Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I do not want to leave here anytime soon

Here is an older picture using the cuia/guampa

So yea, the weeks are flying by so fast. We are working so very hard here in Outeiro, that baptisms are coming about everywhere. I think we are going to start baptizing in the river, cause the font is just not working with us. So, next week we have 2 baptisms that are firm and ready to go. And the next week we will baptize a family, definitely going to be in the river. But man, This past week I have definitely seen how much the spirit is needed in the conversion of people..
Yesterday we were teaching a man, which will be baptized next Saturday, and he just accepted everything that we were saying. He went to church yesterday, and everyone thought that he was a member already.. GOLDEN! Baptizing him will complete a family, because his wife is already a member just inactive! But coming back! So we have been visiting people that were baptized a year or so ago that fell away from the church, and bringing them back, and finishing off there families baptizing everyone in the house. I do not want to leave here anytime soon, because its starting to boom here. We had 18 or 20 men that were in church yesterday!! I´m thinking that this branch is going to turn into a ward!!
Also you guys know how our number one goal here in the mission is to grow the church so that they can receive a temple. Well, We are faulting 3 stakes, and Presidente Campos sent in the papers for Santarem to turn into a stake. So just 2!!! When Presidente Campos came into this mission Belém. He was inspired that his work is to work for a temple, When he got here there were just 2 or 3 stakes. And everyone thought he was crazy, that 7 stakes can be created in 3 years... Well, now were faulting 2 and our goal is to have the Temple announced in General conference of April!! I ask you guys to pray every day for the church to continue growing here, and that we can receive a temple.
So yea, the rain is great ha.. This will be my last rainy season that ill have to walk through!! No more stepping in huge mud holes or watching your comp slip and fall.. or having to do running leaps over huge puddles ha.. Im gonna miss it.  I love to drink Tereré. MY comp has an herb from Argentina that he lets me use, and wow... I drink it everyday during studies. Ill show you guys how it works when I get home. But dont worry, its totally legal.
Im doing fine here, dont worry about me. Just waiting for that emergency package to get here. Love you mom!! Have a great week!
Elder Arroyo


  1. Hello,My Super Elder!!
    Remember:"Time flies when you're having fun". I would have used another word instead of "FUN" but,couldn't come up with one on my own....I love it that you are a super eager Elder.I believe that given time you could build that area up enough to have a temple there...Let's just pray the area will get another dedicated Elder like you when you leave.I'm a little possessive and want you back here..Mississippi isn't so far away....I can never put into words how proud I am of you,Chris!!! You should still be that little boy I kept all day and had to carry you when I went to the air port to pick up a church member...You had blisters on your heels and couldn't wear shoes!!!You were a very very heavy little boy...but so sweet!!
    I love you my Darling Elder Arroyo!!!

  2. I meant to add that the trip to the airport might have prepared you for all this walking you're able to do today!!!!!!!