Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, December 13, 2010

wish them all a Feliz Natal!

Hey mom! So I cant remember anything that happened this week!! Agh! Ok, So this week was pretty ordinary. I am talking Portuguese like a pro! ha, I wish, I still have a huge American accent. But the people love it, so its all good.

Ok, So my pants are a lame fabric because every time they come out of the washing machine, they have white stuff all over them. I dont know whats up. But I have to haaaaannndd wash them. My shirts are showing the work that im doing, slightly turning yellow.

So it doesnt feel like Christmas at all. Its still as hot as ever. They dont have snow decorations no. But they have Christmas trees. really tiny ones. No one uses the full size ones. And some people put lights on there homes. But this is Marituba and its super ghetto, so no one really has the money to buy stuff for Natal. Papai Noel is the name of the man in the big red suit. And all the kids know him. They all are super excited for Christmas. 12 days till Christmas! And no I havent gotten any new packages. I hope they hurry!! I cant wait to see what yall got me!!! And yea, ive been in Marituba for 2 months now. Im getting pretty close to the ward! And Ill prolly stay another transfer or two. But if I get transferred I want to go to Santarem or Macapa! Those are areas super far away! In Macapa you can visit the equator and in Santarem you have to take a plane and an 8 hour boat ride! Its more deep in the Amazon. and Macapa is just more north.

Im feeling better. Dont worry. I have a thing of hardcore vitamins that the mission gives us for free. and every six months they give us Worm medicine. So I think ill be good.

Ummmm, A message for the ward? I dont really know what to say, Im getting nervous! I feel like im about to give a talk or something haha. Just let them know that I want them to keep me in their prayers for my health and my strength, and that this mission is turning me into a humble, Beautiful man. haha That I love all of them and wish them all a Feliz Natal. I dont know, you can add some more stuff if you want from my other letters or something Just make it good.

So yea, Ive been emailing Mark now for like 2 or 3 weeks, and hell ask his mission pres if he can continue emailing me! Hope so! Sorry that this email stinks! But theres like 6 kids playing WoW next to me and theyre just playing it sooo wrong! haha, Let the Austins know I love them! And thank them for all the times they fed me when I came over. Ahh! And thank sister Bradford! For being my seminary teacher! And tell her im sorry that I was such a slacker, I regret it now. But ill be waiting for your packages!! Cant wait to see what Santa got me this year! I love you mom! Have a great week!

Com Amor,

Elder Arroyo


  1. Reo said for Chris to write to him. He wrote him when he was in San Jose but he never heard back from him.

    Elder Reo J Grover
    California Roseville Mission
    8583 Watt Avenue Antelope, CA 95843-9117

  2. Boy, I love that guy! He's an amazing young man. He's doing sooo good. WE LOVE HIM - SO MUCH. He's being such a good example to those around him, (and I mean us) And just like his letter says, he's a Beautiful young man! WE LOVE YOU ELDER ARROYO! The Austin's