Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, October 4, 2010

The best part of going up is getting to ride down!

Hey mom! Still in San Jose! Today it is pretty cold, im almost debating on whether or not to get a light jacket. Or wind breaker. Cause we ride fast haha. We are going to Ross today, so we will see. We just got back from the Post office. I sent home a poster that was given to me from a Less Active (for now). Brother Ruiz. I talked about him in one of my other emails. He is a very good painter. And this is a print of one of his paintings. So If you could Frame it somewhere or Keep it in its shell and let it wait for me. My legs are pretty sore! ha, we were visiting a lot of people in the HILLS for the past couple days. The best part of going up is getting to ride down! Its sooooo fun haha.
Hmmm, So still no news on visas? I wonder if it is going to come.. Mark is gone?? Whaaat? thats sooo crazy! Im getting close to my 4 month mark. Thats SUPER wierd! It feels like I just left yesterday, But it also feels like ive been here all my life. Its about time Ryan comes home! Man how long has that elder been out?? And my little Preston is leaving next month too?? Awwww :D.  Sister Burton sent me a portuguese hymn book, which is going to come in super handy. Those comments are soo cool! Im soo glad im so popular haha jk. Tell everyone I said thanks! And I love the support! In case you have been wondering I have been borrowing a members bike, and ive been using one of the Elders in my districts bike lights. So conference was amazing! We scheduled all the sessions at less active homes or part member families, so we watched it with them and got fed too :D. I feel like I connect sooo well with the members here and the less actives. And more and more people are starting to come back to church. *Always keep a smile on your face**And have a teddy bear personality* Ive found that to work best for me. And Aparently I have a southern accent haha. Did I? I dont know what else is really new? If all is still going good with my investigator Susie, She will be getting baptised on Oct 30th, Keep her in yalls prayers. Oh also I got the letter with my Pat blessing in it! And I have read it sooo many times since then! So much makes sense to me now. And I love the little card that came with it. Any other big news in the world? Sorry I dont have any pics this time.
Well, I dont have anything else to say! Sorry! Tell everyone I miss them, and Love them!
Love ya, Tchau
Elder Arroyo

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