Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'd rather this happen than see an angel

Woot! thanks for the email mom! hah. So thisss week! Me and Elder Payne have been working like crazy. We slept in Castanhal for 2 days. and had some training from president. It was some pretty good training. So the main thing was, is that if were not baptizing every week, were doing something wrong.. So me and my comp came back to Braganca and hit the ground running, looking for people to baptize this week.

But Saturday came and it just didnt happen. And we did everything fasted prayed and just worked! and nothing. So were just like man... whats up with this. and then, Sunday comes, and were sitting in priesthood, and there is this guy sitting in the front with a tie shirt and everything, but ive never seen him before, and I was like, hes prolly just a member. But he came to our Gospel Principles class, and we asked his what his name was. But he cant speak, or hear. So he mouthed everything out. And then immediately starting doing hand movements of baptism. And we showed him a picture of Jesus being baptized. and his face lit up, and he showed us that he wanted to be baptized. And we asked him when and he said ´now´ and my heart just dropped. He already knew everything. he had pamphlets from other missionaries. And was super excited to be baptized right there and then. I wish you could have just seen the look on this mans face. But I mean, id rather this happen than see an angel. This was definitely a miracle in our eyes. So yea, I just thought Yall would like that story. miracle of the week.
I love teaching the people here. Just clap your hands in front of the door, and there almost excited to see us. Ahh come in come in. And then we just go in there and do what were here for. My favorite part in the lessons is when the spirit is at its highest and you invite everyone for baptism! And at the ends of our lessons when were marking the part of the Book of Mormon for them to read. We give the Book to the little 9 year olds in the family. Cause in most cases the parents dont know how to read. Because of the lack of education here back in the day.
 Hmm, So its been raining a lot still. so my clothes are never drying. I got 2 size large shirts from my old comp, and I use those now.  cause my other ones were getting super big on me. But the Work here is doing good. And I love it here in Braganca. after this me and my comp are going to the river to chill and take pics. the river is high right now, so theres a bunch of boats docked up, sellin there loads.
 Anyways, Thats great that your sharing my emails. I hope everyone that reads them is enjoying. And thats cool that you keep that stuff out, I was actually thinking about that the other day. Ahhhhh thank goodness the dew can is still there. Tell them to take care of it haha. Ah, Hunter I miss that guy. thats sweet that hes been hangin out with jims. Not the big screen?? it blew up?? ahh man... aww well haha. So yea, ill be trying to take more pics annnnd ill send some in my next email, next week of me at the river. Sounds like everything is doing great back home. Goin on 10 months here in the mish. almost a year. That sounds suuuper crazy haha. I remember saying like I was 2 weeks. ha. is going suuuper fast. But I love you mom! Thanks for everything! Give a hug to everyone back home! ha give one to hunter! But gotta go! Tchau thcau!
 Elder Arroyo

Monday, March 21, 2011

Im so glad im serving the Brasil, Belem Mission!!

Well, Good morning mom. Guess you forgot to write again. tudo bem, eu vo escriver voce! hmm, uma novo tranferencia e eu tenho uma compeniero novo. Nome dele é Elder Payne. E tamben ele a nosso lider de distrito. nossa.. Ele é meu melhor companiero aqui em a missao. Alright, Ill switch back to english, but next time you dont write! its going to all be in Portuguese! ha. Hes got 1 year and 4 months in the mission, so hes speaking pretty good, and definitely helping me a lot. My first American! hah. We have so many goals out here. One pday we are going to go to the beach like 30 minutes away, on the ocean, Just to take pictures of the sunrise. ive already seen pics from there, and theyre sweet. Weve got a bunch a families lined up for baptism already. Ahh man, we teach so good together. We switch off a lot, to keep the attention of the investigators. I really hope I stay with him for a while.
 Hmm, this week was pretty weak cause I was showing my comp around and stuff, but lets see, the other day, we ate lunch in the house of bishop. And there was a huge fish on the table, so we eat all of it. All of it... haha, I got one eyeball and half the brain on my plate, the other half was on my comps plate. the brain wasnt so bad, but the eyeball.. nasssty, it was like eating a rock. Yea, ill never do that again.. haha.

But today, we are going to check out the river, and all the cool little shops here. its going to be sweet. And tonight we are going to Castanhal again... Man, How are we supposed to work when we have to keep spending days in another area.. aw well. But were staying 2 days up there.. And I dont even have enough clean clothes.. so im kind of stressed out. ha, but ill get over it. When I get about one year on the mission. Im going to see if i can trade some clothes with someone, or get some smaller clothes from another missionary. im now down to a size large. And i dont even know about my waist. but my pants are huuuuge haha. But its whatever, its not that big of a deal.
Its my third transfer here in braganca, and I dont want to leave. I want to stay here till at least I get a year in the mission. Its soo sweet here. I had no idea that it was on the north east coast.. Thats why all the people here are fisherman, and we eat fish every day.. But yea, MY health is amazing. Im keeping up my exercises. And still losing kilos. I know sooo much about the gospel, but I know im not even close to knowing everything.. hah. But im trying. im reading the book of Mormon in Portuguese, and im in the second chapter of Helamen. Its great, Its almost like a different view. I love that book :D. Well, I sure hope you sent my box! so it will get here maybe around when Elder Neil L. Anderson does. Hes coming to speak to us in the end of Abril. WOOT! You know what that means! Hes gunna check out the area for a Temple!! That is what weve been working for. Stakes are blowing up everywhere out here. I think we are faulting 4 or 5 more. I know it will happen, while im out here. The liahona of brasil talks about our mission in every issue. Im so glad im serving the Brasil, Belem Mission!!
 Love all you guys, Hope your all doing fine. Keep living the gospel, and inviting others. Have a great week.
 Elder Arroyo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Everything here is going great!

 I love you emails. So today is!!!!! TRANSFERS!! dun dun dunnnn! My comp is transferring to Belem today, and im staying. Im going to drop off my comp in Castanhal and pick up my new one tomorrow. His name is Elder Payne (American!!) Looking forward! So yea, im happy I stayed. I love it out here. going on my 3rd transfer in Braganca.
This past week, my fever got worse and well, I was bed sick for a day. It was awful. I ended up just putting up my hammock on the porch and laid out there. But im better now. Just have a little cough here and there. so hmmm.. ugh... the fish and rice here are getting reaallyy old.. But im still praying haha. And when your hungry, ya gotta eat. A lot of funny stuff happened this week, but I dont have much time, but its all in my journal, so ill tell yea in a year :D
But yea, the work is going good. The ward is getting stronger! Im trying my hardest to bring back inactives. Cant wait to get the new photo of the family! cough cough! :D Im tired of looked at the old one, when I was super fat. I played piano for sacrament yesterday, and will prolly continue playing for the rest of my time here. Carnival is slowly going down. Not as much iniquity in the streets now. Ugh... it was awful. But yea, Everything here is going great!
So yall went to the Dallas temple? send a pic of that please the people here love seeing wedding pics of family at the temple. Dads work is doing good?? WOOT! and thats great that your getting more hours! Ahh Destinee is going to EFY BYU siiick. congrats. Justin can do an ollie! aww, im going to cry :D everyone is just growing up haha. Ahhh I remember the days of car borrowing! Dont let him trick you with his charm! haha jk. Buuut, my camera I think is showing photos now on the computer. A lady in a photo place fixed it for me. but my comp is using it right now, cause hes getting all the photos of the transfers for him. Ill see if i can send one or 2 photos. Would you rather me send photos in email, or just wait till i get home? Im sending out letters today. Cause the postal place was closed last week due to Carnival.
But I love you mom, and I love you family. And anyone else reading this. :D Keep up the good work and the emails. I have another 20 minutes if your on. Tchau tchau

Monday, March 7, 2011

I know im doing what the Lord wants me to do.

So this week is Carnival. So its pretty crazy here and we have to change around our schedule cause everything is shutting down. The nights are super crazy. Everyone is drinking and the parks are full of parties and the whole city is just apostisia haha.
So right now I have a cold, My temperature last night was 104. But I think im getting better. I hate colds. Lets see, hmm, my miracle for this week. Well, The other night me and my comp were walking down a street to our next appointment, and this guy passed us on his bike and was staring us down, and then he turned around and biked toward us. And he got closer and said, Hey, Yall look like you know stuff about the gospel. There are so many baptisms in the World today. But which one is the right one? Ahhh, When he said this me and my comp just looked at each other and almost died!! I think any missionary would die to hear this question. and so we talked with him and marked an appointment. And hes MARRIED with his wife, and has 3 KIDS. Miracle? I think so. I know that through fasting and praying with lots of patience, that the Lord will prepare families for me to baptize. this past saturday we baptized a man, that completed a family, now theyre just preparing to get sealed in the temple. I love this work! I know im doing what the Lord wants me to do. Im learning so many new things, and skills that will help me after the mission. I cant stop thinking how much my mind has changed out here, Just being humbled and relying on the Lord.
Mom I never never paid any attention to the fruit section in walmart. But they better have half of the fruits im eating out here, or im going to go crazy when I get back. Do they at least have ´cupuacu or maracuja? If they do please let me know! Or im going to have to bring home some seeds and plant them in the backyard. Im starting to write down all the fruits I eat. The other day I ate Muruti. Its like a yellow goo. its really good with sugar. But the people here eat it without sugar. Another thing that the people eat here, and it feels like they eat it a lot, is heart of a bull. And I almost lose it every time i eat it. I say little prayers in my head to help it go down. But I EAT IT! haha. Im starting to miss american food. The fish here is getting really old…
Did you send my package yet? If yea: What did ya put in it? this is the last week of transfers, so im pretty sure one of us will go. or at least some one in the house will go. So whats new at home? Hows jimmy doin? Hows dads work? Hows your work? Hows justin?? destinee excited for summer? Anything commin up? I love all you guys! And would love to have a recent picture! All I have is that one of us in San Antonio and I was super fat. Anyways, eu te amo, e tem uma grande semana. Tchau tchau.
Elder Arroyo