Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I know the Lord is helping me so much

The Package is great mom! Im loving it! And tambem my
comp ha. He got a package at the same time, So Everything is all good.
The photos are great, ha! Lots of memories! I was soooooo big ha. Its
funny to show the pictures to the members And they love to see how
the states look, and family pics. The letters were also good! Thanks
to everyone in the fam! So much cheese haha. (good thing)
So right now, im not so happy. Cause well, I got sick again. Its getting old..
But on the bright side, im still District Leader! :D LOTS of work! and
responsibility. My district is great. Theyre opening their area just
fine. Sometimes I get kind of stressed out, cause I pretty much do all
the work in the comp ship. and I have a District to run as well. But I
just remember the stress Nephi felt when he was in the desert with his
family. And they didnt even have any food. Everyone was all stressed
out, and just chewin each other up, Nephis bow broke, well yall know
the story. When he was just about to break down. He went to his
Father, to ask what and where he needed to go. I have all of my
confidence in the Lord. Im pretty much leaning on Him with all my
weight. I would definitely have broken down this week,With all my
sufferings. I know the Lord is helping me so much. Thats everything im
doing out here, wouldnt be possible without him.
My new comp is Elder Genaro. He has 4 months in the mission. Hes still
got a lot to learn.. But I know exactly how it is starting out.
Hopefully the Lord will help his faith. Hes from the outskirts of Sao
tell jimmy! Thanks a bunch for the binder! ha. Its helping alot, and I
have lots of stuff to put in it for Justin.

I dont know what else to write, My mind is blank with the sickness.
Sorry, if this letter is lame. But ill end it here. PRAY FOR ME A LOT! por favor.
Give everyone a hug for me. Love you guys! 
Elder Arroyo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I got called to be District Leader here in Laranjeira

MOM! Sooo much!  So I just got off the bus like 5 seconds ago
from Belém. And jumped in this cyber to do our emails! im starving...
lol. Ive been there all day. But yea, I have a huge package next to me
haha.!! Finally! :D Thanks so much! I dont even know whats in it yet.
Better be good! ha. Because I had to go to the post office in Belém to
get it out of prison! i had to pay 95 reals. I dont know if it was
because of something inside, or the shipping. But im back now haa. I
love it up there in Belem. The streets are so amazingly beautiful. i
took some pics, But I dont have my cord with me. And the package was
super heavy! ha, but not complaining atttttt allllll. Muito obrigado!
SO TRANSFERS!! The zone leaders called me last night (I call them the
zone Lords ha) And told me to call President. I was like, im getting
called for sure. So yea! I got called to be District Leader here
in Laranjeira. And my comp is getting transferred. And im getting a
comp that is pretty new in the mission. IM SOOOO PUMPEDDD! Ive been
waiting to be called! Everyone is pretty excited for me. Just love
everyone, and lead by example. I dont know much about my district
right now, cause i havnt met them yet. Ill tell ya about them next
But the work is still booming here! We had another baptism this
saturday! We just need to keep up our faith, and agora its not just my
faith but of my district as well. Need to keep them baptising weekly
juntos with me. So I can get called Zone Lord! :D I know the Lord is
preparing my way, not only here. But after the mission.
Its still hot.. hah. duh. AÇAI season is back!! We eat it at lunch
a lot. !!! YES! ha, im so excited lol. Everyones teeth are blue, and
everyone is more happy ha. The other day, they taught me how to eat it
without sugar. You just eat it next to your lunch plate, and eat it
with chicken, or shrimp. And its DELicous! Im just super happy right
now, and sweating hardcore.
I might take money out of my card. I dont want to though. I think ill
be able to live on what I have. Thats crazy that school is already
starting back! It went by super fast! Jonos getting married in April!
Whhhaaaaattt?? Sweet? When does Sister Bowden go home?
hows the work goin? Keep me in your prayers every night. Not only me,
but my district, and the people. I love you guys so much! Keep the
commandments! And youll prosper in the land! Jesus is the Christ.
Elder Arroyo

Monday, July 11, 2011

I know that the Lord is preparing this land

Hey mom! Good morning! HA! Pleeeeeeeeeeeassse, I promise you guys
right now, that it is not even close to how hot it is here. not even
comparable haha. The sun stays at the stop of the sky. I remember the
other day I walked into the bishops office cause there is an air
conditioner in there. And I just sat there to relax for a sec. And
~when I walked back out the door. I almost cried, from the heat wave
ha. For realz.
This week was great. Another Saturday, another baptism. Ive been
walking like no tomorrow. Im going to weigh myself again today. And
see where im at. I heard that the trip went great. I miss the Larsen´s
party. And...pools.. But its ok. Cause I love Pará! And im putting all
my time to the Lord. And the time here is just going by so fast.
Yea, Was my Hump Day last week. But no, I didnt do anything. Just
another day. Your days get complicated when your preparing people to
be baptised in 2 weeks.
Victor's Baptism

The other day, we were lunching at a members house for the first time.
And I was talking to there daughter about church stuff. And dont you
know she told me she hasnt been baptised yet!! haha! Man! Ive seen her
at the church every week. A lot of people thought she was already a
member. ha. So now we are preparing her to be baptised this Saturday.
We are really pushing to reach our goal for the mission this month.
which is 250 baptisms. I know the Lord will show the way.
So we had interviews with president last week. And guess what!! The
church bought a huuuge lot of land in Belém. We think we have a pretty
good idea of what this land was bought for. Our number one goal here
is to bring a temple into Pará! And the church is growing like no
other here. Miracles are happening everyday. I know that the Lord is
preparing this land for a temple in Northern Brasil.
Pará! Im loving this place so much. I cant stop talking about the
fruit here. Everyone has trees of fruit in their yards. So the other
day. we were sitting at a members house waiting for her to finish
making lunch, and I saw a lemon tree in the front yard. And I made
some lemonade for us for lunch ha. Thats my new thing ha. Making
juice of whatever they have in the yard ha. And It tastes amazing.
Just have to look out for whatever lives in the trees ha. yea.. Ill
tell you after the mission.
Ah! If you see Brian again! Tell him I miss that guy so much, and when
I come back we´ll def jam out again.
But thats a little of what happened with my week! Still waiting for
your package! I know its coming this time :D Love you mom! Tchau

Monday, July 4, 2011

This is an Açaí Palm!

This is an Açaí Palm!

Good Morning mom! Happy 4th of July! haha, Yea, that means nothing
down here. This week was great. The Lord is showing his hand in our
work everyday, and we are getting results. We had another Baptism this
week, It went great. She was totally prepared! And guess what, we will baptise her son this Saturday. And maybe her daughter the next.
Ah! So this church down here ´Assembleia De Deus` or something like that (jimmy knows) they did a thing where they were marrying a couple
hundred people for FREE! Man! When I heard about that, I went nuts
haha. So we took a family and they got married! It went great, And they will be legally married today. so theyll be ready to be baptised
this week!! And we are going to marry another one of our families this
week. ha, It was funny. We walked into there church with our invesitigators, and everyone was just staring at us lol. But yea! FAMILYS!! Its soo hard to find familys that are married. We have been teaching these families for a while, and the main problem is the money. But now theyll be good to go! A lot of work! Finally some results :D
We did some service projects! I love service projects sooo much. ha,
Because I get to use shorts and a shirt. But my legs are sooo white ha.. Ill see if I can send you guys some pictures.
another spider!
Sounds like a good swim and a bbq would hit the spot right about now.
Maybe ill be home for the next 4th of July. If you want to know where I am. I usually walk the streets in Icui. and thats where the church is. Im doing fine. Working hard. Keeping the commandments ha. Hope everything is great at home. Love you guys!
Tchau Thcua
Elder Arroyo