Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, December 5, 2011

Elder Arrrroyo, Spanish name, where you from Elder?

This is our Chapel!

Wow.. So many miracles! So lets just say the area is growing and getting a whole lot better!! On Saturday at lunch our mission president called and told me that I was asked to go back to Laranjeira to baptize the kids of a family I was teaching! And the parents will be married next month and il go back to baptize them as well. Also here in Outeiro we baptized 2 people! 

So a total of 5 people baptized in one week! Broke my record lol. It was sooo awesome. So here in Outeiro the baptismal font is just outside its pretty legit. Ill send a pic. 

The Font yea, we baptised in
that much 
But anyway I ended up having to baptize on my knees with the girl sitting down. Cause the water only went up to our knees.. Its was a great experience. Thank Goodness she loved it. 
So we have been running to the church and back every morning.. lol. wow.. My first time I almost died... I am way out of shape.. When I got to the church I just couldnt breathe.. But I can def tell that its getting A LOT more easier! And Im getting in shape. The sound of the waves down the cliffs in the mornings with the breeze is just a great way to get your day going.
Yesterday our stake conference! WOO! Was good! I was in the bathroom washing my hands and a seventy walked in to get all fixed up! Man! I didnt even know! he looked at my name tag (like everyone does) and was Elder Arrrroyo, Spanish name, where you from Elder? And I was like Mississippi United States. (all in Portuguese) And just a little chat and I left. Then we went in the chapel. And he went and sat in the front, and I was like OHHH MAN!! I talked to a seventy in the bathroom!!  And after I was talking with Elder Manson and the Seventy came down and shook our hands and I just gave him a huuuuuuge hug. I dont even know why. Also some guy came up to me and gave me a hug. And Im like whoa! who are you?! And he said Elder Amorim I served with your brother in Curitiba! Man, I gave that guy a huge hug after that! Hes in my stake! He told me to let Jimmy know that hes Lider da Obra.
Messing with Our Cupuaçu
before eating 
opening it!
So I know how to make rice and a sick juice of Cupuaçu! Im so ready to make dinner for my family haha. Rice and microwavable stakes, with catsup... Sounds bad, but its really good. So yea, I will receive my box of shoes and your box tomorrow at our Zone Meeting. SOO Excited! Its been a while since ive eaten American Food. Also hope they bring me letters!
Tell the Activity Day Girls That I said Thanks a Lot! That 25 bucks will help me so much for Christmas. I appreciate it so much! Give them all a hug, and a Merry Christmas!
Me just waking up pretending to
mow the lawn haha
I havnt taken pics on the cliffs yet! Ill see If I can take some this week! Its super Beautiful! Man mom.. Everyone is just getting baptized! That one family that I found and taught in Laranjerias didnt even want to get married, and now there kids are baptized and there getting married next month and are super excited to be baptized.
 I cant believe Christmas is coming up! Thats nuts! Im pretty sure we´ll be able to use skype. Ill just have to come out to this area to use the internet. But all will go great.

Thanks a bunch mom for the email! I love you sooo much! Tchau
Elder Arroyo

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