Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, December 6, 2010

there was a spider protecting an egg nest that it was growing on my shirt.

Hey mom. Ahhh, Thats soooo great to hear that I have stuff coming to me!! I love you guys!! For reals! Justin is hooked to shooting guns?? Oh great.. haha. Get that kid back on video games. So yea.... about the baptism this week.. It didnt happen. Long Story. But were going to baptize 3 families for Christmas. Pray for them to keep progressing! 
Where we baptize
My stomach is doing great actually! When I get home, Im prolly never going to get sick ever again. But the other day, We were walking and I almost past out on the street. Like my eyes got super dizzy and I just sat down on the side of the road. My comp said its the water here getting to me. So that was pretty scary. And I feel weak right now and my eyes are turning dark. So I hope its nothing super bad. But its almost guaranteed to get Dangi Fever here. So pray for me not to die. aww man, this morning I went out to get my clothes off the clothes line (which never dry) and I took one of my shirts off the clothes line and there was a spider on it protecting an egg nest that it was growing on my shirt........ Lets just say, im wearing that shirt last. 
Me lookin good
So guess what, I have already lost a little over 50 pounds so far... crazy huh? And its still just melting off of me everyday. I dont know if ive told yall yet, but its required that we take 2 showers a day here cause we sweat so much, and just to like check your self for like crazy bugs and stuff. But the showers are freezing... I dont remember what a warm shower feels like, Its sooo hard to take the morning showers here, cause its just like ice water being poured on you right when you get out of bed.. But im getting use to it. And after my morning shower, I make an Amazon milkshake. With like 3 different fruits in it, and then I put in some oatmeal and milk, and drink that for my breakfast. Its pretty amazing. When I get home I want to run in Marathons! For real! I dont know why, but that’s all ive been thinking about. My clothes are getting pretty big on me. and I have 3 new belt holes in my belt. 
oh man. So there is this bird, that just loves to scare the crap out of us. It will just fly into the house like a torpedo and fly back out. and I swear its the same bird every time. Its pretty frightening when your not paying attention. Theres nothing better than hearing your comp scream like a girl. Oh and mom that package was great! I use that Gold Bond stuff for my feet everyday.. it helps a lot. And the peanut butter was.. heaven.. MY comp was like ahhh let me have a little of that. And I was like no way man, I need this stuff. It was amazing and so were the candies. I love packages. Were running a little late today! So im going to have to end it! And I dont have any pics.. sorry! Well! Actually, ill send one that I took just messing around! K! Love you guys! Family! Pray for me!
Love, Elder Arroyo

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