Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, February 28, 2011

listen to our message

Hey mom! So I left my planner at the house... and it has all the stuff that I wanted to put in my email.. Hmmm, So this week, lets see if I can remember all that happened. Well, I remember in one of my lessons. We were teaching a man called Carlos. And we showed up at his house, and theres music blasting and a bunch of guys drinking, watching soccer. So we get Carlos and bring him to the front porch and start to teach him. And It was hard for us to hear him or for him to hear us. And like halfway through my comp gave me a scripture to read. I think it was moroni 10:5 or 6. And when he gave it to me I felt prompted to read this scripture as loud as I could. So I did. And when I finished reading. The music turned off in the house and everyone in the house is just staring at me saying stuff like, ahh, very true, very true. And we got 3 other men to come out of the house from drinking to listen to our message. And they all have baptismal dates! They just need to quit drinking.. But I know they will.
This mission has a new rule. and has been a rule for a while now. Were not allowed to baptize anyone under the age of 18 unless we baptize them with their parents. or their father. So its a challenge now. But very rewarding when we do baptize a family. So thats our main fasting and prayers, are to find elite families that are ready for baptism. Were preparing a handful of families for baptism. Those should be sweet photos :D

Hmm, I remember I was at a members house eating lunch and I was sitting at a table with the wall of the house to my back, and my comp was like Elder theres a spider behind you, and I have the biggest fear in the world how everyone knows. So I was just like, dude, I dont want to even look at it, just thinking that it was a normal spider the size of my finger nail or something, so just kill it in one hit please. And hes just sitting there laughing and freakin out, So I turn around and mom.. This spider was as big as my head. I almost tipped over the table trying to get out of there. And everyone was just laughing haha. I could have died! I hate those things.

And at a different house for lunch. I got to hold 3 parrots at one time, The colors of them were amazing. But of course I didnt have my camera on me. They were all talking to each other, It was a pretty sweet experience.

Hmm, Last week we went to Belem. It was great, President and Sister Campos are so cool. And I got to see all my friends. Elder Looper has been my best friend from the beginning. And Elder Skabelund is another American that im pretty tight with. And the rest of my friends are brasilians. its great getting to talk to your old comps too. Seeing how your old area is. and that sort of stuff! Ahh, But the highlight! I wasnt expecting a package! My comp is like cara! You got a huge package! Ahhh, Sister Burton! ha! I was starting to think I would never see peanut butter again! And she threw in a life supply of ranch!! Definitly doesnt exist here! My comp loves it! haha. But hes using wayyy too much on this stuff haha. Anyways, she also gave me a bunch of little toys to give to the kids here. I keep one toy in my bag to give to kids when they go crazy during one of my lessons. Its GREAT.
 Destinee is in show choir?? I didnt know that! And she got second place? Siiick! Steve is getting married? whhhhaaaaaaaaattttttt?? Did he renew his eharmony account? haha jk. Congrats. Oh, and the only other thing that I can think of is I dont remember how to say it but, a razor machine for shaving!! If you can, You dont have to if ya dont want to. But a nice one, not a cheap one that will mess up my beautiful face :D. Im not taking as many pics as I was at the beginning of the mission. Sorry. Ill try harder. And the next time ill be able to send pics is when I get that card reader ha. So lets see how much more skinnier I can get by then!

Keep up the prayers and the letters and the packages! :D hehe, I love you guys. Love you mom! fala por jimmy que ele é uma fubecka por nao escrevindo! E agora eu sei como sentindo quando sol tem uma email por P-Day! Te amo cara! Ate proximo segunda feira! Tchau!

Elder Arroyo

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