Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, October 3, 2011

How is our relationship with our Father in Heaven?

WOO!! This week was just amazing! Baptisms, confirmations, and GENERAL COOOONFERANCE!! man! It was awesome! I took soooo many notes! And yes Dad, I loved the air conditioned room! It felt good, hard to leave though :(. I wore my suit coat ha, like the 5th time to wear it here. I loved hearing each one of the talks. I cant believe I didnt pay attention to conference before.. Now its just like man, A REAL prophet and his apostles talking to us! Cant get any better. I just love it when they ALL talk about repentance, Its so powerful. We really need to help people understand what the `mormon` church really is. That there is an actual prophet in the world called from God.
And the baptisms, everything went perfect. It couldnt have gone better! The spirit was super strong, and of course the water was freezing :P. Our zone baptized 25 this last month! And 25 is a low number for Para!
Ah man! Almost forgot! In between conference yesterday, I was walking to lunch with one of the Zone Leaders to eat in his area, and were walking down the road just chatting having a good time, and out of no where I hear this huge barking noise, and before I know it This punk dog bites my calf. Ahh.. It hurt soo bad. But blood didnt come out, so all is good. Just hurt a ton! But yea! First time to get bitten by a dog in the mission!! Well.. In the leg haha. WOO! WOO! 
Sis Burton sent me pics of everyone back home. Man, Yall look sooo different! Tell jimmy to go back to the rice and beans lol :P. Thats weird to think that Britney is already coming home. And that Christmas is coming up! Get ready for the call! And also transfers is next week! Well just have to see what happens! I hope I stay one more! It would by my 4th here. I want to go back into the jungle! I love it here in the Amazon!I really dont want to leave, but I need a breeze!
I hope that all of you learned some stuff from conference. I know that this was definitely an inspired conference. I learned so much of how I can live better, and help the people here learn how they can as well. We were definitely expecting the prophet to announce the temple Belem. But... Next time for sure!! 
I know that Christ is our savior, and that He redeemed the world. He did everything that His Father told Him to do, He was obedient to His Father as we should be unto ours. His Father is the same as ours. I loved how one of them said, `how is our relationship with our Father in Heaven` Lets remember to pray every day, to at least remind Him that we love Him, and were grateful for His son Jesus Christ. Turn towards Him, and repent, and feel the happiness of this world. It really is a great place :). I love you guys! And your prayers are working! But yea! Gotta go load up in the fruit market before it closes!!

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