Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Paradise

Hey mom! YEA!! So I'm San Jose now!! I love this place!! It feels soooo good outside!
 Ok, So My trainer is Elder Peterson! He is GREAT! We get along very well! We have a nice apartment and we are covering the Dublin area.(I think thats how you spell it.) It is so beautiful. Its at the very top of the mission. So, this is a biking area, and im still trying to catch my breath from riding over here haha. It was fun. Im in a nice library. This area is mainly upper middle class. Up on the hills are where the upperclass are. The members are sooo cool! We ate at the Jensons yesterday and had burgers and hotdogs! NO MORE MTC FOOD haha WOOT! They have like 3 kids and another on the way! Their kids love me though. Then we went to help move in some members that was fun. Everyone wanted to talk to me. I love the people! We have scheduled to eat at a members house everynight! :D. Theres a lot of nice cars everywhere haha. After we email we are going to go meet with an investigator or 2 and teach some more to them. But yea. I love being out in the field! And espieacally in this area. It has a VERY nice breeze! But I'm still looking very foward to my visa! haha.
What part does sister Asquith live in?
And its def not cold it feels amazing.
Im going to send you some pics in a sec if I can! Love you!! :D

p-days are on Monday. im trying to eat healthy during the day, cause the members feed us really good at night ha. thats cool that I might get to see Chase out here. I love you guys too! dont stop reading the scriptures! haha ever think I would say that?? i love them so much! and it builds your testimony like no other! So read them and ponder!

ha, I still have 15 minutes so Im just going to force myself to write somemore. So hows life at home? anything big change since ive been gone? Is there anything that you guys want? I never knew that it felt this great in California haha. ummm, hows the ward? any new people? It feels like the MTC was just a blur its wierd. Time is sooo wierd out here. Oh, Brother Jenson went to Sao Paulo on his mission. SO I practice talking with him any time I can. I want to teach some people soo bad!! We get to go to the Oakland Temple at the end of the month! Cool huh? I'm getting the chance of the lifetime out here. I feel like blessings are comming up left and right. I hope yall are feeling the same way. I know that the Lord needs me here. And I hope I find out why he sent me here before I get my visa. I just feel like I need to talk to everyone I come in contact with.  Ive already witnessed some wierd things that happen out here haha. When your outside most of the time looking like a missionary and especially at night people can say some pretty wierd things out here. But anyways! I love you guys soo much! Does anyone want me to write them that I havnt written? and double check that mission office address before you send something to it please. Thanks for everything. Oh yea! I'm still waiting for my Pat blessing. Can yall send that out ASAP por favor? Thanks. I love you guys a lot! (Add this to my other email)
Tchau, Elder Arroyo (in paradise)

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