Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It was great to see everyone again

What a great week. So where to start. Lets see, This Saturday, right before walking into a members house to lunch, The Assistants to the President call me, and told me that a family that I was teaching in Laranjeiras got married and they wanted me to baptise them, It went great! The Baptism was awesome. It was great to go back to my old area. When I walked into the church, and walked into the baptismal room onde everyone was, and I almost lost control, my lips starting to quiver. It was great to see everyone again. And to see that family that theyre ready and super happy to be baptised. After I baptised them, They gave their testimonies and it was super powerful to hear someone that knew nothing about the church, give a testimony how they did. One thing that the women said was that now she understands a dream she had 20 years ago, she explained that she saw me, with her family, and everyone was dressed in white.. (20 years ago) Her name is Cleide, And she was an authority of a church called Assembleia De Deus.. Her husband didnt believe that there existed a Christ., And she prayed to Heavenly Father that He could help her husband.. 2 Days after the prayer, Me and my comp showed up in her window to buy a Popsicle. :) I got super attached to that family. I know that when her 2 sons grow up, that they will serve missions.
Baptism of Cleide and her husband in Laranjeira
  This past week we found a family that went to church for 1 or 2 years straight, without being baptised...!! Because there were some problems with getting married. And We are now preparing the wedding for day 16 of this month. And the Baptism of the family day 17. Cant wait!! :D I know that Heavenly Father is preparing his children here in Belém do Para for the blessing of a temple. Ive only met this family for about a week, and were already part of the family :D She makes us dinner all the time.. ha, I think im going to gain some pounds..
Baptism of Marcos
  Ahh man.. Yesterday... So after our baptism on Saturday, Irmá Cliede gave me and my comp a bunch of wedding cake, And we were pretty hungry that night, that we ate all of it. So yesterday, I was feeling pretty bad in the stomach.. And after church we went to lunch in a members house, And I told myself that I was only going to eat a little.. And when we got there I saw that she had made noodles with an awesome sauce.. I ate a lot.. As soon as I finished eating, it hit me.. number 3... I was like -Elder, Hurry, Weve got to go home ASAP- So he hurried up and ate, and man, I was sweating hardcore, dieing. And shes like Elder Are you ok? And I was like umm, Irma, were going to have to give the message another hour, Im not feeling so good. We did the prayer, and we took off in the rain.. I barley made it home ... It was...  Awful.. Im pretty sure im needing some worm medicine. its been a while since Ive taken some. But other than this im doing great. Baptisms are coming in fine. the Branch is great, almost a ward. Im not trunky... And Im loving it out here.
I love you mom! See ya next week!!
Eduardo's baptism

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