them by now, but i need to remember them. So I
wake up get out of my hammock, pray, exercises, the normal routine
right. Then straight to the bathroom like always. So I go in there and
start up the shower, everything is going perfect, singing a church
hymn. Then my attention is turned to the door, which is dark brown. I
see something barely move.. Man, I couldnt even scream I almost passed
out right there in the shower. Enormously huge spider on the door,
just camouflaged...!! It was super dark brown. Looked just like the
door. The bathrooms here are super small, and its not like the states.
There is no tub or shower door. You just turn on the shower head, and
its just like taking a shower beside your sink and toilet. And thedoor is right there. It took me like an hour to leave the bathroom.
But yea, Our house is not safe anymore after seeing that. This is why
I sleep in my hammock. Its more difficult for them to get to you.
As well the other day, I opened the door to come into the house, and
there was another huge spider on the ground. Theyre everywhere!! Ill
send a pic. I got my name tag crazily close to it, And took a video of
how I did it ha.
The life, its only two years haha. then all the spiders will go away!
But as for me, im doing great. health great, mission great. This morning I was walking to the back of the house, and as I passed my bed whap! I stubbed my pinky toe hardcore on the side. It hurts so bad, The words that came out of my mouth werent portuguese or english.
haha. Im working a lot with the members. Were planning a wedding thisfriday in the church, and theyll be baptised this saturday! Fingers crossed! But im doing great.
Hows the fam back home? school is back! Justin is def going to have a
great year com miss Hillman! Tell her I said hey, and sorry for any of
my past transgressions haha. :) Tell Destinee to send me her
schedule. Who is next to leave for the mission? And come home? Hope
everything is going great back home. And love you guys a lot.
Elder Arroyo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I felt like Alma teaching multitudes of people

Nothing better to start off your day.
Terere, this is cuia from southern Brasil.
Olá mom. Good Morning. So this week went by pretty fast! Its already
August!! This is just nuts for me! Months go past like days! Im doing
just fine here. I got pretty sick, not now im back on my feet! And
talking with everyone! This week we had a good bit of novos. I
remember we went to a house (which was a contact the week earlier) and
I talked with a senhora in the front of her house, and asked her if we
could come in and share a message with her and her family. Of course
she said yes, who can turn me down :D. So we went in there, and I told
her to gather everyone in the house to hear this message. Man, There
ended up being 9 people. Not even enough chairs for us to sit down. I
felt so good. The spirit just filled me up with joy teaching this
many people in one visit. I felt like Alma teaching multitudes of
people. and another day the same thing happened.
Jaka, third love in my life (it's a fruit)

Ive been told I have a great personality out here. Always happy, and just goofy. ha. There is a neighbor we have, and she has a son that a lot of missionaries that have passed here have been teaching. But no one has had the go to baptise him. I got him to come to church with us yesterday! and I passed by last night, to talk with him about baptism,
But he wasnt there. So I talked with his mom. And she told me that Im
different than the other missionaries that passed through here. That
her son is always talking about me. I know he will be ready to be
baptised this saturday. Im not saying this to brag. But im sharing
this, so that we can all take a step back, and look at our selves. Are
we being examples? Are we smiling at all times. Helping others? Just
saying hey to someone or giving a hug, can change a life. I never
leave the house with bad feelings. We pray every time we leave the
house to be examples in the road. And to be happy, helping others feel
our joy. Im telling you, that this will bring people to church.
Weve had some more people pop up to be baptised. just came from
nowhere. Already great to talk with everyone, to see if they know
anyone that has been in the church that isnt a member. If you ask
everyone, then someone will pop up.
The leadership is going great. Im learning more and more everyday. Its
not easy, But im learning sooooo, much. Were working more with the
members and im going to start teaching english in the church on
saturdays. See if that will bring people into the church. Chris an
english teacher??? haha i know right?
But other than that the Lord is giving me the strength to reach points
that I thought I could never reach before.
Thats great that people are talking about me ha, hope its oly coisas
good. Im going to give all I have too this week, to make up for my
sickness last week. I know I can baptise every week. Just need to work
hard, and dominate my goals!
I know the church is true, that Christ lives. That were all here to
make a difference. The greatest place to start, is to be an example.
Love all you guys, have a great week.
Elder Arroyo