Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, January 30, 2012

Other than all of this. Everything is OK

Wow! Sorry about last week! But we had a Zone Activity here in Outeiro. IT was Awesome! Members from Santarem, Pará were coming back from the temple of Recife, And the easiest way for them is of boat. So they docked here in my area, and our zone cleaned the church building for them, and after we played some soccer and had some `bbq`. And it lasted till the end of our p-day. We went to check up on the members that were staying in the church building, and it was an awesome sight! Like 60 hammocks attached to anything you can think of hah. Oh, I wanted to join them..
But yea, If your wondering why I didnt take a picture of them, its because I dont have a camera anymore.. yea.. We came home after a zone meeting, to a broken window and a house of nothing.. I know...Again...
This past week was soooooo exhausting.. We had to find a different house the next day.. But now we are living in a apartment on a second story. Totally safe. I hope. They took my money as well.. So im living on literally nothing.. But! They left moms nativity set! haha :P. I should have hid my camera in there.
  And to add on to all this. on Friday after we moved into a new house ready to get back to work, we were walking to lunch and I fell into a hole and landed on my arm.......... I went to the hospital, and oh my heck, if you are not about to die, you will never get looked at.. The Hospital system here is awful... But yea, I went there and they took an X-Ray, And nothing serious. They just wrapped up my elbow, and gave me a sling. Its feeling a lot better now.
  And it was my right arm... So I couldnt baptize this week. We baptized a man named Eduardo, Who I promise you will be the Bishop of this place when it turns into a ward. His wife is already a member and they will get sealed in the temple! But yea.. I will never be able to take any more fotos. Im just going to have to bum off of my comps till the end..
  But other than all of this. Everything is OK. Im learning everyday soo much. And the sacrifices that are occurring are just helping me grow every day. I know that God is blessing me and you guys too. I hopé that you guys are doing good! Love you mom!
Elder Arroyo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I do not want to leave here anytime soon

Here is an older picture using the cuia/guampa

So yea, the weeks are flying by so fast. We are working so very hard here in Outeiro, that baptisms are coming about everywhere. I think we are going to start baptizing in the river, cause the font is just not working with us. So, next week we have 2 baptisms that are firm and ready to go. And the next week we will baptize a family, definitely going to be in the river. But man, This past week I have definitely seen how much the spirit is needed in the conversion of people..
Yesterday we were teaching a man, which will be baptized next Saturday, and he just accepted everything that we were saying. He went to church yesterday, and everyone thought that he was a member already.. GOLDEN! Baptizing him will complete a family, because his wife is already a member just inactive! But coming back! So we have been visiting people that were baptized a year or so ago that fell away from the church, and bringing them back, and finishing off there families baptizing everyone in the house. I do not want to leave here anytime soon, because its starting to boom here. We had 18 or 20 men that were in church yesterday!! I´m thinking that this branch is going to turn into a ward!!
Also you guys know how our number one goal here in the mission is to grow the church so that they can receive a temple. Well, We are faulting 3 stakes, and Presidente Campos sent in the papers for Santarem to turn into a stake. So just 2!!! When Presidente Campos came into this mission Belém. He was inspired that his work is to work for a temple, When he got here there were just 2 or 3 stakes. And everyone thought he was crazy, that 7 stakes can be created in 3 years... Well, now were faulting 2 and our goal is to have the Temple announced in General conference of April!! I ask you guys to pray every day for the church to continue growing here, and that we can receive a temple.
So yea, the rain is great ha.. This will be my last rainy season that ill have to walk through!! No more stepping in huge mud holes or watching your comp slip and fall.. or having to do running leaps over huge puddles ha.. Im gonna miss it.  I love to drink Tereré. MY comp has an herb from Argentina that he lets me use, and wow... I drink it everyday during studies. Ill show you guys how it works when I get home. But dont worry, its totally legal.
Im doing fine here, dont worry about me. Just waiting for that emergency package to get here. Love you mom!! Have a great week!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, January 9, 2012

Its awesome getting some authority back


Whew!! What a weeeek!  I got called back to be District Leader, and im leading 2 duplas. And one of them is a dupla of Sisters. Its awesome getting some authority back :P. Me and Elder Rodriguez are working hard. Its kind of hard to understand him sometimes ha. But its all working out fine. Hes a great cook as well.  I never knew that you could make top ramen into so many fine foods. for realz.

This is the view of the beach from the church.

We should have 3 baptisms this saturday if everything goes right. And next Saturday we are preparing a man to be baptised. that will complete his family. So were going to plan that one to baptise him in the river!! WOO WOO! So yea, Yesterday after church I went and sat next to this one lady, and noticed that the kid next to her has not been baptised. SO im talking with the lady, and finaly she says. Èlder, David (the  kid) wants to know what he has to do to be baptised.` Man, I love it when these things happen.

Its raining sooo much here! And Im thinking about just not even buying an umbrella. were just pushing through it. Totally normal.

And so I was starting to break out a lot on my face, And didnt know why. But it was because I was using the same razor for too long... Dang that guy that robbed my electric razor.. But I switched and now its getting better. Buuuut, I would love to know if yall can send me an emergency package.  *I edited out his shopping list* Mom if you send this to me this week. Ill send out the Nativity Set that I bought for Christmas today!! Its sooooo awesome!! Its hand made clay, and just SWEET!  Just saying :).

Thats great that yall all reading the book of Mormon! Just remember to ponder as well! Dont just skim  through it.

love you mom!!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, January 2, 2012

And nobody can take that from me

So yea!! wow. . .This transfer went  by soooo fast... And yes, today is transfers.. Annnnnd!!.. Elder Manson will leave, And I will stay with Elder Rodriguez or something like that. And guess what he is not Brasilian. He is from Argentina!!  And speaks Spanish. I sure hope he knows how to speak Portuguese, cause if not there is going to be no way to talk with him lol. But yea , im going to have to use this opportunity to learn Spanish! Im so excited.

New Year’s.. man.. So we went to sleep at about 10:30, and we woke up to World War 3..! Everyone was shooting fireworks. But its not like beautiful fireworks its more like bombs. Theyre just super loud. And they were just shooting them in our yard. Totally was afraid that fireworks were going to come in through the window. But yea. it was awful in the streets.. Just everyone in swimsuits and drinking and going to the beach.

But we did have 2 men come to church, and they will be baptized in the weeks ahead!! Cant wait. Outeiro is going to grow soo much!

So I really dont know what to type this week. The space bar is just like jammed so its really hard to type. all I can say is that this transfer just flew by sooo fast. Ive been working out everyday. Well starting to work back out now, since im getting over this huge cold that ive had since Christmas. I just hope my new comp likes to run.

But yea, Yesterday I was called to give an emergency talk in Sacrament.. and wow, Talks are sooo easy to give now.. Now that I know the Book Of Mormon, and gospel. Speaking of that! I finished the Book Of Mormon AGAIN! For the 4th time here in the mission. Third time in Portuguese.  It was great :)

I know the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. And that he received the Divine Authority of the Priesthood.I have no doubt about it cause God told me. And nobody can take that from me. As much as people try to its impossible. I know that the Book Of Mormon changes people like, not only giving knowledge of our ancient ancestors. But also a hard testimony that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. And that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is the only true church here on the earth.

I love you mom. And thanks soo much for raising me with the commandments of the church!!
Elder Arroyo