Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, November 1, 2010

Talking in portuguese just feels as normal as talking in english now

Happy Birthday mom!!! Yes of course I remembered haha. I LOVE IT HERE!!! Its taking a while to get use to, but im hanging in there. Yea, remember last week when i said my stomach was starting to get upset? well, Ive been sick now for 4 days. But ive never stayed home! Ive been working everyday. Ive just had to use random peoples houses to use the bathroom... I want to say soo much, but have soo little time!! My stomach is getting better. So dont worry. One of our investigators that lives out in the forest (takes us like 40 minutes to walk to her house) Gave me some piece of a tree, and I thinks its helping a lot. Their house is just a hut made out of sticks and they have 3 kids. They all love me haha. They want to help me so much because i know nothing out here except the gospel. So they took us around their house and gave us a bunch of fruit from their trees! Sooooo much fruit!! I played a stick game with their kids, and its hard to explain, but it hurts if they get you. and it ended up being 3 on 1 haha. So I got bruised up. its kind of like sword fighting, but your on a dead ACAI tree and balancing. theyre amazing haha. So we had another baptism!! WOO! It went great! I love baptisms!
I have some kind of gel that keeps the bugs off of me. one of our members made it for me. it works really good. My feet are awful, I dont even want to think about them. But theyre starting to calice up. So thats good. And no, I havnt gotten your package yet. Its prolly at the mission office. thats where we get our stuff. And I wont be getting transferred for a while, Lets just say, I already know my comp is leaving this transfer and Im getting a new comp in my area. So I have to learn everything really fast. Our house is junk. So while I was talking to president about my comp. He told me to go buy a better house!! YEA! So we found a better one and are prolly moving in this week. WOO!
Oh, Last week Elder Grown talked to us from the 70. It was great. I got to see half the members in the mission. We got there by bus. It took about an hour. I love our ward, could use some work, but I love them. The members feed us everyday for lunch and I just love it!! Most of the time. But they love to feed my different things for an experience haha. And I love all of them! I wish I could tell you what they are giving me but I have no idea what it is, it just tastes amazing. and its wayyyyyy too hard to explain.
Ahh! We have a bakery next to our house, so for breakfast I buy 2 loafs of this bread that is sweet and amazing! And I eat that for breakfast and for snack. And every once in a while we will stop for food when we see a vendor, cause theyre everywhere.
My portuguese is getting a lot better. And im really starting to catch what the people are saying. Talking in portuguese just feels as normal as talking in english now, its soo weird. Its still flippin hot haha. That will never change. And still raining everyday. Half the time we just walk through it and get soaked, cause it feels sooooo good haha. My shirts are turning yellow. But I dont even care, cause people dont even wear shirts here.
Well! Theres sooo much I wanted to say but couldnt! Dont have enough time! sorry! I love you family!! Tchau!! Im going to try to send some pics now!! Wish me luck haha! Thcua!

Elder Arroyo
Also mom, If anyone is commenting on anything about my mission email those to me. Theyre always great. If you send me a package. I would love to have any kind of american snack! Cheese in a can please! haha and american candy. but nothing that can easily melt, cause im in an oven haha. Defintly cheese in a can though haha. And koolaid packets maybe. And ill probably need more pepmobimal haha. For realz... not fun.. Love you!! Bye!
Well, pics didnt work. I dont think the USB port on this comp works. Sorry. Guess I have to wait another week.

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  1. Cheese in a can!! Love it..not the cheese but how much you want it...I have to remember that!
    Love you and your rotten feet..LOL!!