Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, March 7, 2011

I know im doing what the Lord wants me to do.

So this week is Carnival. So its pretty crazy here and we have to change around our schedule cause everything is shutting down. The nights are super crazy. Everyone is drinking and the parks are full of parties and the whole city is just apostisia haha.
So right now I have a cold, My temperature last night was 104. But I think im getting better. I hate colds. Lets see, hmm, my miracle for this week. Well, The other night me and my comp were walking down a street to our next appointment, and this guy passed us on his bike and was staring us down, and then he turned around and biked toward us. And he got closer and said, Hey, Yall look like you know stuff about the gospel. There are so many baptisms in the World today. But which one is the right one? Ahhh, When he said this me and my comp just looked at each other and almost died!! I think any missionary would die to hear this question. and so we talked with him and marked an appointment. And hes MARRIED with his wife, and has 3 KIDS. Miracle? I think so. I know that through fasting and praying with lots of patience, that the Lord will prepare families for me to baptize. this past saturday we baptized a man, that completed a family, now theyre just preparing to get sealed in the temple. I love this work! I know im doing what the Lord wants me to do. Im learning so many new things, and skills that will help me after the mission. I cant stop thinking how much my mind has changed out here, Just being humbled and relying on the Lord.
Mom I never never paid any attention to the fruit section in walmart. But they better have half of the fruits im eating out here, or im going to go crazy when I get back. Do they at least have ´cupuacu or maracuja? If they do please let me know! Or im going to have to bring home some seeds and plant them in the backyard. Im starting to write down all the fruits I eat. The other day I ate Muruti. Its like a yellow goo. its really good with sugar. But the people here eat it without sugar. Another thing that the people eat here, and it feels like they eat it a lot, is heart of a bull. And I almost lose it every time i eat it. I say little prayers in my head to help it go down. But I EAT IT! haha. Im starting to miss american food. The fish here is getting really old…
Did you send my package yet? If yea: What did ya put in it? this is the last week of transfers, so im pretty sure one of us will go. or at least some one in the house will go. So whats new at home? Hows jimmy doin? Hows dads work? Hows your work? Hows justin?? destinee excited for summer? Anything commin up? I love all you guys! And would love to have a recent picture! All I have is that one of us in San Antonio and I was super fat. Anyways, eu te amo, e tem uma grande semana. Tchau tchau.
Elder Arroyo

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