Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I know this Church is True without a doubt.

Hey mom! Alrighty ill def read those scripts. on the bus! Cause were taking a bus ride to Castanhal today (3 hours) sleeping with the ZLs and then going to Belem in the morning for zone conference (and other 3 hours) oh, the life of this area..  soo, this week. hmmm. My shoes are looking pretty cool. Theyre getting super worn out. But theyre not destroyed. Theyre super strong. but there is one problem.. There are ants here that eat the bottom of my shoes.. so at night they just feast on the bottoms of my shoes and now that I know that this is happening i spray them with bug spray every night... strange I know. I dont know if you remember last week when I said it was raining. well... The raining never stopped. It has been raining for 4 days straight. and everything flooded here. We had to cancel some of our appointments cause the river got too high, and well, it wasnt safe to adventure out to the river dwellers. But today is super sunny. and humid. When theres no sun theres no washing clothes.. so I dont know if its been cold these past couple days or just not as hot. But at night I had to use my sheet to cover me. Normally Take a shower and dont even dry off all the way. Just put on my clothes and lay down in bed for the fan to cool me. And the showers have been abnormally cold these past couple of days for the lack of the sun.. So just think waking up in the morning, your cold. now go take a freezing cold shower. Definitely turning into a more stronger person. So there are still indians living! no doubt. They still practice the same culture. and same things.. me and my comp were walking past a part of the area with just huts. and there were like 5 indians sitting in a circle. With red faces. smoking..  There just very peaceful. It feels like they have no idea whats going on in the world. was super strange to see this in real life. But im pretty much famous out here. I get stopped on the street people just asking where im from, or what I do. Perfect oportunidades  to make contacts. So yea, i still look american. And im hitting my 8 month mark tomorrow! So if you send me a package, or if you are working on sending one. I would looove some ole spice. and photos of my fireman profile pic. annnnd a Football! Real one. Real size! But that is just a wish. I would love ole spice and my photo of fireman. Im so glad im out here serving the Lord. And im so lucky to be in Para. I know this Church is True without a doubt. I love you guys, and miss you a lot! Going to attempt to send photos! It betta work!! Tchau!
But I love you mom. Im having the time of my life! Have a great week! Hugs for all! 
Tchau, Elder Arroyo

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