Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, April 25, 2011

Its like a dream land. Really.

Bom Dia mom. Man, Just took a good look at all the pics. Talk about trunky ha, jk jk. Im good. Man, Everyone looks so different. Justin is getting so big! and Man, Jimmy looks so different. Were all just getting so old. Thanks great that our room got changed into a club. ha. Looking forward to that. Looks like everyone is doing just fine back home. Thanks a million for the pics!
So yea TRANSFERS! Im staying! Woot! with Elder Payne! So that means ill be in this area for my birthday! Man, mom. I would do anything for a back scratch right now. I get my comp to scratch my back for me, But its just not the same. My first day back, I just need a full week of just straight massages, anti diarria pills and anything but rice, beans, or fish. ha. nah, But I truly do love it here. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Especially aqui em Bragança. There is really no better place than this.
So on Saturday we went to Belem, and I got to shake hands with Elder Niel L. Anderson. And he talked to our mission. And this is I think the first time that our mission has ever been in one room at the same time. The whole Brasil, Belem Mission. So president bought airplanes for everyone in Santarem and Amapa. It was great getting to see everyone and hearing an apostale talk to us.
We didnt really do anything special for Easter. Just our normal routine. I bought some chocolate. but me and my comp are in contest right now to see who can lose more weight in a transfer, So we bought like only fruits today. And this morning we played basketball at a park, and a bunch of little brasilian kids came and watched us. ha its was great. But im doing very good out here. Everything is fine. Going on a year. Working hard! Hope everything is the same back home! I love you mom! Tchau Tchau!
Elder Arroyo
Yea mom, really. You cant even imagine, what braganca is like. Its like a dream land. Really. Ha, Tell Hunter he cheats at that game! Watch his eyes! Indiana Jones and the raider of the lost ark! No one can get that one! haha let him know I said that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Families sitting on the benches that I baptized

Hey mom, Another P-Day, another visit to the cyber! hmmm, So this week, we continued working really hard. Completing most of our goals.. But yea, just another ordinary week. Except now, its starting to not rain as much. So man is it hot here. Sunscreen doesnt help ha. It just burns right through it. The sun goes through everything, my hair, my shirt. Its pretty intense.
But yea, im getting use to the working life. The cold showers arent so bad anymore. Or I just dont remember the hot ones! But yea, I totally miss having my clothes washed and dried in like 1 hour at home. Cause here its like a 3 day process, if your lucky.
Hmm, lets see ahh, yesterday at church, I walk into the sacrament room for sacrament and the room was paaaacked. And I went and sat down in the back, and just looked around with a huge smile on my face, cause there were families sitting on the benches that I baptised, or that I brought back to church. so now theres not even enough room for everyone to sit on the benches. Man! That was just the best feeling in the world. Families make a huge difference in the church. Yea sure, you can baptise a 12 year old easy, but he]ll go to church 1 or 2 Sundays and then he´ll lose interest and stop going to church. Or you can baptise his parents first and let the father baptise his family, or baptise to whole family together, you get the chief of the family a testimony, and then its easier to get the family in. and then its way more solid. Its not easy.. But its definitely worth the view when you walk into the sacrament room a little late, to get a glance of what its going to look like after this life :D.
So today PDAY, at 7:30 this morning we starting painting our house. Not true, we have just been cleaning the walls and sanding everything down to be painted later in the afternoon. So its definitely not fun painting when your the tallest one.. hah. gotta do everything. My arm is killing me. But its worth it. Its already looking better. I really hope I dont leave here this upcoming transfer.
But Elder Neil L. Anderson of the twelve is coming to talk to us this Saturday!! Ahh! Im soo pumped! Its going to be siiick! This mission has been booming and been like the main thing in the Liahona magazine ^´Local parts^ about how much our mission is increasing with stakes and stuff! Temple in Belem??? we´ll just have to see what Elder Anderson has to say.
Its called star fruit? Have you every eaten it? Its suuper sour, when its half green! It killed my tongue. But yea, Next pday ill see if I can send you the names of a lot of fruits that I eat here. Buuut I just got 3 emails, so im going to end it here! I love you mom! And everyone else! Have a great week!
Elder Arroyo

MAN! Tottaly forgot Mothers day is coming up too! WOOT! Phone call! Man, all I think about is my investigators! `please recieve an answer in your prayer`Please have desire to come to church``Prepare for baptism`stuff like that.  I love you!

Force Destinee to put a letter in the box!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God definitely blesses us and answers our prayers

Boa Dia! So how did you like the photos? Just got back from the street markets. Ahh man, I love the fruits! I just cant stop talking about them! Lets see the other day I ate a fruit called Carambola. It was a huge one, and like part green and orange, your supposed to eat them when theyre like yellow. So ahh, it like burned my lips and my tongue, and my throat. But it was pretty good. just suuuuuper sour. Let me know if they have it there.
 Hmm, So this week. Me and my comp, man we taught sooo many lessons. We have a lot of new people. But no one will come to church! its killing me! Me and my comp are getting along very well. As long as you follow the rules and do everything your supposed to, there is no way you can stop liking him. And definitely comp inventory is good every week. But yea, I guess you can definitely compare that to real life. that as long as we are following the commandments, and doing everything the church tells us to do. We;ll have a more happier life. Like the children's hymn Follow the Prophet.

The other day after a lunch I was asked to share the message, `what feels like every time`. and After the message, The man of the house, brought me into his room, and showed me on his bed his book of Mormon opened to the same scriptures that I did my message on. And he said, that he had been praying to the Lord all morning to have a better understanding. So I thought that was very cool, that God definitely blesses us and answers our prayers through other people.
 Hmm lets see, the other week, we bought a basketball for 15 bucks, and we have been playing basketball every morning in a park near by. Man, being so much lighter definitely helps. I can alllllmost slam dunk dad! Almost there! But my comp asked the zone leaders if we can play basketball in the morning, and they told us that we arent a loud to anymore.. So... Our dreams got shot down.. Ill ask president if we can keep playing, in my next interview. But yea.
 umm, is there anyone out there that would want a letter? Oh, the other day some guy got on my facebook or looked at it, and then I saw a picture, and I was like man, click on that. And it was Destinee! Man, She has definitely changed in the past couple months. Ha. Hows she doin?

 Ha, you should def make a book. And yea Francisco `deaf man` got baptized and received the holy ghost. And def one of the strongest members in the ward, just looking for opportunities to help. Man, The mission is definitely going by super fast for me! too fast! Going on one year already! I dont wanna come home! yea, I definitely have a huge testimony on the atonement now. I prolly didnt even know what that word meant before the mission. Its just the people here have just been raised with apostasy. Fake churches telling them fake things. And its getting pretty hard on me, teaching the people and in the middle of the lesson theyll say something that one of there fake preachers said, and its just like. Forget everything that you have been taught in your whole life, and right now, were going to fix you. Its so sad, because its not their fault. its all these churches. Ive never been somewhere that has as many churches as they have here. billions. But were doing our best to help the people find out the truth!

I love you guys. And lemme know when you get that box out. Have a great week. and let me know anything new thats up over there. Tchau tchau

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Atonement is like a tool

Good Morning mom! Man Conference was Great! Ha! Jimmy prolly got slammed by everyone. Yea, we watched it at the church building, and man, there was a good amount of people in our small chapel! ha, and everyone was just sweating like crazy haha. 
Watching General Conference

I almost died, But I payed attention the whole time! and took a lot of notes! I like the one by ummm, Kent Richards or something like that, He really brought out the Atonment and just put it in simple discription.
One of the strongest topics that we teach out here is the Atonement. Its like a tool, and everyone has it. Were just here to teach them how to use it. It can fix Anything. When people think that there is just no going back from the stuff they did in this life, teach them about the tool that they have, show them how to use it, and then watch their life get back up and going.

On the Rio Caeté 
A lot of people have a testimony of Jesus Christ, But you ask them what the atonement is, and they have no idea. im so grateful for all the life changing experiences that im having out here. All the new things im learning, and all the people that I am saving. Without the atonement of Jesus Christ there would be no way we could return to our Father in Heaven.
I remember one day, I sat down on a couch in someones house, and wasnt really paying a lot of attention, but then my attention was turned to the TV, and it was some television series, and It was pretty loud and had English subtitles, and I was like hmm, Why is there English subtitles when theyre speaking English. And then I realized, they werent speaking English, they were speaking portuguese. I understood everything they were saying as if they were saying it in English! Ha! Random, But I thought it was a neat experience.
So this week weve just been getting more families ready for baptism.!I know they will all be ready to enter the waters of baptism before this month ends. Nothing really interesting happened, Just more lessons and more people to teach.

So The box never got sent, its ok. well, im going to send some photos really quick before my time ends! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! TCHAU!
Elders Arroyo & Payne