Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Helping others in all ways possible

Hey mom, Good morning! I dont really have much to say sobre this week.
I wrote some stuff in my planner but I left it in the house. soooo. The
time in this area is going by super fast. Yesterday at lunch, There
was a plate of something on the table and I was like hey whats this?
haha and theyre like its torquitos haha. But I so knew it wasnt. So I
tried some, and it wasnt that bad. And then they finally told me what
it was. And it was chicken hearts... Thats a first for me haha. But Im
getting good with the area here. Im making good friendships with the
members and our investigators are getting married!! WOOOO!! But yea.
Elder Arroyo. Third area. Its the same thing you just got to start
everything over when you transfer. I passed my one year mark, And time
is going by even faster now.
Ben is going to Las Vegas!!! WOO! Siiick! give that guy a congrats! So
whats your knew calling? Yea, I dont even know how big that spider
was, My comp took a pic of it when I was in the shower haha. Would be
great to know where it went. But the work out here is going great. I
growing and learning so much. Helping others in all ways possible. I
love you guys and hope yall have a great week!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, June 20, 2011

I want the rainy season back!

hahahahah I love how you said its hotter there than it is here. :D
Jokes are always good to start off the day. I got a pretty bad sunburn
this past week. But now its gone. So last night we were about to open
the door to our house and the power went out. Last night was a super
sweet lightning storm here. It just goes all around the sky and really
huge! I wanted to take a video of it. But yea, Another night without
power. It was pretty hard to stay asleep, sleeping in your sweat,
with mosquitoes all over you. But now im ready to take on any sort of
camp out ha.
Sonic Speed Spider
The other day, me and my comp were walking down this little dirt road,
and it had like a little rain stream going down the middle, and theres
a super tricky part where you have to jump over the stream onto a
little strip of land, and my comp has already accidentally stepped in the
water, and it just makes me laugh so much when he does. But this last
time, I was in the front, and I jumped and I dont even know what
happened, But I fell... haha.. And it wasnt just like a `oh, I fell on
my knee fall` ha.. I fell and than did like a roll into the stream...
so we had to go to a members house and I just took a shower in my
church clothes. My comp loves talking about it..
But on the spiritual side! We had another baptism! Were definitely
going to baptise every week here. We have families in line to get
married! and dates for baptism shortly after. Just hope everything
goes as planned. The people are great here, Just need to get married.
My Portuguese is getting pretty good. My comp is helping me a bunch
get better.Its getting hotter and hotter everyday. I want the rainy season back!As well! Açai is starting to get cheaper!! Its been like 6 realsbecause it was the time when they ship it to other countries! But nowits coming back down! Thank goodness. ha.Thanks for sending off my package! My next one, I would love a newpair of shoes.But thats pretty much whats going on here! Doing the Lords work! I love you guys! And pray for you oft. Lemme know what I can do for ya here.
Tchau tchau

Monday, June 13, 2011

My area is called Laranjeira

Hey mom! Remember all those times I told you I was in the Ghetto? Well, this time its serious haha... Im in the outskirts of Belem, My area is called  Laranjeira. And its just straight up ghettos haha. Dirt roads and tiny houses piled up on each other. We´ll be walking down the street in the night and boom! A gun will go off. Its so crazy here, has a lot of kids in the street flying and  battling with their kites, and they also set off a loooot of fireworks. When I got to the house there was no power.. cause someone was late paying the bills.. So it was pretty rough sleeping without a fan or shower. Then we got the power back, and yesterday it went back out, cause someone was trying to steal power from a power line.. this place is crazy. But its cool, im adjusting. My comp is  Elder Dos Santos, And Elder Silva Dos Santos was his comp in this area  before me. (my first comp..)  Ah! when I was in Marituba, There was an inactive family that lived out in Tauá. The father use to be stake president.  When I was out there we visited with them, and long story short, they starting coming back to church, and I baptised 2 people in the family. And my first day here in Laranjeira, My comp didnt tell me where we were eating lunch, and we get to the house to eat lunch and it was that family that lived in Tauá!! They moved here, and theyre all super strong in the church, and the father is working to get a call in the church again. I fealt so good.
The area here is pretty big, well at least it seems big, how my comp sets up appointments on different sides of it. So im going to lose a lot more weight here, cause of the walking. Also I threw one pair of my shoes away, cause there were just too many holes, and it rains too much. Sooo, If you guys could, I would love a new pair a shoes, Cause I dont know how much longer these ones will last. 
I miss swimming soooooooo much.!! I miss you guys a lot. And hope that
yall are having a great time. I have a good bit of time left if you
want to talk some more! Love you guys!! Tchau Tchau!
Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If I stayed one more theyre just going to transfer my church membership registers to Brangança ward

Good Afternoon Mom! so yea, its transfer time.. The Zone Leaders
called last night and said that both me and my comp need to pack our
bags. Were both leaving Bragança! Ah.. I was so sad.. But they didnt
tell us where were going.. Cause they said they didnt want us to
know.. Yea.. the leadership here gets abused a lot. But yea, I already
got my bags packed, and got my haircut, and pretty much ready to go.
Were leaving for Castanhal at like 6 o clock.
Haha, I got so connected to the members here. I am definitely coming
back here at the end of my mission. They said if I stayed one more
theyre just going to transfer my church membership registers to
Brangança ward hah. They even signed me up to give a 20 minute talk
next Sunday. Ill have to give that down to the new missionary that
will take my spot haha :D. I took a good amount of pictures and got
some addresses gave out my facebook, stuff like that. Ahhh, but im
going to miss this place so much..
My Birthday was fun, A sister made me a cake and pancakes and stuff
and some people came over and I gave a message then they sang happy
birthday for me and stuff. I got it on video. Hey mom, if you could
send me like all the happy birthday stuff that people sent me on my
But yea, pretty much now. im just waiting to leave, were going to take
a taxi with our stuff to the bus station. and take a bus to Castanhal,
and then see what adventure I get to do next! I love you guys, and
praying for yall every  day. I know the church is true, and that Jesus
is the Christ.
Elder Arroyo