Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, January 3, 2011

Come look at this American cross the bridge!

Ola! So yea, Transfer was way tight!! Im not in Castanhal, Its just my zone. Im all the way out in Braganca!! Its 6 hours away from the mission office! It feels like im on an island out here, cause the closest city or sign of life is Castanhal which is 3 hours away by bus. But its a pretty big city here. And super hot. Im in a house with 3 other missionaries. My comp is Elder Xavier (bras)
2 Brazilian Comps in the House
Oh yea, The internet dropped here and I had just finished my letter for you. So It only sent a part... Grrr... So we went to buy some Acai! But now the internet is back!  The missionary house in Braganca has 2 companionships. Me and Elder Xavier and Elder Minor (USA) and Elder Araj something (bras). The area here is like being on an island. The next closest city is Castanhal which is 3 hours away. And the mission house is 6 hours away, so were just on an island out here haha. Half the area is a city and the other half is Ghetto. There are places where we have to go where the people are just thugs and doin drugs. I only keep 2 reals on me cause I know im going to get robbed there. There is a bridge that we have to cross that is just made out of pieces of wood and its over a bog and stream of anacondas.. When you step in the middle of like a 2 by 4 it bends like 4 feet down, you just have to fly across it. And its connects a bunch of houses that are lifted off the ground so everyone is like, come look at this American cross the bridge! Its super scary! And its like a football field long! Im going to have to take a picture of it for you. But the people here are great. Im going to baptize this place like crazy. Im trying to work my way up the leadership ladder. I want to make senior ASAP and then either leader of district or secretary. Then I want to make Leader of zone a little after I make a year. So far im doing great. I think the pres is moving me around to comps and areas that have problems.. Cause yea, Im Elder Arroyo, and I can fix them. For reals though, I love to lead with love and baptize. Oh so yea! I bought a scripture case for my Portuguese book of Mormon! Its sweet! Its made of leather and the spine is made of snake, and my name is burned on the front with a picture of Jesus and Ether 12:27 on the back! Its super legit! the guy is still making it for me though.
oh yea... saturday night I got super sick.. I woke up in the night 4 times having to use the bathroom.. And in the morning I felt dead. But I was like, no.. I have to go to church. So I went to church. (Yes this is Chris) And I used the bathroom there twice. Then went to a members house, and then I was like comp I gotta go home. So were walking through mid day here to the house and I feel like im going to die. And I lay down in my bed, my comp calls sister Campos. They give me some drugs and I sleep for the rest of the day and night. So im doing pretty good now. I still feel a little weak. but its just my monthly dose of Diarrhea. But it can get pretty serious out here if your not carful. But that is my week, really shortened up. Im going to try to send some pics of New years Christmas and My transfer party. I love you guys. Have a great week!
My Christmas Feast!

For new years we got a chess set Partied till 10:30!! Woot!

Burning my tie was fun.

And no I didnt get the package yet. But if you send a new one! I would love some ole spice!


  1. Scary! Oh my! Chris and Reo emailed today for a few minutes. Give our best to Chris!

  2. Hi,Christopher!!
    Loved this email!! So much news and excitement..Too bad about you getting sick though....I hope you get a whole month without getting sick! It's the new year and all will be better.I love it that you set your goals high and expect to do a lot of baptisms. plus get "raises"!! Wow,that Christmas table looks awesome!!!I could be happy trying out all those new dishes..Get recipes and get instructions for all the make at home remedies for what ail you.

    Keep well my Elder grandson!!
    I love you very much!

  3. Sounds so cool. He is the man. I would like to know if he is flossing his chops daily.
    Keep up the great work


    Uncle Mark