Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oakland temple was amazing!

Overlooking Oakland and San Francisco
Hey mom,
We just got back from the Oakland temple a couple hours ago. It was amazing! Agh! The temple is on a huge hill, and you can see all of Oakland and all of San Fransisco! And Alkatraz or whatever. It was soo beautiful. I took a few pics. Still nothing on visas? dang.. Well at transfers we got put into a 3 some. So its Me, Elder Peterson, and Elder Smith. There both from Salt Lake. ha.. Just like every other missionary in the world. I dont like being in a 3 some as much as a 2. Oh well though.

Elder Peterson and Elder Arroyo
with the Christus.

I thought Mark already left! Whats he waitin on?? lol jk.Hope he has fun with 3 months of MTC. I almost lost it with 2 haha. Anyways. Preston looks like a missionary huh? haha I gotta see this. Thats wierd that Nathans home. Haven't seen him in forever! And yea, ME and jimmy send lame emails back and forth. There great! So guess what! I have lost 30 lbs out here. The biking is helping a lot. And im getting pretty tan. I have a HUGE white watch tanline haha. Its pretty cool. It has been record hot over here for like 4 days! It got up to 109 degrees!! We were just drenched.

Click this picture to see it bigger. The Golden Gate Bridge
and the San Francisco Bay are behind the buildings.

On spiritual news! We tracted into a women named Stacie and she has 3 kids. We taught her the plan of salvation last week and on tuesday I took a ward member with me to teach her the restoration. And elder peterson and smith went tracting. So in a nutshell the lesson went GREAT! and we bore amazing testimonies at the end. And after that I invited her to be baptised on Oct 30! So she will find out if our message is true, and if she does then she'll be baptized. SO yea! And her three kids are baptisimal age. And I asked them to sit in on the prayer and they did. So ill try to get them in on the next lesson! So I can baptise the whole family! :D! 
Oakland Temple
I wish I could tell you sooo much more that has gone on! but We need to get shopping and eat dinner at a members house! But soooooo much has happend!! Youll just have to hear the stories when I come back! Has any big news come up? How are the Burtons doin? The people are still loving me here! They say im so easily pleased and always have a smile. I love it! Even though its sooooo hard in this part sometimes. Well! I hope all is well! Are yall saying a prayer as a family at least once a day? Or reading the scriptures? Ya better be! Anyways!  :D. Stay safe! And close to the Lord!
Love, Elder Arroyo

He liked this painting enough to take a picture of it and send it to us to see.
Even though you can see his flash it is still an amazing painting.
Here Jesus Christ began to suffer for the sins of mankind, read:
(Matt. 26:36-44Mark 14:32-41D&C 19:16-19).

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