Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love these people!

WOOO! 20 Years Old! Mannnnnn, I feel like a Man! So yea, the tradition here when its your birthday, is for someone to crack an egg on your head, and pour flour on you.. So yea, If I wasnt sleeping with one eye open last night..lets just say you could have put me in an oven and made me into a cake haha. Brasilians are crazy haha. But im good, nobody has gotten me yet. But last night I ate cake at 3 different houses. And today I dont even know how many more times I will eat ha. I love these people. Ill prolly gain weight this week. Because tomorrow a member is making us hamburgers! YES!! i got all those birthday wishes, they were sweet! Thanks everyone.
So yea, transfers is next week. And Im pretty sure im outta here. But nobody knows for sure :D. Today in the street market i bought a Rede. (hammock) cause I dont know if ill go to an area that doesnt have a nice market. Or if ill be transferred by boat, and have to sleep on the boat in a hammock. We´ll just have to see. I want to be transferred on the Amazon!
This past week, I got addicted to abacate.. hmmm, I dont remember what fruit that is in english, but its green and has a big seed in the middle. But yea, ive been making shakes everyone morning with that and bananas and some other stuff, and its amazing! But this week I bought Cupuaçu. MMMM! Im going to bring home some Cupuaçu for yall to try out. its amazing. Im going to bring home pulp of Cupuaçu and Açai. And Ill make some great shakes for you guys.
Also we had stake conference Sunday, and haha. I had to wear my jacket.. Its so embarrassing wearing that thing now.. Its like a blanket on me. But im just glad that ive lost weight out here. I feel a lot better. Ive started to do jump rope in the mornings. Thats helping build me up as well.
Sorry I didnt really take any pics this week. Im going to take one with all of my favorite members though. But mom,have a lot of people added me as a friend on facebook from brasil? just dont reject anyone.
I hope everything is going good back home. That yalls cruise is super fun! ha, Sounds cool that yall are visiting ruins in Mexico. You should have came a little more south, and went down the Amazon. :D But the work here is doing good. Im working my heart out. Trying my hardest. Keep up the prayers. I love you guys!
 Tchau Thcua
Elder Arroyo

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  1. Great to see that the mission is in good hands! My name is Andy and I was in the first group of new missionaries when the Belem mission was first formed. Reading about cupuacu and hammocks sure brings back some great memories.
    Anyway I was just poking around the internet looking for the address for the CTM in Sao Paulo and stumbled across your blog. A great man that I baptized 15 years ago just sent his oldest son to the CTM last week and I was looking for the address to send him a note. So if Elder Arroyo is ever in Santarem, have him send Sergio Galvao a big "abraco" from Elder Zalit. Looks like a great compilation of stories and pics. Elder Arroyo is going to love and appreciate it for years.
    So os fortes servem no Norte!