Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'd rather this happen than see an angel

Woot! thanks for the email mom! hah. So thisss week! Me and Elder Payne have been working like crazy. We slept in Castanhal for 2 days. and had some training from president. It was some pretty good training. So the main thing was, is that if were not baptizing every week, were doing something wrong.. So me and my comp came back to Braganca and hit the ground running, looking for people to baptize this week.

But Saturday came and it just didnt happen. And we did everything fasted prayed and just worked! and nothing. So were just like man... whats up with this. and then, Sunday comes, and were sitting in priesthood, and there is this guy sitting in the front with a tie shirt and everything, but ive never seen him before, and I was like, hes prolly just a member. But he came to our Gospel Principles class, and we asked his what his name was. But he cant speak, or hear. So he mouthed everything out. And then immediately starting doing hand movements of baptism. And we showed him a picture of Jesus being baptized. and his face lit up, and he showed us that he wanted to be baptized. And we asked him when and he said ´now´ and my heart just dropped. He already knew everything. he had pamphlets from other missionaries. And was super excited to be baptized right there and then. I wish you could have just seen the look on this mans face. But I mean, id rather this happen than see an angel. This was definitely a miracle in our eyes. So yea, I just thought Yall would like that story. miracle of the week.
I love teaching the people here. Just clap your hands in front of the door, and there almost excited to see us. Ahh come in come in. And then we just go in there and do what were here for. My favorite part in the lessons is when the spirit is at its highest and you invite everyone for baptism! And at the ends of our lessons when were marking the part of the Book of Mormon for them to read. We give the Book to the little 9 year olds in the family. Cause in most cases the parents dont know how to read. Because of the lack of education here back in the day.
 Hmm, So its been raining a lot still. so my clothes are never drying. I got 2 size large shirts from my old comp, and I use those now.  cause my other ones were getting super big on me. But the Work here is doing good. And I love it here in Braganca. after this me and my comp are going to the river to chill and take pics. the river is high right now, so theres a bunch of boats docked up, sellin there loads.
 Anyways, Thats great that your sharing my emails. I hope everyone that reads them is enjoying. And thats cool that you keep that stuff out, I was actually thinking about that the other day. Ahhhhh thank goodness the dew can is still there. Tell them to take care of it haha. Ah, Hunter I miss that guy. thats sweet that hes been hangin out with jims. Not the big screen?? it blew up?? ahh man... aww well haha. So yea, ill be trying to take more pics annnnd ill send some in my next email, next week of me at the river. Sounds like everything is doing great back home. Goin on 10 months here in the mish. almost a year. That sounds suuuper crazy haha. I remember saying like I was 2 weeks. ha. is going suuuper fast. But I love you mom! Thanks for everything! Give a hug to everyone back home! ha give one to hunter! But gotta go! Tchau thcau!
 Elder Arroyo

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