Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This post is from me, Elder Arroyo's mom. I want to thank everyone that has followed Elder C. Arroyo these past two years on his mission in Belem, Para, Brazil. I watched through his emails that I shared on this blog a testimony grow in his heart while he taught, made friends, endured hard ships and put all his faith in the Lord's work.
I sent out a boy that had just graduated high school weeks before he left and when he returned two years later I welcomed home a man.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Im coming home tomorrow mom!!!

Im coming home tomorrow mom!!! WOOWOWOW!! Im going nuts!! I just feel like so confused! So many things are happening and so fast! All my bags are packed and are at the mission home! And all my fruits are in the freezer!! :D:D I bought like a styrofoam box to put in the fruits so it doest melt `too bad`.

Just so many feelings right now. I went to lunch at Subway with some other Americans. But only im going home, and some other brasilians.. Its going to be crazy tonight in the mission house :) me with all brasilians!! Im going to try to sleep. I actually dont think ill have a prob with that. Im exhausted.... And RED.. hah.. Hope it tans before i get home. Yesterday we all watched the dedication to the Manaus Temple! It was awesome! My first temple opening.

But yea mom! Cant wait to see everyone! I know everyone is going to look so different! I hope I recognize you guys when I get there. And I hope yall recognize me! We´ll all be just soo lost. Well! Ill see yall in a couple days!! :!!!:!:!:!:!!:!:!!:!!:!:!:! CRAZY!!

LOVE YALL!! Everyone be at the airport or be SQUARE!!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ill come home with honor and ill come home working!

Wow... It feels so weird to think ill be going home next week.... Let me tell you how fast the time flies by.. Fast..! But I wont stop working till the end! Yet again we baptised this Saturday, and We have to baptise my last Saturday! It feels like yesterday that I was all over the internet looking up stuff about Brasil and Pará.. Feeling the nervous anticipation to get out into the field and work! Well, Its just about over now.

We just got back from Ver-O-Peso, We went there with a family from by ward. Its weird that I talked with this guy on Facebook before I came into the mission field. Were going to have my last family night at his house too. I got a bunch of cool things today! Yall are gonna have a blast when I get back. I got a bunch of little cool stuff. And im going to do ALLLLL I can to bring back some cupuaçu.. It just wont ever be the same without it... And yall just have to try it.

My birthday was really fun! A man that we baptised a couple weeks ago, his wife got me a HUGE cake of Cupuaçu... It was amazing. We had to bring some to members cause it was soo big. And then we had a party at a members house, and watched the opening to the USA vs Brasil game.... Heard that didnt go so good.. ha.. were still hearing about that.

So yea just as long as yall are at the airport when I get there everything will be good. As for the food... Anything but rice and beans.. Anything... ha. Maybe we can hit up a place that has like pancakes or biscuits and gravy.

Im anxious to come home! And sad at the same time.. Cause I know its going to be hard to come back here.. Im going to miss it a lot...

I just cant wait to see all you guys when I get back! Everything is going to be so much different... 2 different worlds.. Im gonna have to do something with my hammock. Im def bringing it home. That thing saved my life so many times. But dont worry. Ill come home with honor and ill come home working!

:D Love you mom!