Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm so very thankful that Heavenly Father sent me here and not any other place

wow Mom Thanks a ton for the pics!! I miss Halloween so much! My second halloween in Brasil! And Last! :P.
So I bet its getting pretty cold up there in the states huh? As well here.. :) lol not really, but were going back into rainy season! I love it! Its been raining everyday exactly at 3:30 in the afternoon until like 4:30 or 5! And its THICK! Im so excited though, cause everyones water wells were getting low, and our well was wayyyy low. But now there is too much water everywhere. The roads turned back into mud, and socks are never dry.. ha the usual.
Man, Everyone from home looks so different. Justin is getting chubbs lol. And the churches in the states look soooo much different than how they look here.
So just a little story, The other day.. Was just one of those days where you wake up and everything goes wrong. You just practically wake up angry, argue with your comp for nothing, and just one of those days, where you just dont even want to be happy. And we get into the road to work, and Im walking for like 30 seconds, and a whole bunch of kids run up to us, and try to talk english with me, and my comp pops there thumbs for them. And I just couldnt be angry anymore. Its impossible, even wanting to just be angry God wouldnt let it happen.
I love it so much here! I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. Especially here in Icuí. Everyone is just so nice here and welcoming. The kids in the road everyday, all of them half naked cause its soo hot, I dont blame them. ha, the other day, I was sitting waiting for lunch to be ready, and this kid jumped off the bed and onto my lap just straight butt naked ha. I dont have a problem with it at all.
Im soo very thankful that Heavenly Father sent me here and not any other place. I know that I was sent here definitely to learn and grow. And also obviously to help the people. I want to just share it all with you guys.
The other night I was sleeping and next thing I knew I just hit the ground BOOM! hard! fell right out of my hammock.. lol. I have no idea how that happened but it hurt like mess. I love so much sleeping in my hammock `rede` I say my prayers and then jump right in with my fan blowing on me full blast, and just barely swaying, and fall straight to sleep! Im still wondering how I will set it up in my room.
But yea, the spirit is soo strong here as always. And im still learning sooo much and growing soo much everyday. I know the church is true, and Jesus is our savior.
Love you mom!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, October 24, 2011

President Thomas S. Monson speaks on Missionary Service

Missionary service is a priesthood duty—an obligation the Lord expects of us who have been given so very much.

(click on the picture to hear the talk) 

The Field is White and ready to harvest.

Good morning mom. Man, I dont really know what to write today. Let´s see, everything is closed again. There are so many random holidays here, and when its a holiday any holiday lol everything big closes.. But its ok. Im going to get my haircut after this.

This week is going to be amazing, we have 4 investigators progressing to be baptized this Saturday! Im way excited! This month has gone by sooo fast! Its almost halloween, and it doesnt feel like it at all.

So I looked at that pic that you sent to me of me before the mission and now. And I just remember the fire in my eye just burning to get that name tag on my pocket. I remember exactly how I felt in that moment. I have definitely changed a ton then to now. I remember in General Conference Elder Holland falou about missionaries. And how important it is to serve a mission. Because I mean yea, Youre blessing the lives of soooooo many people. But at the same time, your life is changing so much more. I just remember when he started to tear up, because there are people that cant serve the Lord because of physical problems, but want to serve so bad. And there are others who just choose not too. But its so true how much of a blessing these 2 years are. yea, ive changed a ton physically, just imagine spiritually. The way I looked at the world 2 years ago, and now, are looking like 2 different worlds now.

I know that God has a plan for us. That he knows the meaning of all things. I know that Christ is the central point to God´s plan. Without him, theres no way to return to God´s presence. The Church of God has been restored with The Perfect Gospel Principals that Christ taught. I always love how when we´ll walk into a house ready to teach the Restoration of the Church, and you start talking with them and BOOM, change of Plans, Plan of Salvation, or Word of Wisdom. Only got 2
years to do this. After that there is no more preparing people to be baptized, or using the Authority of Elder.

I know the Church is True. I know that there are people that have hard hearts. But the Field is White and ready to harvest. There is no more planting seeds, its harvesting time :) I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. And that `we` have the Authority to bring man unto God. Love you mom! Tchau
Elder Arroyo

Monday, October 17, 2011

BRASIL! Its my home now

Whhhhhheww! This week! Man, I love my comp, Elder Inácio. Hes way chill. And im District Leader again. We had another marriage AND the wife is getting baptized Saturday! WOO!! The husband is already a member. Man, we are rippin this place up :P. The other day, we started a fast and left our house to find someone to baptize. FIVE minutes after we walked out the door, a girl came up to us, and started to talk to us. And were talking and finally we tell her to take us to her house. We get to her house, and we find out that this girl had run away, and theyd been looking for her. So we get inside the house to talk to her mom, and find out that shes already been to church and missionaries already taught her! Man, That was really awesome. She couldnt be baptized last Saturday but def here in the future.

But yea our water finally came back!! Oh My gosh.. Voce dont know how much you need water until its gone...For 2 weeks... BRASIL! Its my home now. im just so use to everything now. I remember my first dias here I was sooo lost. and now im just thinking how weird it would be seeing you guys here.                                                                                                                     
My clothes are super huge on me. Or my old ones are super huge. I have some new shirts from other missionaries that fit way better on me, that I use now. But my pants are way huge one me. Its lame.. But dont worry about it. Ill be home in no time.

ha, teaching my comp how to send photos home. He doesnt have a camera so im letting him use mine. I think this will prolly be my last transfer here in Laranjeria. If I go, I want to go with Elder Inácio with me. Im going to miss the people here way too much.

But im doing great. Health is fine. Language is crackin. Just doing my
job. I love you guys a lot!
Elder Arroyo

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I still have work to do here

WOW! Eva looks amazing! Definitely a sister missionary!
So guess what!! TRAAAAAANNNSSSFERRRSSS! I totally thought I was going to leave, and guess what.. My comps leaving.. Man.. Just when you start getting really close, they take um. Im staying here for my 4th transfer with Elder Inácio. Never met him before, hes from Fortaleza. Maybe he knows Brit!? But yea, I was thinking last night during my prayer, man.. I want to see more of Pará, why isnt president transferring me. and than it just hit me, some of my investigators going through my head. That.. I still have work to do here. There are people here that need to hear it from me, and I need to work harder to find them.
But yea! Weve been without water now for a week! Our motor broke, that brings water in from the ground, and yea... Its awful being without water. Every morning we go to our neighbors house with buckets she fills them up and we just bring them back and take showers with cups. She is washing our clothes as well. Shes not a member, But she has been such a blessing for me since the day I got here. She makes us dinner all the time.
So yea.. I dont know if you guys know about whats going on down here in Belém right now. But its called Círio.. Maybe its passing by on the news there, but its when all the Catholics go to a road called Nazaré, and follow Maria (mom of Jesus)
Thats so crazy that Jimmy is gone! Heck yea, ill go out there with jimmy! If no other opportunities show up first :P I feel like my mission is just going by way too fast. I mean, I could just have one more area. I come home in the summer. But yea, I got to put my photos on my flash drive again! My new ones. Maybe ill send yall one or 2. I love you guys!! See ya next week!! 
Me with family

Monday, October 3, 2011

How is our relationship with our Father in Heaven?

WOO!! This week was just amazing! Baptisms, confirmations, and GENERAL COOOONFERANCE!! man! It was awesome! I took soooo many notes! And yes Dad, I loved the air conditioned room! It felt good, hard to leave though :(. I wore my suit coat ha, like the 5th time to wear it here. I loved hearing each one of the talks. I cant believe I didnt pay attention to conference before.. Now its just like man, A REAL prophet and his apostles talking to us! Cant get any better. I just love it when they ALL talk about repentance, Its so powerful. We really need to help people understand what the `mormon` church really is. That there is an actual prophet in the world called from God.
And the baptisms, everything went perfect. It couldnt have gone better! The spirit was super strong, and of course the water was freezing :P. Our zone baptized 25 this last month! And 25 is a low number for Para!
Ah man! Almost forgot! In between conference yesterday, I was walking to lunch with one of the Zone Leaders to eat in his area, and were walking down the road just chatting having a good time, and out of no where I hear this huge barking noise, and before I know it This punk dog bites my calf. Ahh.. It hurt soo bad. But blood didnt come out, so all is good. Just hurt a ton! But yea! First time to get bitten by a dog in the mission!! Well.. In the leg haha. WOO! WOO! 
Sis Burton sent me pics of everyone back home. Man, Yall look sooo different! Tell jimmy to go back to the rice and beans lol :P. Thats weird to think that Britney is already coming home. And that Christmas is coming up! Get ready for the call! And also transfers is next week! Well just have to see what happens! I hope I stay one more! It would by my 4th here. I want to go back into the jungle! I love it here in the Amazon!I really dont want to leave, but I need a breeze!
I hope that all of you learned some stuff from conference. I know that this was definitely an inspired conference. I learned so much of how I can live better, and help the people here learn how they can as well. We were definitely expecting the prophet to announce the temple Belem. But... Next time for sure!! 
I know that Christ is our savior, and that He redeemed the world. He did everything that His Father told Him to do, He was obedient to His Father as we should be unto ours. His Father is the same as ours. I loved how one of them said, `how is our relationship with our Father in Heaven` Lets remember to pray every day, to at least remind Him that we love Him, and were grateful for His son Jesus Christ. Turn towards Him, and repent, and feel the happiness of this world. It really is a great place :). I love you guys! And your prayers are working! But yea! Gotta go load up in the fruit market before it closes!!