Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, April 25, 2011

Its like a dream land. Really.

Bom Dia mom. Man, Just took a good look at all the pics. Talk about trunky ha, jk jk. Im good. Man, Everyone looks so different. Justin is getting so big! and Man, Jimmy looks so different. Were all just getting so old. Thanks great that our room got changed into a club. ha. Looking forward to that. Looks like everyone is doing just fine back home. Thanks a million for the pics!
So yea TRANSFERS! Im staying! Woot! with Elder Payne! So that means ill be in this area for my birthday! Man, mom. I would do anything for a back scratch right now. I get my comp to scratch my back for me, But its just not the same. My first day back, I just need a full week of just straight massages, anti diarria pills and anything but rice, beans, or fish. ha. nah, But I truly do love it here. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Especially aqui em Bragança. There is really no better place than this.
So on Saturday we went to Belem, and I got to shake hands with Elder Niel L. Anderson. And he talked to our mission. And this is I think the first time that our mission has ever been in one room at the same time. The whole Brasil, Belem Mission. So president bought airplanes for everyone in Santarem and Amapa. It was great getting to see everyone and hearing an apostale talk to us.
We didnt really do anything special for Easter. Just our normal routine. I bought some chocolate. but me and my comp are in contest right now to see who can lose more weight in a transfer, So we bought like only fruits today. And this morning we played basketball at a park, and a bunch of little brasilian kids came and watched us. ha its was great. But im doing very good out here. Everything is fine. Going on a year. Working hard! Hope everything is the same back home! I love you mom! Tchau Tchau!
Elder Arroyo
Yea mom, really. You cant even imagine, what braganca is like. Its like a dream land. Really. Ha, Tell Hunter he cheats at that game! Watch his eyes! Indiana Jones and the raider of the lost ark! No one can get that one! haha let him know I said that.

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