Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Message from the Mission President

Dear Family,

   We reached the end of another year of hard work and challenges but also many miracles.   We know that you have received weekly reports about our mission and what is going on here through emails and letters sent by your missionary, and at the end of the year we feel we should thank you for all the prayers and fasting and on behalf of your child and our mission. Thank you for the commitment and all the diligence in teaching them correct principles throughout their lives, which has made a big difference,  a big difference in their work as a missionary. Thank you for the great sacrifice you are making by sending your son to serve the Lord for this time, even though they are not there for you to enjoy their presence in the important moments and everyday with your family. Thank you for every word of encouragement and motivation to help them develop more and more in their faith.   It is because of all you have done to help your child be a great missionary that we are living in a wonderful time in our mission, because this year many families have had the privilege to know the Savior Jesus Christ and join his church, wards were split and four new stakes were established here.   We also know that the fact of having a child be a representative of the perfect and living Savior Jesus Christ, is a great joy and many blessings will come to your child and your family, because everything we're doing is because of him and his "work and glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."
  It is in this spirit that we give our testimony that Jesus Christ lives, He is the son of God and our Savior who redeemed us, and this has been our joy to "invite people to come to Christ, by helping them to receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.

                                  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
                                        President and Sister Campos.
                                            Brazil Belem Mission

Monday, December 27, 2010

Im transferring to Castanhal tomorrow!

Hey mom! Good Morning! So its transfer time and you jinxed me! Im transferring to Castanhal tomorrow! Thanks haha. Its the third farthest away zone, I wont know what area of Castanhal ill be in yet, or who my comp will be, but ill know tomorrow when im in the taxi on my way there. So yea, im pretty excited to go somewhere new, but sad at the same time. Cause I love Marituba. The Bishop told me to give a talk yesterday because I was leaving, And I gave a talk on Missionary Work. And how everyone can help out, and everyone is super sad that im leaving. We had a ward party last night for me and stuffed my face with pizza. This was a great area to be born in, and I cant wait to see what Cashanhal is like. Ive heard its huge city. I have to pack all my stuff tonight, ive already packed most of it, but my clothes are still wet, and they smell bad cause they havnt dried in days, it just rains soo much now.

Im kind of glad I didnt get all my packages at once, it just leaves me something else to look forward too, and Sister Burtons package is going to last me a while. Im already half way into the jar of peanut butter and the twizzlers are almost gone! The music she put on the MP3 player is soooo legit! You def need to give her a huge hug for me!!

Ahh, so my thumb just started to bleed again, At the mission conference I was cutting an orange *Obviously my first time to cut with a realllllly sharp blade* and the blade just went right through my the top of my thumb. I hope it just goes away, But ive been keeping it clean dont worry.

At the mission conference we played Futeball and futeball americano, And then we got to watch Ratatouille *its the Disney movie about the rat that cooks* Ahhh!! Ive never been sooo excited to watch a movie in my life, halfway during to movie It almost felt like I was back in the states and then everyone is like hey look some monkeys! haha, So there were like 12 monkeys in the trees around us. Those things are sooooo sweet!

For Christmas Eve we ate all day, and for Christmas we ate all day as well, And were still eating everyones leftovers, So I actually think I may have gained weight this week, But I doubt it cause we had to walk miles to everyones houses to eat there food haha.

But yea, I loved talking to you guys, It felt like just last week I was home. But sooo much has changed for me. I hope yalls movie was good, and that yall had a sweet Christmas and going to have a even better New Years. And tell Justin that I miss him a lot and that im jealous of his DSI and will prolly steal it when I come home haha. And tell Destinee that its sooo not fair that she got an Itouch ha. And sorry, Im not going to be able to send pics today, because I packed my cord to my camera and I was too lazy to get it out. Tell Everyone I said Merry Christmas and to have a Happy New Year as well! Love you all soo much! gotta go visit some more people before I leave!! Tchau!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

you gotta do what you gotta do to survive here

Hey mom, so yea ill be calling sometime after lunch. sometime after 3 but before 4. and this is my time, so I dont know what time it will be over there. But yea, getting pretty excited for that! Its Christmas time!! And it doesnt really feel like it at all! Its going into the rainy season here and it rains like all day... It stinks.. We get soooak everyday. And the roads turn into mud, so its like walking on ice. and pants get super muddy.  But its great experiences and funny stories to tell when I get back! I wont even start on the stuff that happens in the rain. 
A Brazilian Jungle Wanderer. They are so fast! We broke it's leg though.
So the other day i was taking a shower and right when I was all soaped up and my hair all shampooed, the water turns off... So I was like shoot... and I saw a little tiny drip coming from the sink.. So I was like you gotta do what you gotta do to survive here.. ha. Man! When I get back to the States life is going to be sooooooooo easy! I washed the dishes at a members house after lunch yesterday, and they dont have sinks they have a wooden table behind there house and a huge bowl of water, so they taught me how to wash dishes, and I am sooooo grateful for dishwashers!! I have a pic ill send. 
I am so grateful for dishwashers!
So next to the big statue of Jesus here in Marituba, theyre setting up a bunch of Christmas stuff and rides! So ill try to take some pics today. And yesterday we had 2 baptisms! Theyre the coolest kids in the world! Im going to send home a bunch of pics today for yall. i hope you like them. 
The coolest kids!
And no, I havnt received any packages yet. But tomorrow is our mission Christmas party, and were going to play futeball and EAAAAT! Its going to be GREAT!! and theyll bring all the mail there so hopefully ill have something!! And you said you sent a bunch of letters too? Would be great. I love letters! And in the Liahona magazine, it talks about my mission. I think it just might be the Brazilian one, but dunno. Our stake got split last week, So Im no longer in the Cabanagem stake, Its growing soo much here! 
SO who else is preparing for a mission? Anything new? How are the missionaries there? The number ill be calling from for Christmas is xxxxxxxx. Just saying. Oh, and if you could send me some pics from home, like my one from fireman, that was my profile pic. and some other good ones of stuff, cause everyone wants to see pics!!  I love you guys! And cant wait to hear from you on Christmas! tchau!!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, December 13, 2010

wish them all a Feliz Natal!

Hey mom! So I cant remember anything that happened this week!! Agh! Ok, So this week was pretty ordinary. I am talking Portuguese like a pro! ha, I wish, I still have a huge American accent. But the people love it, so its all good.

Ok, So my pants are a lame fabric because every time they come out of the washing machine, they have white stuff all over them. I dont know whats up. But I have to haaaaannndd wash them. My shirts are showing the work that im doing, slightly turning yellow.

So it doesnt feel like Christmas at all. Its still as hot as ever. They dont have snow decorations no. But they have Christmas trees. really tiny ones. No one uses the full size ones. And some people put lights on there homes. But this is Marituba and its super ghetto, so no one really has the money to buy stuff for Natal. Papai Noel is the name of the man in the big red suit. And all the kids know him. They all are super excited for Christmas. 12 days till Christmas! And no I havent gotten any new packages. I hope they hurry!! I cant wait to see what yall got me!!! And yea, ive been in Marituba for 2 months now. Im getting pretty close to the ward! And Ill prolly stay another transfer or two. But if I get transferred I want to go to Santarem or Macapa! Those are areas super far away! In Macapa you can visit the equator and in Santarem you have to take a plane and an 8 hour boat ride! Its more deep in the Amazon. and Macapa is just more north.

Im feeling better. Dont worry. I have a thing of hardcore vitamins that the mission gives us for free. and every six months they give us Worm medicine. So I think ill be good.

Ummmm, A message for the ward? I dont really know what to say, Im getting nervous! I feel like im about to give a talk or something haha. Just let them know that I want them to keep me in their prayers for my health and my strength, and that this mission is turning me into a humble, Beautiful man. haha That I love all of them and wish them all a Feliz Natal. I dont know, you can add some more stuff if you want from my other letters or something Just make it good.

So yea, Ive been emailing Mark now for like 2 or 3 weeks, and hell ask his mission pres if he can continue emailing me! Hope so! Sorry that this email stinks! But theres like 6 kids playing WoW next to me and theyre just playing it sooo wrong! haha, Let the Austins know I love them! And thank them for all the times they fed me when I came over. Ahh! And thank sister Bradford! For being my seminary teacher! And tell her im sorry that I was such a slacker, I regret it now. But ill be waiting for your packages!! Cant wait to see what Santa got me this year! I love you mom! Have a great week!

Com Amor,

Elder Arroyo

Monday, December 6, 2010

there was a spider protecting an egg nest that it was growing on my shirt.

Hey mom. Ahhh, Thats soooo great to hear that I have stuff coming to me!! I love you guys!! For reals! Justin is hooked to shooting guns?? Oh great.. haha. Get that kid back on video games. So yea.... about the baptism this week.. It didnt happen. Long Story. But were going to baptize 3 families for Christmas. Pray for them to keep progressing! 
Where we baptize
My stomach is doing great actually! When I get home, Im prolly never going to get sick ever again. But the other day, We were walking and I almost past out on the street. Like my eyes got super dizzy and I just sat down on the side of the road. My comp said its the water here getting to me. So that was pretty scary. And I feel weak right now and my eyes are turning dark. So I hope its nothing super bad. But its almost guaranteed to get Dangi Fever here. So pray for me not to die. aww man, this morning I went out to get my clothes off the clothes line (which never dry) and I took one of my shirts off the clothes line and there was a spider on it protecting an egg nest that it was growing on my shirt........ Lets just say, im wearing that shirt last. 
Me lookin good
So guess what, I have already lost a little over 50 pounds so far... crazy huh? And its still just melting off of me everyday. I dont know if ive told yall yet, but its required that we take 2 showers a day here cause we sweat so much, and just to like check your self for like crazy bugs and stuff. But the showers are freezing... I dont remember what a warm shower feels like, Its sooo hard to take the morning showers here, cause its just like ice water being poured on you right when you get out of bed.. But im getting use to it. And after my morning shower, I make an Amazon milkshake. With like 3 different fruits in it, and then I put in some oatmeal and milk, and drink that for my breakfast. Its pretty amazing. When I get home I want to run in Marathons! For real! I dont know why, but that’s all ive been thinking about. My clothes are getting pretty big on me. and I have 3 new belt holes in my belt. 
oh man. So there is this bird, that just loves to scare the crap out of us. It will just fly into the house like a torpedo and fly back out. and I swear its the same bird every time. Its pretty frightening when your not paying attention. Theres nothing better than hearing your comp scream like a girl. Oh and mom that package was great! I use that Gold Bond stuff for my feet everyday.. it helps a lot. And the peanut butter was.. heaven.. MY comp was like ahhh let me have a little of that. And I was like no way man, I need this stuff. It was amazing and so were the candies. I love packages. Were running a little late today! So im going to have to end it! And I dont have any pics.. sorry! Well! Actually, ill send one that I took just messing around! K! Love you guys! Family! Pray for me!
Love, Elder Arroyo

Monday, November 29, 2010

Its just straight huts and jungle out there

Let me just start off this email just saying that my sweat is just rolling through my eyes. I just love sweating like a sprinkler here haha. Ahhh Ole El Paso. Thats cool that everyone is talking about me haha. All the experiences im having are coming out of hard work. Ive never worked so hard in my life. Blisters are normal here for missionaries. Because your feet are pretty much always moist and the walking is just indescribable how much we walk everyday. I have lost sooo much weight I know. haha, Im looking so beautiful out here. I work out every morning. I do sets of sit ups pushups and curls. And then walk alllllll day. So when I come back, Im going to look pretty beastly haha. Oh, and my strict diet of rice beans and fruit haha. And yea, its a rule to have baptisms every week here haha. So we try our best. We had 2 more baptisms this week. I baptized the husband of the wife I baptized last week. So now their whole family is baptized! WOOT! They feel like my family now.

And the other baptism was Dora, and she was baptized by her son. It was great.

In Marituba we have 1 church building. its pretty new. The others are all in different areas.
Guarana Tuchua is only of the state of Para! And its flippin amazing! Im going to smuggle some home.

A Liter of Acai
 And Acai! I want to have you guys experiment this stuff so bad! Its my favorite thing to eat here! They eat it similar for how we eat ice cream. you buy it in liters. And we buy 1 liter for each of us at least 1 time a week. I tried to down one liter by myself and I almost died the next day mom. I dont know what I was thinking. This is the most powerful fruit ever... It put me to sleep for like 3 hours of a nap.. but it was cool because we couldnt leave the house anyway because it was raining super hard nonstop for like 5 hours.. I have one pic but it was during like halfway through.

At the end of the storm everything was flooded. Everyones houses just got smoked with water. They just stack all the stuff up on chairs and push the water out at the end like nothing happened. The houses here are big enough for a bedroom kitchen and sitting room. Super small. And no, I still havnt gotten any packages letters or anything. Im just in a different world. Every time I think about home, it just feels like a dream land that I use to live in. If you have a package that you are going to send or the next one that you do send. Put in Peanut Butter! And deodorant. The people here try to mooch stuff off of me that are American. Im just like nooo way guys I need this to live out here. We had an investigator that lives in Taua, which is like an hour away by bus from Marituba. Its just straight huts and jungle out there. I flippin love it! Ohhhh my goodness the sun here is just too powerful. It drains me. Look closely in the pics at my hair color, I swear its turning blonde. And I have a flippin tan line on my body in the shape of my tie!! Its pretty legit. But yea! Marituba!! LOVE IT! Biggest area in the mish! Ghettos! Slang! Membros are great!! Ive got the coolest Para accent in the world. But yea, I dont know what else to say! Probably missed a billion things I should have said! My testimony has grown so much. If I even had one before the mission. But now its super strong!! And only getting stronger. Because ONLY THE STRONG SERVE IN THE NORTH!! BRASIL, BELEM MISSAO!! I love that motto. I love you guys, Have a great week!!

Elder Arroyo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Boa Dia

Good day mom! So transfers were last week! And I got a new comp!! Hes actually helping me! finnally haha. His name is Elder Magnere. Hes from Curitiba. And hes 25 years old. He speaks pretty good english. haha. So yea still in Marituba! Love it here! So yesterday we had 2 baptisms. It was great. 
``Looks like heaven huh``
We made it possible for one family to prepare to get sealed in the temple and the husband of the wife that I baptised yesterday will get baptised next week. I love doing baptisms. So Yesterday, we went to a members house to eat lunch and after lunch shes like Can yall give my mom a blessing shes really sick. So we went into her moms room and she looked awful. And its sooo hot here, that
when your sick its sooo miserable. So I have no idea how to give a blessing in portuguese.. And this is the most powerful spiritual experiance I have ever had in my life. I put my hands on her head, and didnt say anything for like a minute. And then, I just new exactly what to say. It was way cool. Ill never forget it. But im getting use to everything here. Im not getting homesick as often or feeling
miserable anymore. Im feeling great! Today is my 5 month mark! next month I get to burn a tie!! Im getting way to excited for that
``Movin the ole books in style``

AHHHH SNAP!! So the other day!!! Ohhhhh the other day haha. We get home and were exhausted and I walk in the house and turn on the light, and walk to my desk, and then I throw my pen on my desk and BOOM! A jungle wanderer ran off my desk and onto the wall! I never screamed soo loud in my life.. these are the fastest spiders here. They are brown with suuuuper long legs. and they have a glowing eye. So it was just chillin on the wall for like 2 minutes and we were just staring at it. and I got my camera and gave it to my comp and I was like dude, Im going to get this thing out of here, if I die, give this video to my parents. So we didnt have a flame thrower so I had to use my broom. And I batted that thing out the door and it ran down the sidewalk! AHHH!! I hate those things!! another story. We were in benevides and waiting for a bus back to marituba, (I did tell yall I cover 3 cities right?) And I was like dude, I need to use to bathroom. And hes like just go over there off the road. So Its pitch black, and im afraid of everything in the world out here and I walk like 5 feet off the road, and SLASH! I fell in a hole full of water!! Ohh my comp couldnt stop laughing.. hahaha. My whole leg was soaked.. Sooo much stuff happens out here that I just want to tell you, But Just dont have enough time. Ill just say, Im having the time of my life. I really do feel like a new person. And having this tag on me just makes it a hundered times better. We get soo much respect out here. When people see us for if we ask to come in there home they dont hesitate to give us everything we need. They have such a different view on life than the people in the US. 
``Another day,
another amazing breakfast``
I would love to move back here after the mish. But its just to different of a lifestyle. My portuguese is getting even better. I can understand people, and talk with them. Just need to expand my vocab more. Hows El Paso? I totally forgot about Thanksgiving... Hows all the fam? Well got to send you some pics! Love you all!
Elder Arroyo

Monday, November 15, 2010


Another week another baptism! I feel like all our hard work and prayers are rewarded with baptisms. Yesterday we baptized Jay Anderson. It was another great experience.
Elder Arroyo, Jay Anderson and Elder Silva Da Santos
 He has a lot of friends in the church, so I dont think hes going to have a problem with activity. But we have been praying to find families to teach. And this week..All we found were families.. haha. I love this!! So we have baptisms planned every week of this year of families haha. But it takes a lot of work to get them all together for the lessons and round them up for church! Cant wait to just get them in the water!! haha. Ok, so the state of Para is VERY different compared to other parts of Brasil. They just do their own thing here. Their language is different and their lifestyle. Im still getting used to Shushing all my words. ``um doush tresh quartro cinco sesh haha. You just got to shush everything for the people to understand you. One thing that is awkward is during every single one of our lessons with a family the Senhora or Women of the house, will breast feed her child out of nowhere. Everything is just soo open here. Nothing is awkward to anyone. Thats what I love the most!! Ahh, The other day it was like 8:50 at night and we were on our way home, and it just started to pouuuurrrr!! But we are like no, we gotta be home by nine! so we just booked it and got soaked! It was crazy! And it rained like all night. It was pretty cold that night. Well, I dont even remember what cold is, so it wasnt as hot haha. 
My feet
I took it this morning. its starting to calice up. but it use to be huge! 
The members here are my family now. When I eat at there houses, theyre like PODE COMER MIAS ELDER haha. So basically they love it when I eat all there food. Ahhh, my favorite drink here is definitely Guarana! this stuff is amazing! My fridge has to have this in it at all times. We get 50 reals a week. And thats pretty hard to live on in Marituba. Because our area covers 3 cities and we have to use the bus. I still havent gotten that package that you sent. They say it takes about a transfer to get a package. soooo if you send my Christmas one! Send it quick! ha. But load it with goodies! 2nd time with no email from parents.!! lame! This is like my favorite thing to do! It keeps me from going nuts. So if you can, even just write a sentence. Well, im going to attempt to send some more pics! I love you guys! Keep it real! Pray for me and my life. 
Tchau, Elder Arroyo
My Hedge
im def sleepin in that when I get home.
yall should try it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Did I tell you I sleep in a hedge?

Bom Dia mai!! ha, My feet! They look like rocks haha. Yesterday I just wore my flipflops instead of my shoes haha, it looked pretty legit. Everyone loved it. MY stomach, My stomach is doing better. Ive adjusted to the food here I think, Cause I eat a lot now haha. I love it!! But the fruit is what will get ya! haha. Theres soo much, and for my innocent stomach some fruits can do some damage haha. But Im feeling a lot better. Ummmm, I dont think the time changed here. I dont know. I dont even use my watch. I know exactly what time it is by just looking at the sun. Ahhh I got a huge sunburn like 3 days ago, cause I forgot to put on my sunscreen.. It hurt soo bad. But I woke up the next day, and I had a beautiful tan.

 Oh yea! SO we moved on saturday! Our new house is sooo sweet! And its right next to the church! Were going to finish moving all the big stuff today!

ANWAYS! The people accept me. There are some people that see me and just think *american, he just thinks hes better than us* but then I talk to them and joke around and theyre like ahhh this guy is one of us haha. You have to have a sense of humor with the people here. Cause in Marituba its just straight ghettos.
First Baptism- Anderson

I sing everywhere I go. I found my voice. The people love the way I sing in portuguese. I sang in a duet with a lady in our word for our baptism last week, and it was legit. My piano skills are going off the wall! Thanks Sister Burton! I love just playing random stuff and singing with the people. Even though I dont understand what im singing half the time haha. Or vice versa. And yea the kids sing the same songs of course in portuguese. The kids loooove *Elder Ahoys* haha its what the kids call me. Its easier for them. They get food in the first class, and they know that elder Ahoyo has a snack tax haha. We have a lot of baptisms coming up. We have a bunch of investigators preparing to be baptized on the same day so our goal for this month is 14. so we have 3 days to baptize 14 people. Its going to be very fun!
First Baptism- Anderson

And I pray sooooo much here. I feel like I walk with the Lord everyday, and he is just holding my hand. But hes also tearing me apart. Hes turning me into a humble piece of poop! haha and it hurts!! After he tears me apart hes going to rebuild me into a man. I cant wait. Oh, Did I tell you I sleep in a hedge? Or a hammock. Its pretty legit haha. And comfortable, its my comps old one. So I didnt have to buy one. Ill get a picture of me in it for you. Hows work going for everyone? Are yall still partyin with the burtons? Hows Reo and Mark? And has Preston left yet?
Oh, And I dont know our address. But we live in Marituba. And if you go to google maps and look. Look for a Big Statue of Jesus. It almost looks like a doll. And youll be able to find our church from that and we live in an apartment building next to the church. But our area is huge.

2nd Baptism- Aline
Oh, and for my natal package. Just a couple Ideas for what I want haha are. A small cheapo MP3 player with a lot of EFY and church songs on it. Ask Melody to help with that. She has good taste! And small speakers. And Crocs!! I would love me a pair of crocs!! And cheese in a can! And whatever little goodies you want to send. But thats what I would really love to have here. Sorry this email was lame. Its hard for me to remember everything that I did during the week when I email home. I just get too excited and forget everything. Anyways I love you guys! And Im going to attempt to send some pics home now! Wish me luck haha! Tchau!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Talking in portuguese just feels as normal as talking in english now

Happy Birthday mom!!! Yes of course I remembered haha. I LOVE IT HERE!!! Its taking a while to get use to, but im hanging in there. Yea, remember last week when i said my stomach was starting to get upset? well, Ive been sick now for 4 days. But ive never stayed home! Ive been working everyday. Ive just had to use random peoples houses to use the bathroom... I want to say soo much, but have soo little time!! My stomach is getting better. So dont worry. One of our investigators that lives out in the forest (takes us like 40 minutes to walk to her house) Gave me some piece of a tree, and I thinks its helping a lot. Their house is just a hut made out of sticks and they have 3 kids. They all love me haha. They want to help me so much because i know nothing out here except the gospel. So they took us around their house and gave us a bunch of fruit from their trees! Sooooo much fruit!! I played a stick game with their kids, and its hard to explain, but it hurts if they get you. and it ended up being 3 on 1 haha. So I got bruised up. its kind of like sword fighting, but your on a dead ACAI tree and balancing. theyre amazing haha. So we had another baptism!! WOO! It went great! I love baptisms!
I have some kind of gel that keeps the bugs off of me. one of our members made it for me. it works really good. My feet are awful, I dont even want to think about them. But theyre starting to calice up. So thats good. And no, I havnt gotten your package yet. Its prolly at the mission office. thats where we get our stuff. And I wont be getting transferred for a while, Lets just say, I already know my comp is leaving this transfer and Im getting a new comp in my area. So I have to learn everything really fast. Our house is junk. So while I was talking to president about my comp. He told me to go buy a better house!! YEA! So we found a better one and are prolly moving in this week. WOO!
Oh, Last week Elder Grown talked to us from the 70. It was great. I got to see half the members in the mission. We got there by bus. It took about an hour. I love our ward, could use some work, but I love them. The members feed us everyday for lunch and I just love it!! Most of the time. But they love to feed my different things for an experience haha. And I love all of them! I wish I could tell you what they are giving me but I have no idea what it is, it just tastes amazing. and its wayyyyyy too hard to explain.
Ahh! We have a bakery next to our house, so for breakfast I buy 2 loafs of this bread that is sweet and amazing! And I eat that for breakfast and for snack. And every once in a while we will stop for food when we see a vendor, cause theyre everywhere.
My portuguese is getting a lot better. And im really starting to catch what the people are saying. Talking in portuguese just feels as normal as talking in english now, its soo weird. Its still flippin hot haha. That will never change. And still raining everyday. Half the time we just walk through it and get soaked, cause it feels sooooo good haha. My shirts are turning yellow. But I dont even care, cause people dont even wear shirts here.
Well! Theres sooo much I wanted to say but couldnt! Dont have enough time! sorry! I love you family!! Tchau!! Im going to try to send some pics now!! Wish me luck haha! Thcua!

Elder Arroyo
Also mom, If anyone is commenting on anything about my mission email those to me. Theyre always great. If you send me a package. I would love to have any kind of american snack! Cheese in a can please! haha and american candy. but nothing that can easily melt, cause im in an oven haha. Defintly cheese in a can though haha. And koolaid packets maybe. And ill probably need more pepmobimal haha. For realz... not fun.. Love you!! Bye!
Well, pics didnt work. I dont think the USB port on this comp works. Sorry. Guess I have to wait another week.

Monday, October 25, 2010

These guys arent no little punks, these things look like cats!

Bom Dia Familia. Hey mom! Thanks for the no email!  Man, Im sweating as I write this. So guess what! I had my first baptism ever on saturday!! His name was Anderson! The kid is soo great. It was such an amazing experience for me. But yea, my first one ever, definitly not my last. So Marituba!! It is the flippin Ghetto of the mission! The largest area. That is why my feet are killing me, I wish I could send you pictures, there pretty nasty. My stomach is starting to get upset this very moment, im getting pretty scared. I figured out that Ive been drinking the *poisen water* this whole time. man, am i in for a treat. An american Elder Looper, told me that pretty much everytime you have juice, which is at every members house, they use the faucet water. so yea. I drink so much of that stuff, cause it tastes amazing. But it hasnt affected me since ive been here, so who knows. Im trying to memorize all the fruit here, cause thats what everyone loves to talk about. My favorite so far here, is the manga. I love it just cause its everywhere, and it tastes amazing. But the members make sweet smoothies for us! And I cant describe the taste, I cant compare it to anythng in america, but its amazing!! Yesterday, I had AÇAI for the first time! If you ask anyone in Para what there favorite fruit is they will say AÇAI! and everyone grows it. They gave me a huge bowl of it, ad told me to try it, so I took one bite and it was soooooo bitter. and they all laughed and brought out the sugar, and this other white flaky stuff. and filled my bowl with it, and then i took another bite, and mom let me tell you, it was heaven.
 If it didnt feel like you were in an oven here, this place would be soooooo tight. I love it soo much. There are times that I feel really homesick though. Everyone says the first couple of weeks are going to be the hardest weeks of your life here. Mentally and physically. This place has turned my life around. I have been brought down to earth. And it feels like im a child relearning the ways of life. I am being humbled like no other. I have nothing here except for the Gospel. And thats all I need. I stay out of my house for as long as possible cause that place is just, not a house. I went to take a shower the other day and Cockroaches started to come out of the drain.. Come on.... When I was shaving a cockroach was climbing up my flippin leg, and these guys arnt no little punks. These things look like cats! haha. I want to tell you sooo much more, but I dont want to scare you haha.
 I am no longer american in my head. In order to live here, you have to think like a brazilian. My clothes are already nasty. Its soo hard to explain my everyday life here, and the people. But the kids here are sooo fun to play with! Everyone thinks im just the biggest thing in the world here, there sooo small people. I can pick up like 5 kids at a time. They loooove to jump on me haha. It was kind of awkward at first, because half the time they dont have clothes on. But now that I am getting out of the american mind set. Its just fun, you just go along with it and throw them around haha. 
Man! the busses haha! We have to use them a lot cause my comp is district leader and we have to do billions of baptismal interviews. My comp laughs everytime we use one, cause i hate them. The people are soo small, and im so big, and its sooo hard to get off of those things haha. I almost had to crowd surf one time haha. 
Anyways, If you could please tell me how much money is on my card. Cause I may need to use it. The portuguese is comming along much better. Im starting to understand more of what the people are saying. I prolly repeated myself a lot sorry, im just super excited that I get to talk to you, little bummed i didnt get an email though. Its ok though. Anyway, Life is super hard here, but dont worry, im adjusting. Sorry for thinking we never have any food at home, I would die for a can of anything in that cabinet now. Make sure to thank our Heavenly Father for all that you have over there. Were about to go to Belem, cause a member of the 70 here! Woot haha! I love you guys a lot! Have a great week!!
Tchau, Elder Arroyo

Monday, October 18, 2010

I walk around with a broom. haha

Ola familia para Belem!! This is the first time I have spoke in english since ive been here! and im not even speaking, im typing..!! My area is Marituba or something like that. haha. My companion is Elder Silva Da Santos. And guess what haha. He speaks no english.. So im learning portuguese super fast. The language is different here. They SHHH all there words. So im still getting use to that. And they speak super fast. I am BARLY starting to understand them. It is soooo hard. I cant even tell you how hard it is here haha. People can barley understand me and I can barley understand them. The only way I can explain the culture here is.. Very simple. Everyone lives in little tiny wooden or brick houses. TINY. And the roofs dont connect anywhere. So there pretty much just to get out of the sun and sleep. Our house is the same. First night here i slept with 1 eye open the whoooole time! haha. I Flippin hate cockeroaches, spiders, ants, masquitos, lizards, ect! haha! And there everywhere in our house! everywhere... Its like walking around in a scary movie when your in there. I walk around with a broom. And Scream every 30 seconds. My comp laughs at me. He has NO fears of those things. Its crazy! There are sooo many people! they dont wear a lot of clothes cause its SOOO hot! Im never dry. never. It rains everyday. and we have to find cover quick or well be Soaked the whole day. We walk probably a billion miles a day. My feet are killing me.. The whole bottoms of my feet are blisters. It hurts pretty bad when I walk. But ive learned to just not think about it. Ohhhh man! Let me tell you about the buses here... The people here are very little. and the buses for transportation are kind of like charter busses but, I dont know how to discribe them. IF they had one in america, legally it would fit about 25 people. Here, They fit unlimmited! And they stop at every bus stop! You get in on one side and get out at the end of the bus when its your stop. So were on there and theres like 60 people on at a time. My first time getting off the bus was very difficult hahaha, because in america you dont want to touch people like that, but now. I just squeeze through the aisle. and theres billions of people in the aisle. But im getting use to it now. Its very uncomforatable. Its very hard to explain. Anyways! We eat one meal a day here.. haha.. lunch. And its always rice, beans, fish, and fruit. The fruit here is amazing! And theres sooo much that I have never tasted before. I LOVE THE FRUIT! and the soda here is amazing as well. Im adjusting to the food. I havnt gotten sick yet. (thank goodness) i eat very little at peoples houses cause im afraid. The mission gave me a water bottle that filters all water. This is definitly the hardest thing I have every done. It is hard both mentally and physically. Everyone says is takes a couple weeks to adjust. The people here are very very humble. They will take you in in a heartbeat. They love it when you give them a thumbs up. I cant even describe the people. Just very simple. I love you guys a lot. Please keep me in your prayers. I need it . Theres a lot more I wanted to say, But Ill end here to see if your on. Tchau.

Love, Elder Arroyo
p.s. Guess you guys arnt on now. if you are to send me anything, ill prolly need more bandaids. Bandaids are pretty much the only thing that ill need. Other than that im tyring to live like them. And live a very simple life. I hope yall have a great week. Love you all! Tchau!

Ahhh! I forgot to tell you! The poeple love missionarys haha! They take us in and let us share are message! and then accept baptism right off the bat. We have baptisms every week! Talk about humble! I might be baptising a family of 4 in 3 weeks if all goes well. But yea! Lots of baptisms here! Thcua!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christopher's Visa Came In!!! 10/9

How exciting to answer my phone this morning and hear Christopher's voice!! He called to let us know that his visa came and he will be leaving for Brazil on Monday.
Flight information:

 Detailed Flight Information
Flight Status

 SJC San Jose  10/11/2010  10:20 AM          
 DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth  10/11/2010 3:50 PM      

 Detailed Flight Information
Flight Status

 DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth  10/11/2010  7:45 PM     
 GRU Sao Paulo  10/12/2010 6:40 AM          

You can also track his flight while he is traveling at flightaware.