Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love these people!

WOOO! 20 Years Old! Mannnnnn, I feel like a Man! So yea, the tradition here when its your birthday, is for someone to crack an egg on your head, and pour flour on you.. So yea, If I wasnt sleeping with one eye open last night..lets just say you could have put me in an oven and made me into a cake haha. Brasilians are crazy haha. But im good, nobody has gotten me yet. But last night I ate cake at 3 different houses. And today I dont even know how many more times I will eat ha. I love these people. Ill prolly gain weight this week. Because tomorrow a member is making us hamburgers! YES!! i got all those birthday wishes, they were sweet! Thanks everyone.
So yea, transfers is next week. And Im pretty sure im outta here. But nobody knows for sure :D. Today in the street market i bought a Rede. (hammock) cause I dont know if ill go to an area that doesnt have a nice market. Or if ill be transferred by boat, and have to sleep on the boat in a hammock. We´ll just have to see. I want to be transferred on the Amazon!
This past week, I got addicted to abacate.. hmmm, I dont remember what fruit that is in english, but its green and has a big seed in the middle. But yea, ive been making shakes everyone morning with that and bananas and some other stuff, and its amazing! But this week I bought Cupuaçu. MMMM! Im going to bring home some Cupuaçu for yall to try out. its amazing. Im going to bring home pulp of Cupuaçu and Açai. And Ill make some great shakes for you guys.
Also we had stake conference Sunday, and haha. I had to wear my jacket.. Its so embarrassing wearing that thing now.. Its like a blanket on me. But im just glad that ive lost weight out here. I feel a lot better. Ive started to do jump rope in the mornings. Thats helping build me up as well.
Sorry I didnt really take any pics this week. Im going to take one with all of my favorite members though. But mom,have a lot of people added me as a friend on facebook from brasil? just dont reject anyone.
I hope everything is going good back home. That yalls cruise is super fun! ha, Sounds cool that yall are visiting ruins in Mexico. You should have came a little more south, and went down the Amazon. :D But the work here is doing good. Im working my heart out. Trying my hardest. Keep up the prayers. I love you guys!
 Tchau Thcua
Elder Arroyo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Water attracts mosquitoes, rats, spiders. Pretty much everything that I hate

Hey mom. Wow, thats so crazy that school is getting out. Yea Destinee will be a freshman and whos knows what grade Justin will be in. Lets see, The schooling system here is different. Because its just now starting to be an `important thing to have` hah.. But the people here go to school for like 3 hours a day. But theres also a lot of people that dont go to school. So yea, its summer here all the time ha. 
These are my shoes! Good as new, right!? haha
Man, ?I thought it was hot before, but now its getting into the hot hot hot season. It feels like were in an oven! Its so hard to sleep at night, its just like the little fan that we have blows hot air.. and theres a lot more mosquitoes. So I bought some things today that I can burn in our room at night that will keep them away. But yea, I dont like sweating in my sleep, ha with mosquitoes all over me. But its these experiences that are life changing :D. hah jk
So we had another baptism on Saturday. 
Baptism of Carlos
It was suppose to be 2, but one fell, and shell be baptised this Saturday. Its all good. Its gets pretty complicated preparing so many people for baptism (not bragging) But its definitely worth it.
So I hit my 11 month mark yesterday! And ive been in Bragança for forever hahaha. Ive made sooo many great friends! Not only members, But as well, people around the city. So my birthday should be pretty well taken care of. I hope haha.
But I mean, we working super hard. Doing the Lords work. Sweating, eating more fruits that you can even imagine! along with tropical fish. 

I found some guy selling these jars of like
cream of exotic fruits definitely bought this jar of Maracujá! 

This week im going to see if I can fry an egg on the road.
We made this sweet pizza with everything on it.

Thats great that yall went to the temple. Man, I miss that place. Thats going to be like the first thing I do when I get back. Just go straight to the temple! Yea, I was totally talking with my comp about craw fish boils this week. I miss them! Im jealous! Man, Def take some pics and send me some. But I love you mom! Going to see if I can send some pics! Have a great week! Hug the family! Even though they didnt respond to my emails! Tchau tchau!
Elder Arroyo

The water attracts mosquitoes, rats, spiders. Pretty much everything that I hate haha.

Monday, May 16, 2011

How are the Bragantinos? There doing great.

HEY MOM! Man, I miss you! Seems like forever since the last time I wrote you. So yea, Baptisms every week here! Not just in Ala Bragança but also in Alegre. We share the church here. We have been working very diligently, and its showing, from weekly baptisms. Im so happy!

So this week, We went to Belem for Zone Conference, it was great as always. Got pumped, learned new stuff, and back out to work. But there was a box there from Sister Burton! My birthday is like in 2 weeks! And then ill have like 1 year out here! I wonder what my calling will be next transfer.

Weve been teaching with the spirit. Because when it comes time for the baptism invitation, no one has a problem. So Pregar Meu Evangelho é meu melhor amigo. Without this book, I dont know what I would do haha. I dont even want to see how dad taught lessons in his time. Just have to practice practice practice. apply apply apply, work work work, repeat repeat repeat.
Ohhh Destinee, everyone knows that it is jimmy that is the favorite! ha! I totally forgot that school gets out next week! wow...That happened so fast..Being on a mission, is way cooler than being in school haha. 
So how are the Bragantinos? There doing great. Its getting hotter in this time of the year, So I think im the only one suffering. Feels like there are more mosquitoes at night.
Ahh, I want to go to El Paso! tell jimmy to bring Siphon Filter! haha, those grenades were wayyy jipped. wow, Is it really that close to my time to come home? It makes me feel sick thinking about it. Ive got plenty of time left! :D I hope everyone is doing good at home. I love you mom! And dad! And Destinee, and Justin! And jimmy! And Rachael! Tchau tchau!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Day After Mother's Day

Hmmm, So I dont know what to say. Well. Im soaking wet, and freezing in this air conditioned room. Im going to die in the winter when I come home. So talked to you guys yesterday. Its was great to see everyone! Everyone looks so grown up. My time went by too fast!
lets see, we have zone conference in Belem tomorrow. Ill get to see if anyone is writing me. Prolly not ha. I have no idea what to write.. ha. I said everything yesterday. So lets see if I can have another adventure this week. I love you guys! Have a great week! Tchau Tchau!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, May 2, 2011

My I dont want to roll up my pants again, face.

Miles of dirt roads and amazon

Hey mom. So yea, I didnt get transferred. But there is a new guy in the house, his name is Elder Trindade. Hes way cool. This week, was crazy for me. Lets just say my companion had to sit outside the bathroom door for our comp studies. Is it possible to have diarrhea for a week straight? MY stomach was awwwful. I just be walking down the street and like Ah man, I gotta use someones bathroom fast! haha. But now its getting a lot better.
Last week, me and my comp were walking down a street, and there was this gigantic Iguana in the middle of the road. Its had to have been 5 ft long, and just fat! haha, So we went up to it to mess with it of course. And right as my comp got close to it. It jumped in the air and smacked my comps leg with its tail! He screamed like a girl. It was sooo funny. But these things have force. And this one was just Bravo. I dont remember that word in English.
This is my I dont want to roll up my pants again, face.

Also this Sunday there was no power in all Bragança. So at church the fans couldnt run. So it was suuuuper hot.
But yea, about Mothers Day! Ill write it in another email! the details! I love you mom! 
Oh, as well. Someone told me that those tornados or something happened in the states. And I got worried, Like whats up with my fam and stuff. And no body told me anything. I asked the Zone Leaders to ask president. And no body did anything. So I went to a members house to check what happened. So dad and jimmy are going to help clean? Thats cool. Just like old times. Hope everything is good out there. 
Baptisms last Saturday

Ok, So we dont know if we can use skype or just the phone. But we´ll know tomorrow. But just in case. The number to the Phone that ill be using is 055-91-*snip out personal info*. That is with the country and area code. and the skype is *snip out personal info*. But I will call Saturday to fix a time. What time is church? and will Dad and jimmy be back by then? I have another 20 mintues! Please be on..