Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, January 17, 2011

No, im not getting robbed by this guy!

Ahh Martin Luther King Day, Man Holidays mean nothing to missionaries, especially American holidays.. its just passes by like a normal day. Man bomb threats...Oh how much i miss the lame things that happen in school haha. i havnt given a talk recently no. I would take videos but, its a rule for this mission cause some missionaries were videoing the people here and making fun of there living styles, and put it on youtube. so now we cant make any videos.. The weather is just super hot and super hard rain. thats it. But the living conditions are pretty harsh. Im still adjusting.

But yea about this week, hmm, ok so all the kids here are flippin awesome! They dont have xbox or computer games, they live off of the coolest things! So the kids here construct little kites about 2 ft by 2 ft. and suuuuuper long string. and theyll go out on the street and fly them. and when one kid sees another kite in the air he´ll throw his up too and theyll fight each other like 100 yards or more in the air. And so theres like a billion kites in the air just going at each other. and these are kids from ages 2 and older. its soooo cool to watch. Oh, so we were eating lunch at a members house and blah blah blah missionary stuff, eating and the daughter gave me a legit guitar necklace! I hope she didnt do it cause she liked me, but im wearing it and it looks pretty cool. Then after we ate lunch at the members house me and my comp were walking to the church. and this is a super bad part of our area. My comp says people get robbed all the time. and we were walking down the street, and it was just us on the street cause everyone sleeps after lunch. and this guy starts walking toward us from the other side of the street super fast, and I look at him and he has his hand in his pants, and he told my comp to put his hands up and give him everything, and I was behind my comp like 5 ft, And i have no idea what this guy has in his hand, but I come up beside my comp with this huge umbrella in my hand, and the guy backs off and was like FORGET IT FORGET IT. ahhhh man! The adrenaline was running sooo fast! this guy was like 4 foot nothing, and I was just like, no, im not getting robbed by this guy. I want to tell the whole experience but I dont have time. My comp thought he was going to die. But yea, that was the first time I was attempted to get robbed. Pretty scary. Im so glad ive been working out everyday. Im doing a new workout called perfect pushup, along with my other exercises. So im getting pretty ripped.

I finally received your package! ahhh Thank you sooo much! My comp loves his stalking too haha! Oh, and I got a letter from someone in the church with a lot of signatures of some people of the stake callings. and it had a dvd in it. I would love to know who that was from, cause the handwriting is soooo crazy, im still attempting to read it, i just cant read the signature! Lemme know, and tell them i said thanks! Oh, and are you giving out the hugs that im telling you to give out for me?? Ya betta be! Um excuse me mom, im almost 7 months out, I did not just leave thank you very much. But dont worry about me, im fine. Health is good, everything is good, and yes, tell uncle mark that I floss my teeth every day, just for him. But anyways, I got to attempt to send out some photos! I love you guys! Give out the hugs that I wanted you to give out last week! (cause I knoooooow you didnt!) haha! Thcua!

Elder Arroyo    

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  1. Oh,No!! Christopher,I would be a little afraid of you even without the umbrella!!!Your size and muscle alone would make me think twice about robbing you!!!!!God walks with you so I know you will be safe!

    I love it that the kids play outside and use their brains for something other than electronics!

    I enjoy your posts so very much! So 7 months??It doesn't seem so long to ME...To YOU it must seem ages.
    I love you,Chris (Elder Arroyo)