Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have a testimony...

I have a testimony that the Lord truly does prepare the people for baptism, we just have to prepare ourselves to receive them. Baptizing is super hard in the area...super.. and Saturday night, the Zone Leaders called in and were like you guys need to baptize 6 people before this month ends. So that night I just broke down, asking the Lord why were not baptizing in this area. Were doing everything right, obedience and everything. So Sunday, before church we go to all of our investigators houses to help them to church, and no one comes.. so were just thinking.. Man, this area is impossible. and we go to church and we get there right before sacrament starts `sacrament is last` and some members of the church brought 4 investigators for us!! And after church I was standing at the chapel door shaking everyones hand like I do every week, and this little woman around 40 years old tugs on the sleeve of my shirt and says, Elder ive been inactive for a couple years now, But I want to start coming back, and I want my children to be baptized, and she introduces me to her children, and ahhh!! What a miracle! The Lord knows what hes doing, we just have to be patient and wait. So I that was our miracle of the week.
Lets see, ahhh, one day this week it was just raining alllllll day.. so when it rains super hard all day, the men like to drink, cause they cant go anywhere. So me and my comp are in a lesson and at the end of the lesson a drunk man walks in the house and just starts doing a lot of super weird things and then sits down right next to me, and hes suuuuuuuper drunk.. so he shakes my hand and never shake a drunk mans hand here. Cause every time they will kiss it. so that was really awkward. so we say the closing prayer and halfway through he gives me a huge hug and kisses my head and then fell over on my comp. ahhh it was sooo nasty but super funny. and when it rains super hard all day, all the reptiles come out onto the street, so we see frogs like 1 and half feet long and huuuuuuuge iguanas. and the other night we saw a snake, it was a about 3 or 4 feet long and it was crossing the street, and then just stopped in the middle, so the member that was with us got a huge rock and dropped it on him, and the snake jumped in the air and slithered away. It looked pretty exotic, so we kept out distance.

ha, but out where were teaching, awww man the bridges...  my comp just loves talking about how i fell in. oooooh but guess what happened this time. The river was super high this day. up to the houses, and my comp was walking ahead of me and I turn my head to say good morning to some people in another house and I hear crrrraaaaackkk! And look and my comp was halfway in the bridge ahahahahaha. he broke a huge part haha. Ahhhh it was hilarious. But now were helping the people build it with more force. They dont have any money so they just use sticks and scrap wood that they find on the ground. or in the river. But my joints around my hips have been hurting for a couple weeks now. I dont know if its my bed or what. im too afraid to say anything about it. But yea, that was pretty much my week, or just 10 percent of it.
Ahhh thanks for giving the hugs! I cant wait to get marks letter. But just remember that I only get stuff out here like once every 2 months. if that. But still tell people to keep it coming. I love getting letters in bulk. But Im doing good here. Portuguese is great. Keep up the prayers and keep me in them. Love you guys! Tchau Tchau!!

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  1. Hi,Chris!!

    I think maybe you don't get my posts!!?? I don't see any mention of them in your emails that I read..So..what about that huge snake in the picture?????What an experience you are having down there!!Maybe the vultures are after the dead beaten up bodies??LOL

    God is awesome!! I can see it every day and for you to have that woman tug on your sleeve asking to have her children baptized if proof..You are a good missionary,Chris..You have a purpose in life..I only see good in you and Jimmy..I'm SOOO proud of you both!!
    I love you dearly,