Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with Christopher on Skype!!!

Merry Christmas to all of Elder Arroyo's followers from our family to yours. We were blessed with a chance to skype with Christopher on Christmas day for an hour. He and his companion, Elder Hanson, are doing well. Christopher looks great and still has his sense of humor.
Have a Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sometimes we all just get caught up in the presents and the food and the stuff of the world that we forget about the Birth of Christ!

WOW! Can ya believe that Christmas is like next week?!? I cant! It feels soo weird... But yea, I def have a different view for Christmas now. Sometimes we all just get caught up in the presents and the food and the stuff of the world. That we forget about the Birth of Christ!
So many people dont want to go to church cause they say they wont have time... whaaaat...?? yea.. The second coming is close..
I cant wait to see ya guys! and hear yalls voices! Feels like yesterday I talked with yall. But still..
So today we were walking around here trying to find some flash drives and we found a haircut place open and we walked in there, and it ended up being a member that owned the place. So im pretty sure it was just a chick salon, but elder manson needed to get his haircut. So we went in there and shes like ohh elders I dont have enough time to cut your hair right now, cause there was a little line of girls waiting. And just her doing hair. So I was like, `ya got a buzzer´? And she gave me a buzzer and Elder Manson went in their chair, and I got like halfway through with his hair, and he was starting to look like wolverine lol.. So she ended up cutting the rest of his hair, and everyone got a good laugh.. AND while I was cutting his hair....... lol.. A tarantula (dont remember how to spell it lol big spider english) just walked right in like it was at home. Super hairy!! Everyone freaked including me lol. got some sick pics dont worry. Of everything.
Hope everyone is getting ready up there in the states! Lots of lights, Everyone getting supppper cold!!! ERGG!! This morning to get in the Christmas mood, we went to the church and made the cookies you sent us! Thanks sooo much! They turned out great. Im just not use to eating that kind of stuff anymore.. It makes my stomach hurt. And I can only eat like 3..
We already got our Christmas Dinner marked, And Still dont know if we can use skype or not. We´ll know tomorrow at the Christmas Conference!! And Ill call one of you guys on saturday to let yall know how its going to go down. Get everyone to get there questions written down already. Even write down questions from people in the ward if they wanna know anything.
Im looking as hard as a can for a nativity scene mom. Its super hard. Cause EVERYTHING closes at 11am to 4pm.. And thats like our time to do stuff.. But ill find one. Trust me..
Everything is doing great here. Im listening to the song......Ill be home for Christmas..... Super Trunky.. ....But next Christmas ill be home! You can count on me! :) Love you mom. hope the Christmas spirit is forte!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, December 12, 2011

MY new shoes are awesome!!!!!!!

So yea! Hey mom! It TOOK 40 Minutes for this page to load up! So I am just out of patience right now haha. So lets see The GOOD news or the BAD news first? So the good news is I brought my camera with me to our Zone meeting because me and Elder Manson made Brownies and Creme de Cupuaçu for the zone, Everyone loved it! The bad news is I wont be able to send the photos home because our HOUSE WAS ROBBED... We came home from the meeting and all of our stuff was gone. Everything.... I was more sad cause they stole my flash drive that had a bunch of videos and pictures that I deleted off my camera for more space.. So a lot of memories went down the drain.. They came in through the window and used Elder Mansons backpack to take everything. Basically all of our electronics and money that was in our wallets. Its kind of freaky knowing that they were in our house. But we fixed the window, and locked down all the windows with brooms. And were always on the alert.
I still have my camera cause it was with me. They stole my cord with my charger. I bought a universal charger thats working fine for now. Just dont have a cord. I went a week without shaving.. looked awful.. But now I got a razor, and they dont sell shaving cream here. Just using a razor and water. But its working.
But yea!!!!!! MY new shoes are awesome!!!!!!! THANKS!! dry socks again!! I was walking with the extra pair of shoe lacings in my shoe for 2 days haha. Felt a lot better when I took it out.. I also got your box! We have been makin PB&Js every morning, and were going to make the cookies tomorrow at the Zone meeting. The cheese is sooo good, im going to make Mac and Cheese for lunch today. And the snow....... haha... Yea just didnt work out. We dont have anything to spray the snow with.. Its always good to get packages especially at this time of year.
We are sooooo ready for Christmas! I dont have any more music anymore.... nothing.. So we pretty much just have a Christmas tree with fake snow in a toilet paper roll.. hah. And its not anywhere close to cold here ha. Cant wait to talk to yall on skype! It feels like I talked to yall yesterday for Mothers Day! Hope everything is going good up in the States! Christmas lights! Christmas food! Christmas spirit! Live it up in the cold! Trust me! Tell Jimmy I said happy birthday! and tambem Dad and Justin!
I love you guys And I know the church is true! Keep inviting others to church!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, December 5, 2011

Elder Arrrroyo, Spanish name, where you from Elder?

This is our Chapel!

Wow.. So many miracles! So lets just say the area is growing and getting a whole lot better!! On Saturday at lunch our mission president called and told me that I was asked to go back to Laranjeira to baptize the kids of a family I was teaching! And the parents will be married next month and il go back to baptize them as well. Also here in Outeiro we baptized 2 people! 

So a total of 5 people baptized in one week! Broke my record lol. It was sooo awesome. So here in Outeiro the baptismal font is just outside its pretty legit. Ill send a pic. 

The Font yea, we baptised in
that much 
But anyway I ended up having to baptize on my knees with the girl sitting down. Cause the water only went up to our knees.. Its was a great experience. Thank Goodness she loved it. 
So we have been running to the church and back every morning.. lol. wow.. My first time I almost died... I am way out of shape.. When I got to the church I just couldnt breathe.. But I can def tell that its getting A LOT more easier! And Im getting in shape. The sound of the waves down the cliffs in the mornings with the breeze is just a great way to get your day going.
Yesterday our stake conference! WOO! Was good! I was in the bathroom washing my hands and a seventy walked in to get all fixed up! Man! I didnt even know! he looked at my name tag (like everyone does) and was Elder Arrrroyo, Spanish name, where you from Elder? And I was like Mississippi United States. (all in Portuguese) And just a little chat and I left. Then we went in the chapel. And he went and sat in the front, and I was like OHHH MAN!! I talked to a seventy in the bathroom!!  And after I was talking with Elder Manson and the Seventy came down and shook our hands and I just gave him a huuuuuuge hug. I dont even know why. Also some guy came up to me and gave me a hug. And Im like whoa! who are you?! And he said Elder Amorim I served with your brother in Curitiba! Man, I gave that guy a huge hug after that! Hes in my stake! He told me to let Jimmy know that hes Lider da Obra.
Messing with Our Cupuaçu
before eating 
opening it!
So I know how to make rice and a sick juice of Cupuaçu! Im so ready to make dinner for my family haha. Rice and microwavable stakes, with catsup... Sounds bad, but its really good. So yea, I will receive my box of shoes and your box tomorrow at our Zone Meeting. SOO Excited! Its been a while since ive eaten American Food. Also hope they bring me letters!
Tell the Activity Day Girls That I said Thanks a Lot! That 25 bucks will help me so much for Christmas. I appreciate it so much! Give them all a hug, and a Merry Christmas!
Me just waking up pretending to
mow the lawn haha
I havnt taken pics on the cliffs yet! Ill see If I can take some this week! Its super Beautiful! Man mom.. Everyone is just getting baptized! That one family that I found and taught in Laranjerias didnt even want to get married, and now there kids are baptized and there getting married next month and are super excited to be baptized.
 I cant believe Christmas is coming up! Thats nuts! Im pretty sure we´ll be able to use skype. Ill just have to come out to this area to use the internet. But all will go great.

Thanks a bunch mom for the email! I love you sooo much! Tchau
Elder Arroyo