Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is the time to bring forth the work of God

A Day in Belem- River Peso

Ver-O-Peso! It's amazing! So much stuff to buy!

Another view of the river

Fort Belem
Me looking like a tourist

Converting the Pope
Hey mom! My week went great as always. Im actually not in Belem today. we went to Belem last thursday, and my comp got a colonoscopy. (the basement). he was all loopy when he came out and the nurse is like take care of him. dont let him get up for at least 20 minutes. And i was trying to help him, like put his belt and shoes on. and I had to call a taxi and walk him into the taxi. He almost fell like twice. But hes all good. The results came out normal.
I remember like 3 weeks ago, I was buying a popsicle at this house, and this man, was outside pulling water from his well. And I got the popsicle and took a bite and was like this is the best popsicle Ive ever tasted! and he laughed a little, and his wife starting to talk to me from her window. Im telling her about the church, and who we are. And then, I walk over to her husband. and hes like I dont want anything to do with you kids. the next day we went there again to buy another popsicle. and the lady told me that her husband doesnt believe in God or Jesus or anything. And she invites us in, and hes in there. And we share the first message with him. And long story short the holy ghost manifested the truth to him during the words of `the first vision´ and he said he just wanted to cry. We are teaching the whole family now. they have 3 kids. Later on, she told me that her husband hasnt let anyone enter his house in 20 years. They just need to get married!!!
But yea, The wife just told me to tell you that I have a family here in Icui, and that she is my mom. she feeds us allllll the time. and soo much food.
Its just goes to show how important are the little things. like just making someone laugh a little. First impressions, Just from buying a popsicle :).
Yesterday, we were talking with a family (members the wife and daughter), and they were having like a family reunion at their house. (a lot of non members) And we finish our message, and the wife wants us to come in and look at her nephew. and we walk in this tiny house, and there are sooo many people in there around this guy, who is laying in a hammock. And I sit next to the hammock, and just look at him. His arm is just like rubber, just broken everywhere up to his collar bone. and his face was messed up. And I tell him who we are, and the rest ill tell when I come home. But the spirit was amazingly strong in everybody in the room. The guy had faith and we did the same thing Jesus would have done if he were here.
I cant wait to watch conference!! this one is going to be sweet! I bet you guys are all getting prepared, buying snacks, and new PJs lol. Im going to bring a bunch of snacks to the church with me :) its going to be great.
But yea, im doing fine. Still working ha. Dont really feel trunky at all. Just when I see an airplane flying in the air. But I love you guys so much! And know that this is the time to bring forth the work of God.
Elder Arroyo

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