Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, December 12, 2011

MY new shoes are awesome!!!!!!!

So yea! Hey mom! It TOOK 40 Minutes for this page to load up! So I am just out of patience right now haha. So lets see The GOOD news or the BAD news first? So the good news is I brought my camera with me to our Zone meeting because me and Elder Manson made Brownies and Creme de Cupuaçu for the zone, Everyone loved it! The bad news is I wont be able to send the photos home because our HOUSE WAS ROBBED... We came home from the meeting and all of our stuff was gone. Everything.... I was more sad cause they stole my flash drive that had a bunch of videos and pictures that I deleted off my camera for more space.. So a lot of memories went down the drain.. They came in through the window and used Elder Mansons backpack to take everything. Basically all of our electronics and money that was in our wallets. Its kind of freaky knowing that they were in our house. But we fixed the window, and locked down all the windows with brooms. And were always on the alert.
I still have my camera cause it was with me. They stole my cord with my charger. I bought a universal charger thats working fine for now. Just dont have a cord. I went a week without shaving.. looked awful.. But now I got a razor, and they dont sell shaving cream here. Just using a razor and water. But its working.
But yea!!!!!! MY new shoes are awesome!!!!!!! THANKS!! dry socks again!! I was walking with the extra pair of shoe lacings in my shoe for 2 days haha. Felt a lot better when I took it out.. I also got your box! We have been makin PB&Js every morning, and were going to make the cookies tomorrow at the Zone meeting. The cheese is sooo good, im going to make Mac and Cheese for lunch today. And the snow....... haha... Yea just didnt work out. We dont have anything to spray the snow with.. Its always good to get packages especially at this time of year.
We are sooooo ready for Christmas! I dont have any more music anymore.... nothing.. So we pretty much just have a Christmas tree with fake snow in a toilet paper roll.. hah. And its not anywhere close to cold here ha. Cant wait to talk to yall on skype! It feels like I talked to yall yesterday for Mothers Day! Hope everything is going good up in the States! Christmas lights! Christmas food! Christmas spirit! Live it up in the cold! Trust me! Tell Jimmy I said happy birthday! and tambem Dad and Justin!
I love you guys And I know the church is true! Keep inviting others to church!
Elder Arroyo

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