Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Friday, August 20, 2010

Emails back and forth today

1. its really hard to remember stuff from home now unless you really try to focus on it. Noooooo Visas! soo a brizilan district got reassigned to the states for no visas. So hopfully they will start comming in, or were the next ones to get reassignments. Whatever happens happens though. I just want to get out into the field and teach!! Wether it be in portuguese or english. haha Ryan. Tell him I went and ate breakfast by the gate today. where there are 4 benches and outside the fence are a bunch of little houses. Are those his? Oh, And sorry about the pictures. Its really hard to get them developed... theres always a huge line! and it takes a couple weeks for them to print them out!
2. I prolly wont be able to develop them now because im out in like 2 and a half weekss!!!! WOOP WOOP!! I feel sooo ready! We taught the 1st lesson again in portuguese for 45 minutes! Of course my comp didnt do any talking! But it really does strengthen me. Cause I know that I can do it by myself! Uhhh lets see, This week. Same ole! Just more and more portuguese and knowledge of the Gospel! And OH MY HECK!! You guys sent me a new pair of Adios!! haha! What happend to my old ones?!? Thank you sooo much! I hope you all are doing great! Cause I pore out a lot of faith in my prayers for you guys. Oh one thing I reaallllllly need is my patriatical blessing! I think you guys were going to shrink it down or something? anyways. It would be great to have. But you dont have to send it if you dont want to. Oh yea! And I played piano in sacrement last week! And this Sunday im playing in priesthood! Im getting better and better! And me and Elder Deakin are thinking about starting to do musical numbers for devotionals or firesides or anything. we sound reallllly good together! For real haha. Anyways! Keep praying for my visa!! And ill talk to you guys next week!! Love you all!! Tchau Tchau!! :D 
Elder Arroyo
3. Yea, long time no see huh? :D ha, I miss you guys a lot. But its nice here in Provo! Hey you can add this to my email to if you want! Who all is going to BYU right now? Cause its like right across the street, and I dont know, They could hook me up with something. I feel like im in a bubble!! Whats up?
4. Um, nothing that I can think of. Im pretty much set. The only thing I can think of is my Pat Blessing. But you dont have to send that right away. Cause its looking to me like im going to get reassingded to the states for a bit.
5. Just put in my email that i asked who was going  to BYU, and that maybe they could hook me up with some outside MTC Stuff! :D haha we'll see what happens. Or they could drop off a letter or whatever.
6. Ahhh thats sooo great!! I just went this morning! and also did service in the big laundry room! Its was soo much fun! The longer your here the cooler jobs you get :D
7. Well mom. I have 1 minute left! I wish I could talk all day! I love you. Have faith and you will have the power to do anything.

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