Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, March 12, 2012

We are giving our all!!

Wow.. Let me just start off this email with what just happened.. So my hair was getting pretty long, and I just got it cut and amazing. Im not going to lie, my hair is awesome! haha.. But the best part was, when she finished cutting my hair shes like Elder come over here, and she gave me a shampoo and everything! It was great!! 2 years of walking through these jungles and the head massage payed for everything I went through :D.

Ahh man. Let me tell ya. When ya think youve eatin all of Pará`s traditional plates of food, ya havnt.. Yesterday for our Sunday lunch we ate Maniçoba. From looking at it, I didnt want anything to do with it haha.. But after the first 2 bites it was pretty good. Just really different.. Its said to be made from a venomous plant... (they told me this after..) And you have to cook it for about 7 days or so to get out all the poison. Well, I ate 2 plates of it.. haha. One more food to mark off my list! (look it up on the internet if ya want. Maybe youll find a pic.

The other day me and my comp received a member reference, and 4 days ago we went to contact him. (took forever to find the house.) But when we got there, we clapped and no one came to the door, clapped again no one.. And I was like man, we did not walk this far for nothing. So I open the front gate (thank goodness there were no dogs....) And went up to the window, and there was a guy sitting on the floor. He was home alone and was trying to get to the door to attend us. He has a disorder, and he cant use his legs, so he uses knee pads. and walks on his knees. So we go in there and get to know him, and share a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And then I realize that about 3 weeks ago, we met this guy in the street. He was trying to get off the bus, and was having a super hard time doing so, So my comp and I ran to help him, and we carried him to a bench on the side of the road. It is kind of hard to understand him cause of the disorder, but the spirit clears it up for us. He loved everything we taught and we ended with a prayer and after the prayer we asked him if there was anything we could do to help him. He looked around, thought a little bit, and said. No Thanks, Im Ok. And then it hit me. The urge to just cry. How would I have answered if I was in his position. I can testify that he is the most humble person that I have met in my life. It gave me a reality check that where I am, who I am, What im doing, is me. And im grateful to be me. For everything I have.

This saturday for sure we will have a boom of baptisms here in Outeiro! At least 3! The work is going good here, and the time is going by so fast. transfers end on the 27 and next transfer will only be 5 weeks long. then the next one, ill be going home! But dont be thinking that Im getting trunky, Cause its the complete opposite! I know the Gospel front and back, Portuguese is flowing (good enough for the people to understand) And We are giving our all!!

Sei que Jesus Cristo vive e que Deus nos ama. Que O evangelho é o caminho a voltar a presença de nosso Pai Eterno. Amo voçe Mai. em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen.

I love you mom! Dont forget to keep the commandments!! Until next week, tell everyone to email me. Tell Dad I love him!
Elder Arroyo

Maniçoba- another recipe using cyanide.

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