Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, August 8, 2011

But as for me, im doing great.

Road I walk everyday

WOO! One more week! Man they are going by sooooo fast! I have this
piece of paper that I taped to the front of my desk. Its called 20
passes. Our presidente made them for us. And you start a new one every
month. But its 20 things that you need to do every day, to be a
successful missionary. Its great, And Im an obedient freak, so I get
stressed out sometimes over this thing. But the days just go by so
Everyone has a well in the house.

On tuesday the Bishops mom died. And we went to her funeral at the
church that night. It was my first funeral to ever attend. SO I didnt
really know what was going to happen or anything. But I helped bring in the casket. (I dont remember how to say it, the box they put the
passed away person in) And yea, my first time to see a dead person. It
wasnt as weird as I thought. It was actually very peaceful. She gave a
talk that Sunday, and then it just happened so fast. They said she died
singing a hymn. But yea, first funeral.
It was a great opportunity to think about the Plan of Salvation. And
to just go around talking with the people about The Plan God has for
But yea, Lets change the mood here with another Spider Story!! :[
yall are prolly sick of them by now, but i need to remember them. So I
wake up get out of my hammock, pray, exercises, the normal routine
right. Then straight to the bathroom like always. So I go in there and
start up the shower, everything is going perfect, singing a church
hymn. Then my attention is turned to the door, which is dark brown. I
see something barely move.. Man, I couldnt even scream I almost passed
out right there in the shower. Enormously huge spider on the door,
just camouflaged...!! It was super dark brown. Looked just like the
door. The bathrooms here are super small, and its not like the states.
There is no tub or shower door. You just turn on the shower head, and
its just like taking a shower beside your sink and toilet. And thedoor is right there. It took me like an hour to leave the bathroom.
But yea, Our house is not safe anymore after seeing that. This is why
I sleep in my hammock. Its more difficult for them to get to you.
As well the other day, I opened the door to come into the house, and
there was another huge spider on the ground. Theyre everywhere!! Ill
send a pic. I got my name tag crazily close to it, And took a video of
how I did it ha.
The life, its only two years haha. then all the spiders will go away!
But as for me, im doing great. health great, mission great. This morning I was walking to the back of the house, and as I passed my bed whap! I stubbed my pinky toe hardcore on the side. It hurts so bad, The words that came out of my mouth werent portuguese or english.
haha. Im working a lot with the members. Were planning a wedding thisfriday in the church, and theyll be baptised this saturday! Fingers crossed! But im doing great.
Hows the fam back home? school is back! Justin is def going to have a
great year com miss Hillman! Tell her I said hey, and sorry for any of
my past transgressions haha. :) Tell Destinee to send me her
schedule. Who is next to leave for the mission? And come home? Hope
everything is going great back home. And love you guys a lot.
Elder Arroyo


  1. Christopher, I don't know how you handle the spiders! YIKES! You're doing a great job and sure are learning a lot. I'm not sure if they are teaching you or you are teaching them. :) Aunt Susan

  2. From Grandmama:
    I just want you to know I am happy for you that you were chosen to bear that lady's casket and that you had the experience of seeing a person after they've passed away..You saw the sweet peace on their face..I was with Granddaddy (my dad) when he passed away.Then I took care of Grammie until she passed away May 2010 and Pop until last month..You just see the pain and stress leave their faces.I miss them terribly.
    I love the wells.do you drink the water? And what a road!!!
    An hour in the bathroom!! That was a humdinger of a spider...I would have chosen to go down the drain rather than open that door to get out..You're getting brave.Good idea about sleeping in a hammock..will you be able to sleep in your bed when you come home?
    I will see you when you come home because I will be at your homecoming.Then I can ask questions...I hope you won't mind.
    I won't ask you to keep the spirit! You are a very good missionary.It isn't like you can get in a car and drive around doing missionary work.Our elders have it super easy.One is from Tonga.The other is from...where else? Utah.!!
    I am so proud of you,Chris!! And love you very much!!!!!