Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, December 27, 2010

Im transferring to Castanhal tomorrow!

Hey mom! Good Morning! So its transfer time and you jinxed me! Im transferring to Castanhal tomorrow! Thanks haha. Its the third farthest away zone, I wont know what area of Castanhal ill be in yet, or who my comp will be, but ill know tomorrow when im in the taxi on my way there. So yea, im pretty excited to go somewhere new, but sad at the same time. Cause I love Marituba. The Bishop told me to give a talk yesterday because I was leaving, And I gave a talk on Missionary Work. And how everyone can help out, and everyone is super sad that im leaving. We had a ward party last night for me and stuffed my face with pizza. This was a great area to be born in, and I cant wait to see what Cashanhal is like. Ive heard its huge city. I have to pack all my stuff tonight, ive already packed most of it, but my clothes are still wet, and they smell bad cause they havnt dried in days, it just rains soo much now.

Im kind of glad I didnt get all my packages at once, it just leaves me something else to look forward too, and Sister Burtons package is going to last me a while. Im already half way into the jar of peanut butter and the twizzlers are almost gone! The music she put on the MP3 player is soooo legit! You def need to give her a huge hug for me!!

Ahh, so my thumb just started to bleed again, At the mission conference I was cutting an orange *Obviously my first time to cut with a realllllly sharp blade* and the blade just went right through my the top of my thumb. I hope it just goes away, But ive been keeping it clean dont worry.

At the mission conference we played Futeball and futeball americano, And then we got to watch Ratatouille *its the Disney movie about the rat that cooks* Ahhh!! Ive never been sooo excited to watch a movie in my life, halfway during to movie It almost felt like I was back in the states and then everyone is like hey look some monkeys! haha, So there were like 12 monkeys in the trees around us. Those things are sooooo sweet!

For Christmas Eve we ate all day, and for Christmas we ate all day as well, And were still eating everyones leftovers, So I actually think I may have gained weight this week, But I doubt it cause we had to walk miles to everyones houses to eat there food haha.

But yea, I loved talking to you guys, It felt like just last week I was home. But sooo much has changed for me. I hope yalls movie was good, and that yall had a sweet Christmas and going to have a even better New Years. And tell Justin that I miss him a lot and that im jealous of his DSI and will prolly steal it when I come home haha. And tell Destinee that its sooo not fair that she got an Itouch ha. And sorry, Im not going to be able to send pics today, because I packed my cord to my camera and I was too lazy to get it out. Tell Everyone I said Merry Christmas and to have a Happy New Year as well! Love you all soo much! gotta go visit some more people before I leave!! Tchau!!

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  1. You are SOOO lucky!! Getting to do your mission AND see the country!!

    The things the kids got for Christmas that you mentioned to me are way out of my concept and I don't even know what they are!!

    Are you pretty much over your sickness?? Sorry about that knife getting your thumb..That thing will sting every time it comes in contact with anything..And don't get orange juice on it!!HAHA!!

    I'm so glad to hear you had a good Christmas! I hope the New Year is filled with every blessing for you.

    I love you very much!