Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I felt like Alma teaching multitudes of people

Nothing better to start off your day.
Terere, this is cuia from southern Brasil.
Olá mom. Good Morning. So this week went by pretty fast! Its already
August!! This is just nuts for me! Months go past like days! Im doing
just fine here. I got pretty sick, not now im back on my feet! And
talking with everyone! This week we had a good bit of novos. I
remember we went to a house (which was a contact the week earlier) and
I talked with a senhora in the front of her house, and asked her if we
could come in and share a message with her and her family. Of course
she said yes, who can turn me down :D. So we went in there, and I told
her to gather everyone in the house to hear this message. Man, There
ended up being 9 people. Not even enough chairs for us to sit down. I
felt so good. The spirit just filled me up with joy teaching this
many people in one visit. I felt like Alma teaching multitudes of
people. and another day the same thing happened.
Jaka, third love in my life (it's a fruit)

Ive been told I have a great personality out here. Always happy, and just goofy. ha. There is a neighbor we have, and she has a son that a lot of missionaries that have passed here have been teaching. But no one has had the go to baptise him. I got him to come to church with us yesterday! and I passed by last night, to talk with him about baptism,
But he wasnt there. So I talked with his mom. And she told me that Im
different than the other missionaries that passed through here. That
her son is always talking about me. I know he will be ready to be
baptised this saturday. Im not saying this to brag. But im sharing
this, so that we can all take a step back, and look at our selves. Are
we being examples? Are we smiling at all times. Helping others? Just
saying hey to someone or giving a hug, can change a life. I never
leave the house with bad feelings. We pray every time we leave the
house to be examples in the road. And to be happy, helping others feel
our joy. Im telling you, that this will bring people to church.
Weve had some more people pop up to be baptised. just came from
nowhere. Already great to talk with everyone, to see if they know
anyone that has been in the church that isnt a member. If you ask
everyone, then someone will pop up.
The leadership is going great. Im learning more and more everyday. Its
not easy, But im learning sooooo, much. Were working more with the
members and im going to start teaching english in the church on
saturdays. See if that will bring people into the church. Chris an
english teacher??? haha i know right?
But other than that the Lord is giving me the strength to reach points
that I thought I could never reach before.
Thats great that people are talking about me ha, hope its oly coisas
good. Im going to give all I have too this week, to make up for my
sickness last week. I know I can baptise every week. Just need to work
hard, and dominate my goals!
I know the church is true, that Christ lives. That were all here to
make a difference. The greatest place to start, is to be an example.
Love all you guys, have a great week.
Elder Arroyo

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