Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, September 13, 2010

Southern Hospitality is nowhere to be seen over here

Hey mom! Whats up?? One week in San Jose! It feels like its only been a day. Most of the Days its hot here with a little breeze that feels really good, but Breezes are bitter sweet when your riding a bike haha. Feels good, but makes it harder. But days like today feel amazing!! Its a nice overcast and breezy and just chill. I love it. So today is P-day. We woke up and did our daily studying and then we cleaned! You would go crazy if you saw how I clean now haha. I looooove cleaning bathrooms! Wierd huh? I just like making everything look super white and shiny! haha. I dont know how I started to like that but, it happend and its kind of cool. Probably cause I never cleaned at home and its something new haha. Anyway! Everyone says I have really good manners when we eat over. It makes me feel good. Oh, and by the way. Southern Hospitality is nowhere to be seen over here haha. You learn and see a lot when you go tracting over here. At first I didnt let it get to me. But now its starting to get harder. From what ive seen so far from tracting everyday is that people just need to be struck down!! haha just kidding! But really I wish I could just take away all of there nice cars and houses away from them, so they can be humbled and actually want to hear about Gods message. But I never give up!! So the biking! I like biking more than I would a car. At first it was tough but now I dont have any trouble. I find it fun and exercising! Im going to have legs of steel by the time I get out of this area though haha.
Thats soo cool that yall went out with the Burtons! I miss Mexican food.. But the members are feeding us great here! I dont know what it is about me. But people just love talking to me. Especially old ladies haha. I have learned how to end convos. Thats so cool that Yall got to hear of me from Sister Linda. I love my mission president here! He is great. Oh and yea we do get to go to the Oakland Temple at the end of the month! It would be cool if I was here for that, but if Im not that would be ok too :D. But I heard its a nice temple.
We have a baptism this Saturday and we dont know who is going to be baptising her yet, but Im sure its going to be my companion Elder Peterson. I hope it is. Most of my crazy experiences come from tracting haha. Just some of the stuff you encounter. I wish I could tell you everything. But ill save it for later. Its super hard to write in your journal. Your just soo wiped out! But I do!! Talk about exhaustion! Elder Peterson says litterally 5 seconds after my head touches the pillow im asleep! haha. This work is so hard! But so worth it. We have so many peoples salvations in our hands. It is very easy to get homesick out here. So I do my best just not to think about it.
Im still looking for people that speak portuguese! This one lady we trackted into was like "I dont speak engish" in a spanish accent. and I said back in spanish "I dont either" hahahaha its was hilarious! But she spoke very good english and just closed the door on us. Ive heard all the excuses in the book out here man! Sometimes you just have to be bold with these people.
But I love it out here. And this is where I need to be right now. Time is going by soo fast. Still looking forward to my visa!
How is life back home? Anything new happening? Anything new with the ward? Have any idea when my visa will come? (try to find me an estimate)  Any big news with anything? Where is my patriarticle blessing? haha.
You guys stay safe! And ill keep you in my prayers! I love you guys a lot!  Ill see if I can send a pic or 2. Tchau!! Talk to ya next week! Hopfully in Brazil!! :D
Love, Elder Arroyo

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