Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, November 15, 2010


Another week another baptism! I feel like all our hard work and prayers are rewarded with baptisms. Yesterday we baptized Jay Anderson. It was another great experience.
Elder Arroyo, Jay Anderson and Elder Silva Da Santos
 He has a lot of friends in the church, so I dont think hes going to have a problem with activity. But we have been praying to find families to teach. And this week..All we found were families.. haha. I love this!! So we have baptisms planned every week of this year of families haha. But it takes a lot of work to get them all together for the lessons and round them up for church! Cant wait to just get them in the water!! haha. Ok, so the state of Para is VERY different compared to other parts of Brasil. They just do their own thing here. Their language is different and their lifestyle. Im still getting used to Shushing all my words. ``um doush tresh quartro cinco sesh haha. You just got to shush everything for the people to understand you. One thing that is awkward is during every single one of our lessons with a family the Senhora or Women of the house, will breast feed her child out of nowhere. Everything is just soo open here. Nothing is awkward to anyone. Thats what I love the most!! Ahh, The other day it was like 8:50 at night and we were on our way home, and it just started to pouuuurrrr!! But we are like no, we gotta be home by nine! so we just booked it and got soaked! It was crazy! And it rained like all night. It was pretty cold that night. Well, I dont even remember what cold is, so it wasnt as hot haha. 
My feet
I took it this morning. its starting to calice up. but it use to be huge! 
The members here are my family now. When I eat at there houses, theyre like PODE COMER MIAS ELDER haha. So basically they love it when I eat all there food. Ahhh, my favorite drink here is definitely Guarana! this stuff is amazing! My fridge has to have this in it at all times. We get 50 reals a week. And thats pretty hard to live on in Marituba. Because our area covers 3 cities and we have to use the bus. I still havent gotten that package that you sent. They say it takes about a transfer to get a package. soooo if you send my Christmas one! Send it quick! ha. But load it with goodies! 2nd time with no email from parents.!! lame! This is like my favorite thing to do! It keeps me from going nuts. So if you can, even just write a sentence. Well, im going to attempt to send some more pics! I love you guys! Keep it real! Pray for me and my life. 
Tchau, Elder Arroyo
My Hedge
im def sleepin in that when I get home.
yall should try it.


  1. Cara Pessoa idosa Arroyo, Eu apenas estou aprendendo pouco um português e quero-o saber que eu tenho um hammock para você se usar quando você vem para uma visita.
    Love Grandpa Arroyo

  2. Gotta get one of those..No more back aches,huh??
    I'd love to try your favorite drink!! Don't let it ferment!!

    Ok,wet Boy..I love you very much and feel pretty bad that I don't send packages.When I get with your Mom I will put one together.
    Love you!!