Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, August 22, 2011

Im grateful for the trials in my life

Good Morning mom. Its another P-Day. Transfers are next week, And I
have no idea, not even thought of what will happen. I really want to
stay though. The ward is growing stronger, and im just getting started
So yea, lets see here ahhh yesterday ha. So after church we took a bus
to a members house to eat. Its wayyyyyy hot as always, So we usually
eat outside under a mango tree. so there was about 8 people eating
with us, good amount. And were all eating, drinking, having a good
time. And I feel something fall on my shoulder... (of course right
lol) And theres no way im going to scream with all these people
around. I glanced at it, and it looks just like a huge caterpillar, So im
just like oh ok no problem, It didnt move, I thought it was scared.
And when I looked at it my comp looked at it as well, and flipped out,
and the critter started to run down my back, and then I just went
crazy lol. And a lady took off her sandal, and flung it off of me. All
this happened sooo fast. It ended up not being a caterpillar. They said
it was some kind of bug, that if it touches your skin with its hairs,
that it spreads a rash, and could kill you if you dont go to the
hospital. So yea, I almost passed out haha... I didnt know those
things exist. yea...
So on the spiritual side, our baptism fell, but its all good. Were
going to have a good bit of baptisms next week. My testimony is
growing so much. I know God puts soo many trials in my front. Some
times I just ask Him why are you doing this to me. I thought You loved
me. At least help me. And I look back at my trials, and I see how much
I grew from overcoming my difficulties. Without these trials in our
lives, theres no way we can get stronger. Its like that saying, No
pain, No gain. Theres that one scripture in Ether 12:27 that explains
it perfectly. That talks about God shows us are weaknesses so that we
can find a way to overcome them, so that we can get an even stronger
testimony. And we dont know the reason of all things. I know that God
is the Father, That He helps each one of us, as much as He can. But
Hes not going to give you the prize for free. we´ll learn nothing.
I just know that im growing everyday out here. Not only spiritually
but as well physically. Im grateful for the trials in my life,
sometimes I wont show it. but sometimes it takes a while to see the
real Plan that God has.
REO I miss that guy, and I write Reo, Preston, Mark email. every once
in a while. BEAR! tell him I said whuts up;
Feels like the ward is doing great back home. I got to put my pictures
on my flash drive soo, i got to end here. I love you guys!!! Até next
PS. English is a pain... lol (I had to edit a lot this week because his grammar is backwards and twisted around)
Elder Arroyo

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  1. Great!!! He's changing into a man right before our eyes. We love him!