Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Friday, July 30, 2010

It feels good not to be the nooby anymore aka If I come home its going to be for something my bouncy ball did

Hey mom!! P-Day again!! And guess what, it feels like we just had P-day yesterday. I love the time layout over here haha. Oh yea! the Temple is opened again! The Provo is by far the biggest temple ive been in. It is soooooooo huge!! I loved it. Our session was great. And I had an amazing time! I cant wait till I go to the Salt Lake Temple ;). Ok, so like 2 hours ago they 3 more of our district got there visas!! Grrr!! Wheres mine!! :O haha. So on Tuesday we'll be loosing 5 Elders from our district. It looks like there comming in though. Soo keep praying. Our branch pres told us. God doesnt want us to be here haha. He wants us to be in Brazil. That is his plan. Our branch pres is brasilian and realllly funny and cool. We got another shipment of portuguese elders on wednesday. It feels good not to be the nooby anymore. Now we just go around talking portuguese to them. Its sooo crazy how school is already starting! Tell Destinee and Justin that I say good luck! And make good grades! Dont slack! haha. Soooo being in the MTC for 4 weeks now we get sooo bored sometimes! A missionarys favorite toy is a bouncy ball! haha! When youve been here for this long! Those things can do anything! If I come home its going to be for something my bouncy ball did. haha jk (for real) The meals here are great, Its just well, they mess up the digestive system. I dont know what it is that does it. It just does it! haha to everyone. So hows Nathan doing? I totally forgot he came home. I hope hes doing great! Theres this elder here who is from brazil. And I was like Olah! Hes like Oi! And we were talking in portuguese! And I could have a convo with him!! And hardly even think about it! I asked him what its like in Belem. and all he said was. "Its very hot" haha. I cant waiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt!!! for gym, we play futeball everyday! Im getting pretty good, not going to lie! Ive been working out everynight too, so im looking pretty darn good too! haha. So hows life back at home? Everyone doing good? How Destinee? Im not going to lie! I dooooo miss her haha. Tell her to write me!! How Justin doing? When I read that first letter about him at the ariport and stuff, I started tearing up. I love that guy. Ill be back before he knows it haha. 

Im learning soooo much in preach my gospel. I love teaching about the Restoration! And the Plan of Salvation! Im really good at them. Next Thursday for our TRC were teaching everything in Portuguese! Im a little nervous! But more excited haha! I need to start writing outlines of what im going to talk about! This seems all jumbled up! But ohh well. Oh Elder Gene Cook of the 70 talked to us this week. It was great. I took a lot of notes. Ill start remembering all the people that talk to us! sorry haha. Ahhhh, I miss you guys sooo bad!! Dont forget that when I get my visa I can call home for 5 minutes! And our branch pres said we can call in the airport for as long as we want if our flight has any problems. Sooo just let me know what you guys want. The Burton family is also taking care of me muito muito! haha, They love to send me cookies and brownies! The whole district loves them for it haha. Tell everyone to keep doing what there doing! And keep the spirit with them!  Eu amo Voces!! Orrar por minha visa, por favor!! :D Tchau!!
           Elder Arroyo      
                Portuguese pronounciation (Elder Ahoyo)

Friday, July 23, 2010

the feeling is just undescribable 7/23

Hey mai! We would normally go to the temple on P-day, but its closed for 4 months for renavations... Oh well. More time to do P-Day stuff!! haha I love pday! We go on temple walks on sundays though. They are really fun. We just sit in the grass, take pics, and just have a spiritual time. Which is all day everyday! The spirit is soooooo GREAT here! 
Yea, I did get my shoes from mission shoes. There great!! Im switching shoes everyday to keep them good for as long as possible. One thing that I reallllllly love are those blister bandaids!! The pack we got only had 4. They do wonders. You dont have to send me any more. I just love them. Yea, I got the ties from that lady, They are very nice!! I love them!! And she got them XL so thats even better! What a wonderful women she is. My comps name is Elder Temperini. 
I miss everyone a lot! But I mean, it feels like I was with you guys yesterday. Its like the days are long, but the weeks are wayyyyyy short. Thats the only way I can explain it. Ohhhhhhhh!! And my portuguese!! Holy Smokes!! The first week I was struggling! Were going on our third week now and I LOVE PORTUGUESE!! I can speak it easily now! Were already teaching the restoration in portuguese. My comp doesnt know any..... cause.. well... anyways.. I talk the whole time in portuguese, And my accent is great! I can underdstand what the investigator is saying and answer him back in decent portuguese! The MTC can do wonders to a missionary if he has the spirit with him. Trust me! Without the spirit, I would prolly be having the worst time of my life! But im having the greatest time of my life here! Ahhhhh Fridays! Papa Johns Pizza!! haha! Its hard to say which day is my favorite day here. Cause there alll soo great!! haha! I love Sundays, cause thats when i feel the spirit is the strongest. But yea, Life here is great! I love reading the scriptures!! haha crazy huh?? Anything that can make my testimony grow, and make my relationship with Deus Stronger, Ill do it!! Im soooo ready to get out to Sao Paulo!! 
OHH YEA!! HEY! 54 Brazilian visas came in yesterday!! We lost 1/3 of our branch!! 2 left from our district. Elder Thorpe was one of them. Im sooo jelous! But at least we know there comming in now. I just want to get out into the field! And love the people! And bring the love of Christ into there lives!! I only have 2 years!! Get me out there already!! Time is going by wayyy to fast! But yea! I miss you guys sooo much!! Dont be afraid to Dear Elder me! haha, letters are great to read when you get back to the house! I dont think I got any letters last week! haha Its ok though. Pray for our visas! And im emailing Jimmy too! 
Hows life back at home? Hows the fam doing? The ward? I heard Devin is going to Cali!! Tell him I said congrats!! He'll love the MTC!! Tell Mark to get studying haha! Espescially on that hungarian! (portuguese is cooler) haha. It truly is the language of Heaven though. I cant tell you how much I love it here! And how much I have been longing to be a missionary, and now im finally here. And the feeling is just undescribable. Well, I gotta go! I love you guys and miss you lots!!! Tchau!!
Elder Arroyo

Friday, July 16, 2010

But I have Christ! Whats better than that?? NOTHING!

Oi mom. Ahhh man! The days go by sooo fast!! Its soooo crazy! I feel like I left yesterday, But I also feel like ive been here for months! Its crazy! So the Portuguese is starting to stick! I love it! Im doing a talk on Obedience in portuguese on Sunday. Im working on it. Its sounding pretty good. The food is awesome!! Its wierd, This Elder in my district his name is Elder Deakin, We have EVERYTHING in common! We wish were were comps. I didnt bring my letters. So I forgot the questions you asked. But yea, I do miss you guys. A lot. But I have Christ! Whats better than that?? NOTHING! The spirit is sooo strong here, And guess what! It never leaves! Its the best feeling ever! Me and my comp taught a "investigator" yesterday in TRC. I Did great! I felt like I got him to trust me, and He went from being sad, and depressed about the death of his son, To Happy and laughing with us. I definitly brought the love of Christ into his life. I love doing that to people! I love seeing the look on there face when they can just feel even a little of Christ's love. Im now pretty much in the loop with everything around here. I know where eveything is and I have tons of friends. Elder Deakin is my favorite though. Were going to hang out after the mish definitly. We have the biggest district in the MTC!! 14 elders! Letters are great in the MTC. They make me feel good. Eu soi que Jesus Cristo e nossos Redentor. Eu Soi que O Livro de Mormon e verdidaro. Eu soi que Jesus Cristo Veve. Eu soi grato por minha familia. Eu sou grato por Evangelho. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen. I did that without looking at my notes!!! I love it! And I love you guys! Keep the spirit with you as much as possible! Youll be so much more happy! And will feel sooo much better! Its just undescribable down here! Gotta email Jimmy! And get my stuff out of the dryer! Tchua eles! Amo Voces!
Elder Arroyo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its all work work work sleep work work work 7/10/10

Hey mom, Wow, These first couple days have been rough..! Sooo much work haha. But im getting use to it. The plane ride was fun, but long. I got delayed in Memphis for about an hour and a half. But its all good. I was like the last missionary to arrive at the MTC. Soo, We have the biggest district. There are so many brazil missionaries waiting for there visas! Pray for them to come! Or at least mine :) haha just kidding. Umm, The spirit is very strong here. We are never not doing anything! Its all work work work sleep work work work. But its for the Lord, And thats why I'm here. Oh man! The Poooooootuguese!! We are learning so much of it, My head feels like it is going to explode! I am learning though, Not the fastest but still learning! I realllly want to go to Sao Paolo CTM. I just want to be with my own people, ya know? And I realllly want to get out into the field. Time feels like its flying by sooo fast! It feels good! The food here is great! Im cutting back a lot though, I feel like im losing a lot of weight. We do a decent amount of walking here. Ohhh man, And it is sooo great to get letters. Oh and mom I need the date of when I got my Typhoid shot, or they are going to give it to me again. They gave me a little pink slip that im supposed to mail to you that tell you to give me the dates for it. So im just letting you know now. Maybe call the MTC and tell them I dunno. I just need the date. Well, Im not going to lie. I miss you guys sooo much!!!! I have been getting a little home sick. But I do my best to get over it. So, Yea. I loving it here. Really anxious to get out into the field. This is my first email, so I had to set up my account and stuff so I only have a little longer.! I got a package. But the mail room is closed. and it will be closed tomorrow. So, Ill go pick it up on Monday. I'm guessing its my shoes. My P-days are on Fridays. And if you know annnny info on my visa let me know. I feel like theyre trying to keep me out of the loop or somthing haha. Well, I'm starting a whole different life style. And I like it! I dont have my mailing address, Im guessing you guys already have it. OK! Im running out of time! I love you guys soo much! And miss you too! Tchua!
Elder Arroyo

Thursday, July 8, 2010