Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happily Ever After....

FELIZ DIAS DOS PAIS!! Pa Pai! Espero que alguem deu para voce uma
massagem! lol jimbo.
Man, Today is some sort of Holiday, so everything is closed, and it
took us forever to find a Cyber! Finally found this one, and the
keyboard is awful. ha, and there is a kid playin PlayStation 3 on the
other side of me. Homesick.. :P
This week went by supppper fast. It was pretty intense, a family that
I have been teaching since I got here got married on Friday.

Happily Ever After...

We have been planning it for a month now. It went great... It was to start at 7 at night.. but were in the amazon, so of course its going
to pour down rain from 6;30 to 7;30.. SO much rain. it was in the chapel so all the guests stayed dry. As for me ha, The car with the cake showed up, and everyone was like Elder Arroyo go get the cake, were all wearing our good clothes! Im like what the heck am i wearing? lol, So I ended up runnin out with buckets of rain pouring on me and got the 600 pound cake out of the back of a car, and ran back in. And when I sat in on table I looked at my shirt and there was chocolate all over the front. ha, But it was all good. Everyone got a good laugh. And the wedding went great. The bride got baptized Saturday,and confirmed Sunday. . 

I love the feeling of completing families.
Yesterday, we went to a birthday party ha, (slackers, i know :P) and
at their house they had a huuuuuuge parrot. It wasnt even called a
parrot, but it was light blue,green, and huuuuge! you just have to see
it, It looked like a pterodactyl ha.  Im going to go back there with my
camera just to show it to you guys.
But yea, nothin realllllllly different. Everything is the same.
Transfers is in 2 weeks. Tomorrow is zone conference, Maybe ill have a
letter!! OR somethin! Im doin great. Gaining a lot of patience.
Eu sei que a igreja a verdadiera. Que O livro de Mórmon é a palavra de
Deus. Sei que Familias podem ser eternas. sei que eu estou aqui para
ajudar as familias saber a proposito deles aqui no mundo. E tambem
batisar eles :P. Sou muito grato por voces mae pai, porque voces sao
grande examplos para mim. Continua assim ajudando Justin Preparar para
fazer a mesmo coisa que eu e Jimmy estao fazando. Amo voces, e estou
fazando a obra do Senhor. Bra´cos por tudo mundo! Até mias!

After a good ol game of volleyball

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