Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, July 11, 2011

I know that the Lord is preparing this land

Hey mom! Good morning! HA! Pleeeeeeeeeeeassse, I promise you guys
right now, that it is not even close to how hot it is here. not even
comparable haha. The sun stays at the stop of the sky. I remember the
other day I walked into the bishops office cause there is an air
conditioner in there. And I just sat there to relax for a sec. And
~when I walked back out the door. I almost cried, from the heat wave
ha. For realz.
This week was great. Another Saturday, another baptism. Ive been
walking like no tomorrow. Im going to weigh myself again today. And
see where im at. I heard that the trip went great. I miss the Larsen´s
party. And...pools.. But its ok. Cause I love Pará! And im putting all
my time to the Lord. And the time here is just going by so fast.
Yea, Was my Hump Day last week. But no, I didnt do anything. Just
another day. Your days get complicated when your preparing people to
be baptised in 2 weeks.
Victor's Baptism

The other day, we were lunching at a members house for the first time.
And I was talking to there daughter about church stuff. And dont you
know she told me she hasnt been baptised yet!! haha! Man! Ive seen her
at the church every week. A lot of people thought she was already a
member. ha. So now we are preparing her to be baptised this Saturday.
We are really pushing to reach our goal for the mission this month.
which is 250 baptisms. I know the Lord will show the way.
So we had interviews with president last week. And guess what!! The
church bought a huuuge lot of land in Belém. We think we have a pretty
good idea of what this land was bought for. Our number one goal here
is to bring a temple into Pará! And the church is growing like no
other here. Miracles are happening everyday. I know that the Lord is
preparing this land for a temple in Northern Brasil.
Pará! Im loving this place so much. I cant stop talking about the
fruit here. Everyone has trees of fruit in their yards. So the other
day. we were sitting at a members house waiting for her to finish
making lunch, and I saw a lemon tree in the front yard. And I made
some lemonade for us for lunch ha. Thats my new thing ha. Making
juice of whatever they have in the yard ha. And It tastes amazing.
Just have to look out for whatever lives in the trees ha. yea.. Ill
tell you after the mission.
Ah! If you see Brian again! Tell him I miss that guy so much, and when
I come back we´ll def jam out again.
But thats a little of what happened with my week! Still waiting for
your package! I know its coming this time :D Love you mom! Tchau

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