Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, March 14, 2011

Everything here is going great!

 I love you emails. So today is!!!!! TRANSFERS!! dun dun dunnnn! My comp is transferring to Belem today, and im staying. Im going to drop off my comp in Castanhal and pick up my new one tomorrow. His name is Elder Payne (American!!) Looking forward! So yea, im happy I stayed. I love it out here. going on my 3rd transfer in Braganca.
This past week, my fever got worse and well, I was bed sick for a day. It was awful. I ended up just putting up my hammock on the porch and laid out there. But im better now. Just have a little cough here and there. so hmmm.. ugh... the fish and rice here are getting reaallyy old.. But im still praying haha. And when your hungry, ya gotta eat. A lot of funny stuff happened this week, but I dont have much time, but its all in my journal, so ill tell yea in a year :D
But yea, the work is going good. The ward is getting stronger! Im trying my hardest to bring back inactives. Cant wait to get the new photo of the family! cough cough! :D Im tired of looked at the old one, when I was super fat. I played piano for sacrament yesterday, and will prolly continue playing for the rest of my time here. Carnival is slowly going down. Not as much iniquity in the streets now. Ugh... it was awful. But yea, Everything here is going great!
So yall went to the Dallas temple? send a pic of that please the people here love seeing wedding pics of family at the temple. Dads work is doing good?? WOOT! and thats great that your getting more hours! Ahh Destinee is going to EFY BYU siiick. congrats. Justin can do an ollie! aww, im going to cry :D everyone is just growing up haha. Ahhh I remember the days of car borrowing! Dont let him trick you with his charm! haha jk. Buuut, my camera I think is showing photos now on the computer. A lady in a photo place fixed it for me. but my comp is using it right now, cause hes getting all the photos of the transfers for him. Ill see if i can send one or 2 photos. Would you rather me send photos in email, or just wait till i get home? Im sending out letters today. Cause the postal place was closed last week due to Carnival.
But I love you mom, and I love you family. And anyone else reading this. :D Keep up the good work and the emails. I have another 20 minutes if your on. Tchau tchau

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