Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém
Só Os Fortes Servem No Norte Missão Brasil Belém

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My testimony on priesthood blessings is unspeakable

Our House

WOW! so much american candy!!! I miss it so much! So yea mom! I didn't forget! HaPPY Birthday! I just calculated my pdays wrong :P.
Just got off the bus from Belém. I had to renew my visa! So yea, im good to stay here for another year. 
ITS Mango season again!! Thanks Goodness! The trees are full of them, and theyre falling all over the place. Manga juice, manga ice cream, manga pudding, manga candies! Whatever you can think of they make it. Its suuuuper cheap in the markets right now. but dont even need to buy it cause everyone gives them out for free, or just pick um up on the side of the road.
Last Saturday one of our miracles was baptized. And her daughter will be baptized this Saturday. 3 families that I completed here in Laranjeira are preparing to enter the temple. I heard that one family that I baptized in my first area will be leaving to go to the temple on the next trip!! Im sooo excited! I was thinking, how awesome its going to be after this life, and meeting up with all the people I met and helped. And also seeing the people that rejected me :P

hmm, im sweating sooo much, it was sooo hot on the bus and there were just tooooooo many people on.. So yea transfers is in 2 weeks on the 22. And I have no idea what will happen... Maybe ill go. But we found a whole road of Gold... Most of the people accepted Baptismal dates and will be baptized.
Our Road

In the Leader Conference last Tuesday, A elder thats in my first area said that he baptized a family that said they know me. I dont remember who they are, but it goes to show that I planted seeds and now other missionaries can take the fruits :). I love it when that happens.

So whats this talk about Mitt Romney will be the next president of the US! That would be crazingly awesome! It would be like in the BoM when Alma was the Supreme Judge. The USA would go off the scale with blessings!

A Cake I Made

Ill definitely keep Chloe in my prayers.. I know that she can be healed if its God´s will. My testimony on priesthood blessings is unspeakable.. faith.

And tell Grandmama I said thanks for all the support.

I know the Church is True. And that with faith anything is possible. From moving a mountain, to curing a common cold. I know that this is the only way we can live with our father in heaven.
Love you mom!
Elder Arroyo

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