Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I wont stop working till the end!!

Holy Smokes! This is my LAST TRANSFER!! Man, I did not want Elder Rocha to get transferred.. But hes leaving.. And im getting Elder Wheeler! An American. I think he is from Washington. I have never seen him or talked to him before. I think he has about a year. But yea...Last transfer..

So a almost sacrificed a sheep the other day from reading the Old Testament so much! The other day an investigator that we have been teaching since I got here, told us that he wants to be baptised this Saturday! Wow! We were amazed! We are going to do all that we can, So that he will be baptised juntos with his wife. But for now, His wife says that she is not ready yet.. YET! Saturday I know that she will be ready. But the work here is going really great. We found a good bit of new people this past week to teach and I know that we will have baptisms every week till I go home!

We have been playing B-Ball, Every Saturday at the church. and today I amazing myself... I wish dad would still have up that promise about the Slam Dunk.. Cause today my comp went to shoot a goal, and I jumped and made an Ally hoop! I can dunk easy with one hand.. Its the two hands thats hard. But ill get there.

So today, a missionary that was going home passed by our house with his mom! I was like, man.. I would like to do that when I go home.. Who knows, its open if yall wanna come get me. Or Jimmy or something. But if not its ok. I wont stop working till the end!!

Elder Arroyo

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